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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — The May 8 primary decided all the match-ups for local political races in our area in November’s general election, but for a handful of statewide races where a winner was not decided, a second primary will be held July 17.

As the second primary is a continuation of the primary held May 8, voters will only be eligible to vote in the party’s primary with which they are registered. Unaffiliated voters who voted in the Primary are only eligible to vote in that party’s second primary in which they participated in during the primary election.

On the state level Republicans races are:
-NC Lieutenant Governor: Dan Forest and Tony Gurley
-NC Commissioner of Insurance: Richard Morgan and John Causey
-NC Secretary of State: Kenneth Gardner and Edward Goodwin
-NC Superintendent of Public Instruction: John Tedesco and Richard Alexander

The Democratic Second Primary features one race:
-NC Commissioner of Labor: Marlowe Foster and John Brooks

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  • Thank you for publishing information to the public about the upcoming runoff election scheduled for July 17th.

    Please note that EARLY VOTING begins June 28th and runs through July 14th.

    In the Commissioner of Insurance race the Republican candidate is on the ballot as MIKE CAUSEY and not John Causey.

    This is an important election and every vote will be most powerful due to the expected low voter turnout.

    If you are not happy with insurance or insurance rates, this is your
    opportunity to do something about it. Exercise your right to vote on July 17th or in early voting!

    – Mike Causey, Republican candidate, Commissioner of Insurance


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