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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — The Wilmington Police Department needs help finding a missing 20-year-old man from Carolina Beach. John Calvin Pensyl has been missing since May 17 according to his father.

Pensyl is described as 5’9″ tall, weighing 160 lbs, with short brown hair and a “scraggly” beard, blue/grey eyes and light complexion. He was last seen wearing a dark hoodie, khaki shorts, black and white tennis shoes, and carrying a black backpack.

Pensyl was last seen at the bus stop near the Lowe’s Home Improvement Store on Carolina Beach Road. He takes medication that renders his speech slow and slurred and needs those medications. He is a frequent rider on Wave Transit buses around Wilmington.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Wilmington Police Department at (910) 343-3600 or Det. Lee Odham at (910) 343-3686.

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  • Nurse28403

    Its clear this gentleman is on strong anti psychotic medications (based on the comments saying his meds seriously affect his speech). If he’s been off them this long he is seriously at risk and could be a safety risk to others depending on what his DSM-IV (mental health diagnosis manual) diagnosis are. I hope for everybody’s sake they find him safe and sound very very soon. The longer this drags on the worst I fear this outcome will be.

  • Tom Pensyl

    Having known my son John all his life, I can assure you he does not have a violent bone in his body. He is not anymore a safety risk to others than you are. It is a Hollywood sterotype to think that mentally ill people are more dangerous or violent than those without such illnesses. I appreciate the well wishes part of your comment.

  • Tom Pensyl

    The photo is recent but John’s hair is quite a bit shorter now.
    It’s more like a crewcut due to a haircut about a month ago.

  • Guest2020

    Praying for a safe return.

  • opionated

    Tom Pensyl i agree ppl think that jus becuase someone is on meds for mental problems they are dangerous.I would jus think that if he has not had his meds he would be a bit confused maybe.I hope u find ur son and this has a happy ending.Many prayers to you and ur family…..

  • Andrew B

    Hope all is well. I can support this statement 100% for John and I have been close friends for over 7 years now. He is not a violent person in anyway, I really hope we can find him soon.

  • louise pensyl

    Oddly enough I have a son John. My name is Louise Pensyl. I had a brother Russell, who had persecute schizophrenia terror instilled that some thing or someone would hurt him. No I agree some ill people wouldnt hurt anyone .I found my missing brother. I hope you find your missing son.

  • david x15g268h

    It’s been nearly two years, and by the looks of it my friend john has still not been found or returned to ‘home’. This troubles me and I’ve no way of expressing how it makes me feel with words merely. I could say hundreds of other’s I met or dozens of other so called friends I had I wouldn’t give a f if they went missing, actually I’d be glad. But john to me was not a typical materialist with false faces. He was one of the few friends I ever had, that I can say today was a friend.. The point is though, and it is difficult to say or type it (it troubles me in my mind even more of course), that after nearly two years, this case should be re-evaluated, like the WPD should start from scratch and heavily look into finding John safe, or in general. If the WPD is good for arresting beach druggies and maniacal criminals only, then the law itself should be abolished. I beleieve John has not been found yet because the investigation either didn’t try hard enough, connect the right links, or ceased entirely maybe? Reopen or revive this f ing investigation, for john, and his families sake. For the sake of having some human in yourselves. I hope I expressed myself well, I held back alot, so I could have been many times angrier through this message, but I hope it may lead to the WPD taking this s it more seriously. 2. Also, John has ‘dissapeared’ one time before this for over a month, and was able to not be found or contacted, but it was not nearly to this degree. Contrary to what others have said about john (that he is good at staying away or hiding from the world even for long periods) I believe he is no better at it than anyone could be, the problem is the city and state there, people dont give a hand to anyone on the street unless it accomodates their egotistic needs. Also john only had me and one other friend that I knew of, so him being at someones house, all of the sudden like that from one afternoon to the miraculous occurence of such a thing to me is absurd. John was intelligent and stronger psychological than some could be led to believe from reading some bs in black and white or talking to the ‘wrong’ people, he was not the type to intentionally fall into dangerous situations nor to go looking for them, he was also capable and much so of getting out of them or at least trying as well if not better than I could. He was not suicidal in any manner whatsoever neither. This that I have said forward from the “2” should serve as truth (because I knew john, for a long time even and because with that this comes as commen sense or commen intuition / facts of the person) and as pieces of the puzzle to put together that will result in the finding of John. I don’t think that many pieces are missing, and I am no detective, so, seriously do your f ing jobs with a little more wits. John would frequently return to the places that in his world gave him something, like the churches in the area or the nearby woods, if he had he would have been found. WHy hasn’t he? Goodbye


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