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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Some Wilmington residents say they have an unwelcome neighbor they just can’t get rid of. We spoke with neighbors of the Lakes at Johnson Farms subdivision who say a four-foot gator has moved in to their retention pond.

“What would the child do? What could the animal do,” asked a neighbor who did not want to be identified.

Homeowners are worried about what they say is a four-foot gator lurking around their neighborhood. They’re also worried about blowback from the HOA for speaking out, which is why some didn’t want to show their faces.

“I don’t know of a subdivision in this county that’s not subject to an alligator,” said James English, owner of Wildlife Removal Service.

Neighbors say they are most concerned for their kids who get off the bus at the stop right next to the pond and run straight to it to see if they can catch a glimpse of the gator.

“Alligators might could travel across roads and go near people’s houses and might kind of get in,” child Julie Webb told us.

The HOA told us it is only responsible for the maintenance of the pond, not the removal of wildlife. We were told that if an animal poses a threat, call 911 or the police department, and they will send someone out to inspect.

“We know we live in southeast North Carolina,” said the concerned neighbor. “There’s a gator population. That’s kind of a cool thing, but what do we do if we are face to face with it? What do I do if he’s in my yard? I don’t want him in my yard.”

English said the main thing to remember is to leave them alone.

“When you go to feed one, he becomes dangerous,” English warned. “He loses fear of people, and he will come right out of the water, right on up and bite you on the foot and bite you on the hand.”

Exactly what parents are afraid will happen to their kids.

Residents say now that they know who to call, they will.

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  • Guest7969

    a poison infused chicken should do the trick…no fuss…no muss…sometimes you have to do what needs to be done!

  • Guest461

    …and even more illegal to kill them! It’s called poaching and is a federal crime (besides it being an a$$hole thing to do!)! As long as people leave the alligator alone and do not feed it, it’s unlikely it will harm anyone. If it becomes too friendly, it can easily be relocated. There is no reason for a sensless poisoning.

    You just won the “Crackhead of the Year” award for that suggestion!

  • Troy

    ‘Choot em’ Elizabeth!

  • SurfCityTom

    they would tell you if it is not posing an immediate threat, it stays. They will not incur the expense to capture and relocate; and it must be relocated at least 15 miles away from where it is captured.

    That was the story in Surf City last week when an 8 footer took up residence adjacent to some retail and restaurant businesses. Ultimately, the property owner incurred the cost to have it captured by professionals and relocated to the Holly Shelter area.

    Throw stones at the HOA if you will. The fact remains they can not do anything not authorized in the governing docs. And there’s nothing in any I have ever reviewed which deals with wildlife. Domestic dogs and house pets are covered. Gators are not; may be due to the fact that lawyers write up these documents and don’t want to endanger a close relative.

  • Guest 101

    Good night people…it’s a 4′ Gator?!

    Move to the big city if you can’t hack a little wildlife?? People are such sissys now-a-days!

  • PublicAvenger

    And that four foot gator would easily take a child’s arm off, double in size, in less then 2 years, and take your arm off. Its insane that we don’t just have the police shoot them in designated urban enviroments. Why are we wasting money, and risking peoples lives, to “remove” them, just further up the river, which is packed with them ?

    I love widlife, but human safety comes first. They need to be in their areas, and not ours. And that goes the same with any dangerous fox, bear, or wolf, that drifts into a designated urban area.

  • taxpayer

    791-5917. He owns/operates NC Wildlife Removal Service.

  • Guester

    Oh my, an alligator, racoon, deer, snake, shark, bee, bear, rat…humans are the most destuctive animals on the planet and have become the most “wussified” in recent years. We have invaded and destroyed their territory at an alarming rate to build and pave over and want them killed or relocated somewhere else at the first sight of one. Yet we rush to save them when we have driven them to near extinction by our own distructive behaviors. Educate yourself on the local wildlife and learn to live with them. You’ll be alot better off.

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday

    In a few years he’ll be doing his part to eliminate the coyote population that is rapidly taking over.

  • Guest34

    Tell the kids to leave it alone and if your kid will not listen and is caught messing with it or not doing what you told them, then beat their a@@. The alligator has more rights than we do. They were here before us and will be here when Humans are gone.


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