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SUPPLY, NC (WWAY) — A domestic assault turned deadly when a woman hit her boyfriend with her vehicle in Brunswick County last night.

It happened in Supply just before 10 p.m. Brunswick County deputies arrived at 1913 Oxpen Road after they got a call that a man was hit by a car.

When they arrived at the scene, Michael Anthony Pate, 52, was underneath the vehicle. Julie Ann English, 48, was also on the scene and was the driver of the vehicle that struck her boyfriend, Pate.

Neighbors said Pate and English had been dating on and off for around 10 years. They say the couple was constantly fighting and that something bad was bound to happen.

“There was a car in the yard and it had run up on the porch and we looked at the car and there was somebody laying under it,” said Sherry Bass.

Other neighbors, who remained off camera, said the couple was having a birthday party for Pate earlier that day. They say drugs and alcohol may have been involved.

After investigating, deputies found that Pate had allegedly assaulted English, leaving a laceration on her face. English was transported to the Brunswick NOVANT Medical Center, where she was treated and released to detectives.

English is being charged with voluntary manslaughter, and is in jail under a $100,000 bond.

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  • Puddin#1

    This is sad for both families! So I really wish everyone would stop all the judging and hateful comments and have a little respect and sympathy for these families!!! His sons lost a father in a tragic way and her sons lost a very close dear friend which they loved very mucn and a mother whos in jail… This is alot of stress for all of them!! My sympathy and prayers go out to Mike Pates family and friends, he will truly be missed!! To Julies family Love yawl and let God help you through this difficult tragedy!!

    **RIP Mike Pate: Love ya, PUDDIN(#1)

  • Guest1010

    Godly man with a heart of gold? Who beats a woman? Hardly! He should have kept his hands to himself.

  • SurfCityTom

    it appears she immediately responded to his slap or whatever he did by running him down with a vehicle. That may explain why he went to the morgue rather than jail.

  • Krys

    No you don’t hit a woman.. Bt you don’t run a man over and kill him. And you know what else you don’t do? You don’t comment on an article about a man who is killed asking why he isn’t jail. His family doesn’t need people judging him. Not only do you not know the story it’s completely rude and heartless of you to be insensitive about a situation like this when a man was murdered over a scratch on a woman’s face. You see that scratch on her face? At least she has a face left. At least she’s still alive.

    Rip uncle Mike, You were always there for me when I needed you ever since I was a little girl. And you had a heart of gold <3 you were a godly man and now you sit with Jesus xxxxx

  • SBR308

    Why wasn’t Mr. Pate at jail for hitting this woman and why would you be with someone 10 years fighting all the time. I think both these people had some big problems.

  • Worried about joe public

    To guest111- There are laws in place for domestic violence maybe u should talk to an ADA and/or local advocate to get up to speed. There is help for all victims in a domestic situation man or women. This lady will be held accountable for her actions. My how people are quick to judge. Until the investigation is over I think people should hold there comments. This is very hurtful to the family that have just lost a loved one and in such a horrible manner. How would you feel if this was your father or mother and you were put in this situation. Do not judge people without knowing the facts. Please, Please educate yourself on domestic violence and then maybe you will understand.

  • Broken hearted

    If you knew the man you would know that this was just not his style. Think about it people of course she had cuts on her face she just slammed her vehicle and a man into a house. Self defense my a@@ she was in her car, she could have just left. They argued, she left and SHE came back. She was not in fear of her life, don’t let that monster fool you. Never understood why he was so in love with her, but I guess the heart wants what it wants. She was and always has been the abuser. She has always brought misery evey where she went. If the tables were turned and it was him in the car you would be chanting “hang him”. WWAY, you should be ashamed of yourselves to potray him as you have. You need to investigate further and get your facts straight before you destroy this mans reputation. His family is devastated enough, nothing like adding insult to their devastation. May she get everything that is coming to her. She knows the truth and she will live with that for the rest of her life.

  • Holly Jacobs

    I Have None Both Of Them For A Very Long Time An Mike Was A Kind Hearted Man An This Should Have Never Happend To Him. He Was Like A Father To Me An His Kids Were Like My Brothers an Sisters.. He Took Me In An Helped Me Out When There Was No Other He Never Hurt Any Women. So You Take It The Way You Want But I Dont Think Its Right To Judge From What You Hear!! So Please Let Them An I Have Are Time To Mourn!

  • k

    He was a great man who would NEVER hurt a woman… But everyone has a breaking point (man or woman)….. Unless u were there please stop saying what u THINK happened… They loved each other very much and love makes u crazy sometimes…. One second can change many lives forever……. A bad reaction killed someone… Have consideration for the family and keep your comments to yourselves please……. He will be greatly loved and missed by many….

  • Das Weibstück

    “love makes u crazy sometimes”. Actually love does not make you crazy, drugs and alcohol do.

    I am very crazy in love with my husband , I dont think running over him would show that very well.

  • prophets mom

    If you knew these people and seen the “accident” you would know this was no accident. Mike was not a violent person. Its a sad loss and Mike will be missed by family and friends.


    Mike wasn’t violent?!! REALLY!!? Look at her face mom! Jeesh!! where do you people come from?

