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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — What started in a Harvard dorm room eight years ago, has now grown into a worldwide network and one of the most talked about stock market debuts in years.

Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg is the envy of every starting entrepreneur, but what exactly does it take to be so successful? As the social media network nears reaching out to one billion users, its founder Mark Zuckerberg continues to motivate fellow entrepreneurs.

“It inspired me and it humbled me,” says Roy Archambault, CEO of DryCase. “Even during an interview, he said it was for colleges to interact, but it went way beyond that,”

Like Zuckerberg, Roy Archambault knows how to harvest a good idea. The same day Facebook became a public company, Archambault’s Wilmington company DryCase was named Coastal Entrepreneur of the Year by the UNCW Entrepreneurship Center.

“With our company, we started off with a direction and actually its growing way faster than I even expected,” he says. “We’re about 300 percent larger than we were last year. We’re always trying to innovate and bring in outside ideas.”

Archambault began with creating products to waterproof and protect medical devices like casts, and prosthetics. The company moved on to selling the DryCase, which vacuum seals in your cell phone, ipad or camera, allowing it to function normally.

“They have always been an innovative firm, they’ve always had the guts to go to market and they have a team of people who basically come up with new ideas everyday,” says Dr. Stephen Harper, a UNCW entrepreneurship professor.

Like Zuckerberg, Archambault is always looking ahead.

“One of the things we may do in the future is combine the two philosophies and have a vacuum seal over insulin pumps, so it’s combining medicine and the electronics,” Archambault says.

What started in the Port City, DryCase is now being sold in more than 40 countries. The products are sold at several national stores, including Barnes and Noble, Brookstone, Bestbuy.com and more than 1,000 independently owned stores around the country.

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  • DryCaseFailure

    Mot sure what this company’s product has to do with Facebook, here’s some facts about what they are selling:

    These things work OK initially, but with a little use, they do leak. My iPhone almost became a victim of drowning. I’m not the only one. A google search of “drycase leaked” will show the long list of other happy customers, and the Amazon comments. Really smart guy – “sell ziplok bags for people to put their phones in”. “make sure to evacuate the air, so if there’s even the slightest leak, it will help the water come in” You’ve got 7 days to figure out it’s not going to last long to return it. They say you have 1 year to exchange it, but the place I bought it from in Leland wanted nothing to do with replacing it 3 months after I bought it and the headphone jack leaked. Persistence paid off, though.

    It’s OK for the rain, but as far as trusting it for submersion, be really careful. Lots of others have been there. Also, get enough water on the face of an ipad, ipod touch, or iPhone while it’s in the bag, and it thinks you are moving your finger all over the screen – water is conductive like your finger. Further info here: http://www.ilounge.com/index.php/reviews/entry/dry-corp-drycase-waterproof-phone-mp3-case-drycase-tablet-waterproof-case/

    Don’t worry, though. On their website, they absolutely accept no responsibility if your stuff gets wet. They go so far as to generalize that ” people could all return their old electronics to us” if they assumed responsibility for their product’s poor design.

    Not sure if they’re making them in China yet, but give them time.

    Unhappy customer with a bone to pick? You bet!

  • DryCase Success

    In response..

    You didn’t have to buy the case so it seems a little bit immature to come pour your heart out on a news comments post. The website also clearly states that it is recommended you test your case before every use of submergence to prevent leaks from happening. I’ve never had any trouble with mine and have used it in 3 different oceans, 10+ rivers, and countless days on the lake for over 2 years. I would recommend to anybody that enjoys being on the water and is supportive of local business!

  • Guest1971

    I love Dr. Arch and his employees. Thank you for being part of the medical field and making patients lives easier for them. You are a true blessing!!!


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