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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — New Hanover County Sheriff’s deputies have arrested a second man for the robbery of a pizza delivery driver earlier this month.

Fred English, 35, is charged with robbery with a dangerous weapon and conspiracy to robbery with a dangerous weapon. Last week deputies arrested Tishaud McMillan, 19, for the crime.

Investigators say the suspects ordered a pizza, but instead of paying for it they pointed a knife at the delivery man, stole the pizza, his cash and car keys.

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  • Huber

    You’d think the Dept.of Corrections would want to build a prison down here rather than a new baseball field to encarcerate these robbers and theives in which we aparantly have such an abundance of. The crime “Business” around here seems to be more consistant than spending millions of our tax dollars only to “entertain” and only be open for events @ limited periods of time during a year . New Hanover Crime runs 24 hrs. a day,@ 7 days a week, on all 3 shifts. Our Local Govt.members need to learn to: “Think Smart” for a change.

  • guesty

    But he is such a good guy and only made a mistake. Whoops, I just barfed a little bit.

  • tweety

    why if he not was there could he arrested?

  • Guesttwitty

    Cuz He why or he wo cud why we arrested

  • tweety

    but if he why was arrested not done?


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