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CHARLOTTE, NC (AP) — Novant Health is laying off nearly 300 workers.

The Winston-Salem company said Tuesday it will eliminate 289 management and staff positions. It is eliminating 150 positions in the Winston-Salem area, most at Forsyth Medical Center.

The company plans to eliminate about 100 positions in the Charlotte area, which includes four Presbyterian hospitals in Charlotte, Matthews and Huntersville.

The company says only about a fifth of the layoffs will affect employees who deliver patient care.

Novant has 25,000 jobs in a system that owns 13 hospitals in three states, including Brunswick Novant Medical Center in Bolivia. No word on if any of the layoffs will be at that hospital.

Spokesman Jim Tobalski says the company will try to find jobs for affected employees among the jobs for which Novant is recruiting.

The company blames the reductions on the recession and changes in health care.

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  • longcolt

    you wise intellectuals in the progressive movt. you deftly maneuvered more employees to the unemployment line via your mandated health care restructuring. now all those greedy evil nurses, social workers & dieticians making their whopping $50K/ yr. will no longer keep you down. will you bail them out? or do we all need to join a union, get a job in detroit & swear allegiance to the cause?? thank you for all the hope & change.

  • boris

    Longcolt do you pay your own insurance or do you suck on your employer benefits teet?

    I’m a 1099 and pay my own and have seen my premiums rise from $175.00 mth to %500.00 a mth in 5 years.

    Novent is realizing people are tired of being charged $275.00 for an asprin or $600.00 for a hospital gown.

    It’s not the progressives fault that the spotlight is now shining on greedy HMO’s that can raise rates at will and price half of America out of healthcare!

    But teabaggers like you will never be happy untilthis country is back in the 1890’s with robber barrons and child labor and chemicals being dumped in rivers and lakes!

  • longcolt

    please resume your medication from Canada. yes, it is cheaper there, but they don’t have an epa (which can be nice).
    HMO’s?? how 1988 of you.
    i wonder if the 500% increase is due to more people on the govt. teet??
    sorry, but you’re too emotional to take seriously. love ya.

  • bullrider

    $275 for an aspirin or $600 for a gown (exaggerations, I suspect) are mostly because hospitals have to find a way to charge enough on your bill to make up for those who get ‘free’ healthcare from the government – which is provided at a LOSS by the hospital – and those who walk away from bills, small and large, without so much as paying a penny on them.

    Of course a hospital cannot sell you an aspirin for the 10 cents it would cost at a drugstore since they have to track the medication on a computerized system for your medical record, it has to be dispensed in the hospital pharmacy (by a pharmacist), administered by a nurse or nurse’s aide and then logged in on your record that you DID take the medication and at what time etc. All of these folks make $30 to $50 an hour. Yes, the cost is still padded out, to make back something on the losses taken by treating Medicare and Medicaid patients.

    I work at a hospital and we are being slammed with not just this bad economy but by government program healthcare patients for whom the government does not even pay nearly the cost of their care – let alone ‘profit’ with which to pay the staff, keep the facility heated and lit, and cover the costs of maintenance and capital improvements. The government keeps coming up with mandates for us while telling us how much less they intend to pay for things they already underpay us for.

    At my hospital job I went one year with no raise and with a 20% pay reduction. (All of us there did.) Last year I got a 2.5% raise to keep up with ‘the cost of living’ – for which calculation the government conveniently excludes gasoline, utilities and food – but they do include the fact that house values have fallen. So, while I get slammed for food and gas, the fact that my house has lost a bunch of its value somehow makes up for high prices I pay to eat and drive. What an insult, and a war by the government on the middle class. Can’t anyone see that?

    My hospital does not turn away any patient even if they don’t have a dime. We treat them as fully as anyone else. Have you ever tried buying a new car on that basis? “I’d like a new Camry but I have no money so please just give me the car and I’ll drive away…” The difference is that the Camry is $25,000 and the unpaid healthcare might be $250,000.

    Don’t blame the hospitals. They used to make a ton of money and yet healthcare was much more affordable. I see firsthand the results of ‘giving away’ healthcare, and as the balance shifts from paying patients to ‘government’ patients, fewer and fewer can afford to pay and the balance just keeps shifting.

    Healthcare was affordable before the government started giving it away.


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