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SURF CITY, NC (WWAY) — A marina in Surf City is closing, but the tenants are not the only ones affected. As the Pender-Topsail News & Voice was first to report, Wells Fargo, which owns Surf City Beach House Marina, delivered the news to people who keep their boat there yesterday.

“It’s been a pleasure being able to promote our entire village,” business owner Capt. David Luther said. “That’s gone now.”

For Luther and other tenants of the Beach House Marina, the past few days have been a whirlwind. Luther found out Tuesday he has to move his boats, one of which he lives on, by June 19. It’s a tough situation for him as he runs entertainment cruises from the Belle of Topsail and the pirate ship Raven.

“We’ve gotten very involved with all the businesses around here, because surprisingly enough, this marina feeds business,” Luther said. “We get back in at 8 p.m. because we do a sunset cruise, and at 8 p.m. you have been out having a good time, what do you want to do? Go somewhere else.”

Capt. Luther and his business are not the only ones affected by the closure of the marina. There are also those who own and live on boats here that will have to relocate.

“I really don’t have any plans,” tenant David Avery said. “We’re looking and trying to find out. We’ll probably have to moor here for a while until we find another place to go or figure out what’s going on… at least till my daughter gets done with school.”

Tenants have signed leases, and Capt. Luther even bought $30,000 worth of advertising promoting the location. They say it’s a nightmare they wish was not happening.

“I put everything I had into this, and then for them to come and give me 20 days to get the hell out, that’s painful,” Luther said.

Surf City Mayor Zander Guy says he does not want to see this happen. He says the town is looking into alternate options for the boats.

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  • SurfCityTom

    someone @ Wells Fargo is shivering @ the thought you will move your accounts.

    Actually, this was overdue. The Bank is regulated by the Feds and the FDIC. The marina and unsold slips were considered a toxic asset. They were probably being flogged by some little official @ the FDIC to unload this dog.

    Now watch how quickly an investor or group of investors will step in; purchase it for pennies on the dollar; and make a killing once the economy recovers.

    As I always say when dealing with a bank official to purchase foreclosed property, “I am not in the business to help bankers get over dumb loans”.

    WF has a far bigger problem. They have a stockholder lawsuit being filed for some of the dumb buyouts they made.

  • Iheartbabies

    If anyone would check out the proposed bridge replacement routes they would see that several proposals that involve a high-rise replacement would go through/near the marina. Maybe Wells-Fargo has information on what DOT has decided about bridge replacement.

  • Lee J

    I didn’t think Wells Fargo could get any worse.. I was wrong. I guess you can’t fix STUPID. Surf city mayor Guy has to figure a way to keep this going until someone comes up with a rational solution. The Belle
    has been a breath of fresh air for the Island. God keep us safe from the banks..

  • Lori Puczylowski

    Something needs to be done other than eviction…Surely there are other ways a big bank can work with Businesses & home owners to save Lives…This is not going to help the economy of Topsail The BELLE is a Treasure & brings in people from all around & must remain on the Island…

  • GuestDog

    The first question is WHY does Wells Fargo want to close an operating business? Having done business with these FOOLS I feel sorry for the local folks who have boats there.
    It would seem that they would want to keep it operating, but maybe they have a “grand and glorious” plan to make it better like building more crappy condos, OR maybe they have a land baron who wants the land to sit on and deprive the local government of tax revenues
    Either way, it is one more example of POOR business practices by this less than stellar bank

  • candy

    I don’t understand why Wells Fargo would do this to a local business. They will not gain any friends that is for sure. If this happens, I will surely pull my accounts from this bank and bank elsewhere. Terrible news for the local economy.

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