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UPDATE: Representatives from the health dept are urging home owners in the Oak Isand Beach Villa complex to contact them regarding possible contamination of urine and feces in the flooring, walls and interior attic spaces of their units. The representatives will be happy to come out and check each unit upon the owners request. Call Danny Thornton at 910-253-2252 or email him at dthornton@brunsco.net


CASWELL BEACH, NC (WWAY) — We told you earlier this month about a condo complex in Caswell Beach that has some unwanted visitors. Now, one resident says the home owners association is retaliating against her for bringing the issue to light.

Susan Prater says after we aired a story about raccoons she says lived in her building, she started feeling the heat from the HOA. Prater says because she is renting from a private owner, the HOA says she does not have the right to have her two dogs.

But Prater has had her dogs for about two years, and they were never a problem before.

“No one will come and clean it. No one will talk about it,” Prater said of the problem with the raccoons. “The only issue they’re attacking is the dogs.”

We tried to talk to someone with the property. When we went to the office, no one answered the door. When we called the property manager, he told us he did not have the HOA president’s number, that he would not talk to us and then hung up.

Prater says she will fight for what she knows is right, because she believes there is a lot at stake.

“I know that there will always be raccoons here. There will always be wildlife here. That’s not the issue,” she said. “The issue is the health issue that remains and will continue to remain as long as the raccoons are allowed to live and breed in the buildings.”

Prater says she and the owner of her condo plan to fight the HOA’s decision to evict the dogs.

She says the health department came out today and was appalled by what they found. So far the health department has not returned our call.

We tried to talk to CAMS Property Management, which is in charge of the property, but have not heard back.

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  • SurfCityTom

    fewer and fewer HOA communities allow owners to maintain dogs. Those that do have weight limits. Most do not allow tenants to maintain dogs, even if the owner has approved.

    She came up on the radar when she appeared on screen and potentially made the HOA management look bad.

    Now they are aware of her dogs. Most likely they have a rule which does not allow tenant owned dogs.

    She likely has no recourse.

    And technically, the HOA manager should be in contact with the property owner. The burden to cause removal rests with the property owner. Any fines levied due to the presence of tenant dogs will be levied against the owner; with a lien possible if the fines are not paid.

    If she wants to keep the dogs, she should move.

    The owner will not remain silent for long once he gets notice and fines commence.

    Sorry but that is the harsh reality.

  • Guest24

    Harsh reality is this group of board members has a long history of being vindictive to any owner who speaks out. CAMS is a lousy management company but is only doing what this arrogant, nasty group demands. Those dogs have been “on the radar” for 2 years as she walks them for all to see but it only mattered when she stepped on toes by pointing out a problem they have ignored for years. It is now out of hand with critters, rabies scares and bldgs falling apart. They won’t solve the problem just destroy the messenger.

  • Robo

    What nonsense. An HOA that does not approve dogs? Where is PETA when we need them. HOA’s have too much power in NC. All citizens should contact their representatives about this issue.

  • Guest2020

    I am so not surprised that CAMS is involved. Those people don’t know their heads from holes in the ground.

    My advice to Susan Prater would be to get a copy of the restrictive covenants and any rules and policies the HOA may have. Also, it would help her case with the HOA to get her landlord involved as well since homeowners have the power and the renter does not. Also keep in mind that HOA’s usually have an appeals process once an official decision has been made regarding a violation.

  • Guesttenheimer

    …organization to be found in this area! They act like a lone gunslinger operating by their own rules, regardless of the condo owners rights. They demand assessments without notice to the owners, spend money in hap-hazard fashion and do not communicate with the association. Their HOA “boards” typically range from 8 to 12 people. Our entire county runs on just 5 commissioners and most of those do nothing. They will assess the HOA for shoddy construction requiring repairs rather than go after the builder/developer and quickly sue any HOA member for even a minor breach of their little HOA rules.

    I highly recommend that if you consider buying or renting a condo or house in a subdivision and find that CAMS manages the HOA, MOVE ON!!! You’ll have nothing but trouble out of them! They are vicious, vindictive and very aggressive!

  • taxpayer

    Having experienced CAMS and their assorted managers, my HOA quickly moved to replace them with CEPCO. I’m not advocating CEPCO, but compared to CAMS…I’ll take CEPCO.

    If CAMS is spending a HOA’s money in a hap-hazard fashion, it’s because the board of directors of the HOA authorizes them to do so. CAMS or any other property management firm has no authority to do anything outside the scope of the agreement they have with the HOA. Your gripe needs to be with the HOA and the power they delegate to CAMS.

  • Susan Prater

    I couldn’t agree more!!!!!!!!

  • SurfCityTom

    re-read the entire article. The dog owner is not a property owner. She is a tenant. Big difference when it comes to occupancy rights.

    Has nothing to do with CAMS unless they have an onsite property manager; and the majority of properties do not have onsite management due to the costs involved.


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