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BALD HEAD ISLAND, NC (WTVD) — The North Carolina coast is known for its beautiful beaches, and Bald Head Island is among the best. With million dollar mansions, it’s a remote summer playground for the rich and powerful.

But in the fall of 1999, the island was where Loy Buff’s long nightmare began. Back then, his daughter Davina Buff-Jones was just starting a new career as a police officer on Bald Head.


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  • Guest1022010

    I recently bought and read the book about what lead up to the MURDER and investigation while vacationing in Southport you can clearly tell that it is murder within the first chapter. I am so happy that they wil be reopening the case. There needs to be justice for her, and closure for her family. the book which is written by a family member of hers tells everything, it shows how heartless the people of Baldhead Island are they don’t want the reputation of having a murder on there island so deem it SUICIDE! It is wrong…She was a police officer and was protecting people and they could care less for what happened to her as long as there day went smoothly People think that just because they have money that they don’t have to abide by the law and unfortunately that is how it goes the more money you have the more things get swept under the table and looked over. In this case it’s exactly what happened. I pray that justice will come and the family can finally rest, and personally I hope they find the person or persons that did and they rot in jail!

  • Guest757

    Maybe now the people of Brunswick County will get the truth..

    and how big this cover up was …

  • Guest28403

    more then likely. but if the truth ever totally comes out Ill be shocked at least while several people are still alive (cough cough).. Its not just Easley who was part of and still indirectly part of the SE NC corruption Inc as I like to call it. You have to add in Rex Gore there, a chunk of the Leland PD plus the issues within BCSO, The dirty pervie Soles who continues to get away with crimes that would have gotten others locked up for life years. Also been questions about few of the black robe mafia but generally they run witht he GOP inthe state which usually leads to keep suspicion off them.. Althought Judge Jollys personal vendetta against Jon David over the traffic court issue was uncalled and ended up costing tax payers thousands of unnecessary dollars spent on what appears still to be a “mine is bigger then yours’ contest.

  • Brunswick Question

    When will they figure the real cause of death of Megan Tysinger at Ocean Isle Beach last month? Good boy system is still going on today.

  • Grand Ole Party

    Question for the family….Will you accept the findings of the D.A’s office no matter what they conclude?

  • GuestOccasional

    Question for Grand Ole…What capacity do you have to ask this of survivors dealing with unanswered questions concerning the loss of a loved one?

  • Sounds like you may be one of the original Good Ol’Boys involved in covering this murder up from the beginning. This whole case stinks so bad. An innocent life taken. Police/Politians cover everything up to save money to the island, property tax values, ect. Seems like alot of unanswered questions may finally get answered. Maybe the old DA needs questioned a bit too. GOP put the shoe on your foot and think of your loved ones when making such a harsh comment.

  • GuestReality

    I’m so glad they’re reopening this investigation. I never believed that officer committed suicide.

  • Guest156

    I remember about a year ago when they said they would look into this again. I’m sure that she was murdered, but it has been a long time, and the people involved had it covered up very well. Sadly I will be surprised if her killers are found.

  • Jamie

    I just read the book while sitting on my back deck at BHI where you can see the lighthouse. My family has had homes here since the 80s and her description of the people who have homes here and what goes on is comical. Most of us didn’t even know about the murder till the next summer and wouldn’t be involved in a cover up. Most days people get up hit the pool or golf course,kids riding bikes and lights out by 11 pm. Makes me wonder how much of the rest of the book is also fiction. Back in my 20s I rarely even came to BHI because it was boring, preferred Charleston or south beach. She also says there some big sleaze on the island we all know, have no clue who she’s talking about.

    I do believe she was murdered, most of us do and sloppy police work and maybe some corruption. If there was corruption it didn’t come from your normal BHI resident, the Mitchell’s who own the island may have done so, they had the most to lose. None of us would have covered for them though , cause we all hate them.

    Why down this weekend I saw where sheriff Hewitt died mysteriously in jail while facing fed. Charges. Maybe someone is afraid he was going to talk.

  • Southport Resident

    This is wonderful news. I hope that the new investigators are able to unfold more than this common sense murder. I hope that justice may eventually be served to the person that shot Davina.

