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LELAND, NC (CELEBS.GATHER.COM) — Teen Mom Jenelle Evans is engaged! The MTV star and her boyfriend Gary Head are planning to tie the knot!

Jenelle announced her engagement via Twitter on Wednesday morning. Evans, who recently reunited with Head after a brief fling with ex-boyfriend, Kieffer Delp, says she knows that Gary is the one.


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  • SouthportSlipperyTongue

    who cares if she got married??? She is such a waste! Hey on second thought……maybe we can turn them into birds….so they can fly far far away!

  • guesty

    They say there is somebody for everybody. It is great these two idiots found each other and maybe they will move far away.

  • Guest Apu

    In other news, Brad Pitt was spotted at LAX. What a tabloid. Who wants to start the over/under about how long until this ends on (the TV show) Divorce Court? Which by the way will be covered in detail by WWAY.

  • Thereisnonews

    WWAY delving more and more into tabloid journalism….your station is a joke at this point. Why even bother anymore? Shut it down.

  • Wilmington Observer

    A better description would be, “embarrassment”.

    Wilmington Observer

  • Guest129

    If everyone would stop the comments then she wouldn’t be so popular and then the news would leave it alone,,,, JUST SAYING

  • Guest111222111

    Does anybody really care if this nasty trash is getting married???!!!!

  • Guestsad

    So THIS is what amendment one wants to protect… OOOOOOH, OK, NOW I get it… So lunatics like this can make a mockery of the institution. Good job. I see…


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