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WILMINGTON, NC (STARNEWSONLINE.COM) — A spokesperson for O’Charley’s has confirmed that the Wilmington location closed Sunday. The restaurant at 5104 South College Road recently won the Pleasure Island Chowder Cook-off, in the Judges Choice category and for Best Decorated Booth.


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  • Flying_Kicks

    Management ran both of those stores into the ground! Plain and Simple!

  • Huber

    Its abundantly clear that Wilmington, N.C. is: “top heavy” in fast food chains — and more are going to hit the auction block — or belly up – like O’Charlies has just recently all to the commercial Realestate Brokers and local banks delight . When the ‘big boys’ move in — as with restraunts like: Golden Corral, Hibachi Supreme Grill, ect. — smaller franchises can not compete with the sheer volumn of food in which these big franchises shell for any length of time — out at very affordable prices and employ Hispanic, Foreign, & Chinese Alien Labor — thus they can force the smaller guys out of business. Example: There is a Golden Corral positioned at each end of College Rd. and a Waffle House at almost every intersection. This also leaves the: Ethnic Restraunts also up & down there on notice !
    So – Whats the Solution to all this? Ask Your Current Mayor & City Council Members at their next meeting.

  • taxpayer

    3 Waffle Houses in Wilmington…not one on every corner as you described. What IS on almost every corner is a drug store…a CVS or a Walgreens.

    The other Golden Corral is not on College Road but New Centre Drive. I also wouldn’t put O’Charley’s in the fast-food category. It was a casual dining restaurant much the same as Outback and Olive Garden.

  • ChefnSurf

    – Wilmington’s top heavy in fast food chains: It’s really not. There’s a higher percentage of actual restaurants in proportion to fast food places than in many, many other small cities.

    – Only 3 Golden Corrals and 3 Waffle Houses in all of Wilmington

    – Both chains have been here for years and haven’t just “moved in”

    – O’Charley’s (not O’Charlies) is one of the big boys with 230+ restaurants in 19 states

    – O’Charley’s is casual dining, not fast food

    – Lots of restaurants in this town employ ethnic labor, not just the less expensive ones. Wilmington’s pay scale for cooks is one of the lowest around regardless of the restaurant type and many of these workers are willing to do the job. Without them there would be less restaurants.

    – Your labor categories: Hispanic, Chinese Alien and “Foreign”? What the heck is that all about?

    – Ask $affo and council for a solution: (1) Restaurants come and go all the time. 60% fail within the first 3 years, it’s just the nature of the beast (2)$affo and Council don’t solve problems. Unless there’s something in it for them, they wouldn’t be even remotely interested.

  • Beach Bum

    Clue phone is ringing Wilmington…Keep up with the hippie Stop Titan or Save the Cape crap…Won’t be anything in Wilmington to pay you so you can rally and march…

    Brilliant reporting.


  • Guest2020

    I hate to see them go. I enjoyed their food and Ty is one of the best servers we ever had anywhere. Any restaurant would be lucky to have him.

  • guesty

    How about 2 Golden Corrals in Wilmington? One at MJ and the other at New Center Dr.

  • ChefnSurf

    You’re right … Googled up “Golden Corral, Wilmington, NC” and got three hits. Didn’t bother to notice that of the three locations, two (“b” and “c”) had the same address. Oh well, thank goodness people pay for my food and not my ability to count correctly while googling.

    Your correction strengthened my point. I am forever in your debt. :-)

  • Matthew Boone

    They can put Boston Market there and it need a another restaurant there in port city and they can put O’Charley somewhere in Wilmington and Don’t have to go to Raleigh or no where else they can have something here


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