  • Guest11212121

    I just reviewd the autopsy report. On page 2 the means of death say gun but unknown type. My question is if it was ruled a suicide at the time why didn’t they know what type and caliber firearm was used? It should have either been still in her hand or near her body. Does not pass the smell test. Any thoughts???

  • Guest1

    If you have read further in the report, you would have found that it was a .40 caliber that was used.

  • tweety

    i see you are at it again words of wisdom from the grand.

  • Grand Ole Party

    I am a taxpayer. The D.A is paid VIA TAXES. This has been investigated prior and I am wondering if they will accept the outcome of the investigation. Any further questions?

  • anne

    Grand Ole Party – yes I have a question? If this was one of your loved ones, wouldn’t you want as much done as possible to find out? This story is a continuing story. It smelled of a cover up from day one and there were many questions unanswered. Was it one of her fellow cops who killed her? We don’t know. It was a limited access to where she was, so it wasn’t like there was major traffic going in and out. But the answer is out there.

  • GuestMan

    This is a new all-time low for Grand Old Poop. This is one of the most insensitive posts I have ever read. Not everything can be reduced to mere dollars and cents. You sound like the guy that just wants to let uninsured people die when they get sick. You owe that family an apology for your insensitivity and hatefulness.

  • Guest112211

    Grand Ole(OLD) Person,
    Would you accept the outcome if it was your daughter and you felt 100% that it was foul play and not a suicide? Please answer that honestly!!

  • Grand Ole Party

    Why are you assuming the D.A’s office will rule this a suicide? I am not assuming any such thing. I am asking if this will bring closure no matter the outcome. Not a harsh question in anyway. The crime scene was ^%$#$% up from the get go. I don’t think there is much evidence to even look over. As far as being old, I have not yet made the hump over the hill. Not even close. So unless your definition of old is different than anyone else, you kinda missed the mark there cowboy. I am not sure if I would accept the answer if it were my daughter and I knew better. I am not saying they should. I am asking if they WOULD!

  • Grand Ole Party

    I am not saying they should not press for answers. I am asking if they will accept the outcome from a new D.A.

  • Grand Ole Party

    Someone asked me what my capacity was to ask this question, as a tax payer I ask. That in fact does not make the question insensitive. But that is my answer when asked what business is it of mine. Again and for the last time I am not saying this should not be re-opened, I am only asking will they accept the outcome….That is not hateful nor insensitive. If this is one of the most insensitive post you have ever read Guuestgirl, then you don’t do much reading.

  • GuestOccasional

    Hey Guest123456…, Guest112211, GuestMan, Anne and Tweety. If we each gave fifty cents, that would add up to be enough to more than cover Grand Ole’s share of HIS taxes used to pay for this investigation. Any thoughts on where to send it?

  • tweety

    you have the right idea

  • Guest9743

    Maybe a better name for this guy would be Grand Old “Dragon”!!!

  • tweety

    but if too quarters were to by dog food could eat often more.

  • Guest13579

    I pray for Davina’s family and hope that they find peace. They have had a hard life trying to clear wrongdoings. No one should have to live like this or lose a child. Read the book and then decide for yourself. It is obvious!
    For so long there has been cover-up in Brunswick County and now it is time the dirt is exposed and the corrupters go down like a set of dominoes. What a tragic loss of one who served in law enforcement and was so innocent and unknowing of crime on Bald Head Island.

  • Guest2020

    I don’t need the book. I looked at the autopsy report. How they got suicide out of that is beyond me.

  • taxpayer

    What was the caliber of her service weapon?

  • Guest461

    The autopsies state that identifying a mushroomed bullet that contacted bone was difficult and that it appeared to be approximately .40 caliber. It also could’ve been a 10mm as they are very close in diameter.

    The posters point was that there was no mention of a firearm found at the scene to identify the round that caused the death. His final point is, “How does a dead person dispose of a firearm used to commit suicide?”

    I hope you aren’t considering a career in forensics.

  • Guest87

    One report states they found her gun under her hand and a spent shell casing from her gun so you wouldn’t be that great at a career in forensics either. I’m sure if they didn’t find her gun they wouldn’t even try to say it was suicide.

  • 357sig

    if memory serves, wasn’t that Easley?

    That poor girl came up on some drug smugglers known for on the island. It’s been a cover up from the start.

  • Guest2020

    Rex Gore was DA at the time.


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