  • jeff withrow

    her swollen cut up face is very evident and that was a violent action.

  • Guest211


  • Guest111

    Domestic violence against women has got to stop. I know I sound like a supporter of vigilante justice and I can hear the bleeding hearts now moaning and groaning BUT our legal system does nothing to stop this behavior. It’s time for people to start handling their own problems in what ever manner is necessary to stop abuse.

  • Guesttenhiemer

    There are plenty of laws to address domestic violence. They are enforced on a regular basis. The courtrooms across the state are full of 50B hearings every single day. The laws are there and enforced, but violent behavior cannot be controlled by a courtroom or a DVPO. That is up to the individual! Remember also that domestic violence occurs against men as well. Sounds like this woman took your advice and “handled her problem in the manner she felt necessary…”. Now she’ll pay with prison time instead of just walking away. We always have choices!

  • Really?

    Seriously people, you were not there! You have no clue… you don’t know him. He was a great man who loved the Lord! Keep your opinions to your self and stop playing detective!

  • ok

    ok you have absolutely no clue what you’re talking about… he never owned a gun, he has never ever hit a woman and it was his birthday! Get a grip!

  • taxpayer

    judged by 12 than carried by 6.

  • Guest Redneck Across the River

    I think it came down this way……..he assaulted her, she tried to get away in her car, he got in front of it and reached in his pocket like he was coming out with a handgun, she feared for her life and ran him over. That’s it, self-defense, dead men don’t talk, only one witness, case closed.

  • Kaylee

    I dont know where you get your facts, but you must of not have known him and he wouldnt do that. Thats where you are wrong he was sitting on his porch steps… Not trying to pull out a gun.

  • jwfinjef

    Good for her!

  • Grand Ole Party

    How about I do say anything and you just stop reading it? Make better sense? Sure as hell does. If you don’t like what you are reading, don’t read it!! Enlightening stuff isn’t it? Let’s try this one more time, If you don’t like what you are reading, stop reading it. Wow! Pretty simple solution. You see this is a public forum, people voice opinions on it. That’s how it works. So remember, nice or not, we post opinions. If the family is looking for comments from loved ones, I am sure the loved ones will just pick up the phone and give them a call. Shocking stuff right?


    Hey Krys….didn’t realize you were elected the “free speech president (as long as you agree with it)” I sure didn’t vote you in. Opinion matters..whether YOU like it or not. How about you DON’T say anything would be just fine with me. Whether she was a biatch or not…she had injuries on her face and he ended up underneath a car..SOME HOW. I can bet I would never find myself in that stupid situation under any circumstances to begin with. So you can take your holier than though attitude and stick it where the sun don’t shine. MAKE SENSE?

  • Krys

    How about don’t say anything if you don’t have something nice to say. Make sense? You hontly think the family isn’t going to read the article and the comments on them? The family reads them looking for other comments from loved ones not looking for a jerk that thinks they have some opinion about a situation that hasn’t even fully been investigated. People like you get off on other people’s pain. It doesn’t matter what your opinion you have a right to it but it isn’t necessary to cause them family more grief. So remember if you don’t have something nice to say it. Still make sense?

  • jake21

    And Opinions are like butt holes everyone has one! Unfortunately there are ignorant people in this world who like to hurt others while they are down!!! Mike was an awesome person and would not hurt anyone. From what those close to him have said SHE was the abuser in this relationship and the family was worried for HIS safety. You know it is not always the guys that are abusers.. Regardless a life was taken to soon and a Family is grieving. RIP Mike you are now walking the streets of Gold with Our Precious Glady Marie and Boo Boo. We will always love you!

  • Grand Ole Party

    What in the name of hell is wrong with all of you? DON’T READ THESE POSTS IF YOU DON’T LIKE OPINIONS. Why does this confuse all of you?

  • Southern Girl

    Yes, domestic violence has to stop– the violence of women who attack men and then scream, “he was an abuser.” Couple that with NC laws that allow women to bully men by taking out warrants merely on their word with no investigation, and we have a real recipe for disaster in our state. We are so concerned about the rights of women, what about the rights of men? This man is dead. As the mother of sons, I fear for the safety of my boys at the hands of any angry, manipulative woman who might attack one of them and think she can get away with it.

  • Chelsea Watson

    Honestly no matter what happened if you weren’t there you have no right to say what happened and who did the right thing! This Family lost a Father, Brother, Uncle, Grandfather and a really good friend so rather than worry about who is right and wrong you should be comforting those who lost an important person in thier life!! Please keep the Pate family in your prayers!!! <3

  • GuestPenny

    People please regardless of who did what I’m sure there’s family members grieving right now that shouldn’t have to see what other peoples remarks or opinions are ,

  • Grand Ole Party

    Unfortunately for both yourself and the family members…. This is a venue for people of the community to post remarks and or opinions. So if you and family members do not wish to read such things it would be a good idea not to log onto the sight. Make sense?

  • Guest-o-rama

    …not a funeral parlor.

  • donnell

    he should have kept his hands to himself

  • Guest1946

    Probably not, but most likely that’s the way the jury will see it if it goes to trial. I surely would.

  • Guest111

    Sounds like self defense to me.

  • JDl

    Very sad


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