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RALEIGH, NC (AP) — The North Carolina Legislature is opening its budget-adjusting session by getting right to work on closing this year’s Medicaid shortfall and considering changes to annexation and gambling laws.

The House and Senate planned to open the so-called “short” session at midday Wednesday.

The Senate scheduled afternoon committees to consider a $205 million plan to eliminate the Medicaid gap and to change laws needed for the Cherokee Indians to offer live dealer games at its casino.

Some of the bills were expected to come to the floor later in the day.

Legislators arrived to protesters representing liberal and union groups who banged on pots and pans to express anger with Republican policies. Many were still unhappy with the Legislature allowing a referendum on gay marriage that voters passed last week.

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  • Guest7969

    can someone follow Saffo with a camera for the next few days 24-7…I want to make a screensaver with the look on his face when they roll back the annexation…

    Also..to the liberal IDIOTS who are protesting…don’t be mad at the legislature…they allowed the people to vote on it…which is how it SHOULD have been done…the majority ruled.

  • Ken

    When it comes to the Rights of an individual or group of individuals, “Majority Rule” will never be fair because the Majority would then be in the position to always rule over the Minority and or those who cannot speak for themselves politically. There is also the fact that when irrational thinking prevails, often times bad decisions are made with respect to the rights of others. While I do not agree with same sex marriage, it’s none of my business if two people of the same sex choose to spend their lives together. It’s not my place to tell them who they can or cannot love just as it is not their place to tell me. If you don’t believe in same sex marriage, that’s fine but don’t tell others that they must conform to your beliefs simply because you do not like the idea of them being different from you or your way of thinking.

  • guesty

    From the story: “Legislators arrived to protesters representing liberal and union groups who banged on pots and pans…”

    That is just about all they are qualified to do with a degree in liberal arts and the other useless degree fields liberals like to obtain.

  • Guest2020

    For the sake of the Monkey Junction residents and future potential victims of the Wilmington City Council that the lawmakers will ban forced annexation.

    As for those protesting the marriage amendment–you lost, get over it. The will of the majority prevailed.


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