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RALEIGH, NC (AP) — Pat McCrory’s gubernatorial campaign and political committees behind a television commercial that McCrory wants off the air have filed competing legal actions in a North Carolina court.

The Democratic Governors Association and the group North Carolina Citizens for Progress have filed a complaint in Wake County court. The complaint filed Thursday asks a judge to rule that the ad’s content is true and the groups have complied with the law.

The commercial that began running last week focuses on McCrory’s involvement with a Charlotte-based business Tree.com. McCrory’s campaign calls the ad false and says TV stations should stop running it.

A lawyer for McCrory’s campaign late Thursday filed paperwork to start civil action against the Democratic governor’s group and North Carolina Citizens for Progress. It has until mid-June to sue.

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  • Guest327

    As long as freedom of speech prevails in this country, I will speak when, how, and where I please, whether or not I vote. As long as someone makes laws that affect me, if I voted or not, I have that right.

  • taxpayer

    don’t complain about the outcome of the election.

  • Guest327

    Another bloody election………..let the mudslinging and name-calling, as well as lawsuits begin. WHY can’t political candidates just tell us what they will do if elected instead of attacking each other through the entire campaign? I think I’ll start staying home on election day. None of the trolls are worthy of my time and vote.

  • Guest000000

    McCrory’s a freakin’ baby.

  • chris

    It make me sick … its ok for the republican party to bash anyone who is a dem and lie about it , but when someone tell’s the truth he wants to cry ,,, i hope mr mccrory dont get into office , if you think north carolina is bad now … ohhh boy ,,, he wants to raise the fishing lic like other state’s [ ny ] to $75.a yr and hunting lic to 100. a yr … i dont kn ow about you ,,, but i remember fishing for free in the ocean and now your lucky if you can get a fish … from the oil from the gulf ,,, and no one is speaking about that ,,, were are the fish … ya we want this guy in office .lol

  • Grand Ole Party

    Yes sir buddy, tell em like it is. No way would a democrat EVER lie. Having trouble catching fish are ya? Doing a lot of fishing in the gulf? Poor baby. Doing a little crying yourself are ya?


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