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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — New Hanover County Commissioners talked budget today. One item was the building the county owns at 320 Chestnut Street.

Commissioners voted 3-2, with Brian Berger and Rick Catlin voting against, to move forward with a plan for a $10 million renovation of the water-damaged building. The board also wants to look into leasing out a few floors.

A final vote is expected june 18th.

Commission Chair Ted Davis says the board is trying to put together a budget that will use the revenue neutral tax rate this year and next year.

The budget plan includes the cost of completing CFCC’s Union Station classroom building and starting on the school’s fine arts project.

Commissioners also discussed refurbishing WASTEC. The work on the sustainable energy facility would cost around $27 million.

Commissioner Jason Thompson did not find the idea very appealing, so commissioners scheduled a work session on the issue.

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  • Wade Griffis

    Lordy, Lordy,

    I have been married and divorced three times since that building has been vacant. Surely it is dried out by now.

    If not, they should co9ntact my ex-wife number three. She knows how to dry out things, including my bank account.

    (Note: For the humor challenged- This Is A joke.)

  • Guest2020


    Good lord!

  • john paul

    How sad to see his vote on this and other issues and to know he is running for House unopposed. His arrogance over many years, his past support for taxes and spending, Titan and refusal to accept state funding for contraceptives when viewd against his self-serving support for some of the deals for Airlie Gardens reflect his failure as a public servent. I’ll write in someone before I would cast a vote for this arrogant loser.

  • money to burn

    it was 32,000,000 millón to fix and12500000 million a year to run they have to be crazey ill vote for a dem beforeill vote for a rino


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