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BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — A Brunswick County Sheriff’s deputy has been demoted after wrecking his cruiser yesterday while his wife rode with him.

In a statement, Sheriff John Ingram said Sammy Turner has been demoted from captain to lieutenant effective today and been relieved of a portion of his duties. The move comes a day after Turner was involved in a single-car accident on US 74/76 near Leland. His wife was with him in the car. The sheriff says she was an unauthorized passenger in the Sheriff’s Office vehicle. No one was hurt.

Ingram has ordered a complete review and revision of policies regarding the use of assigned vehicles as a result of yesterday’s incident.

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  • GuestMarilyn

    I think most of the police use their badges and titles to get over. I do not understand why they are permitted to get away with as much as they do. Anyone could have been hurt in this, being a police officer he should have and did know.

  • i57887

    I think the problem would be he was suppose to be working and he is out riding around with his wife. I don’t think brunswick county tax payers want him riding his wife around on there money when he is suppose to be working. I saw this wreck. There was not a side of this car that wasn’t caved in. He was not going 55 when he wreck.

  • Justice2012

    This is a GREAT EXAMPLE!

    My only question is if he was on duty. If he was not, there is NO reason that vehicle should have been on the road. I have seen TOO MANY illegal moves with police cruisers…. Turning emergency lights on to get past traffic, jumping curbs and other medians to cut people off and pass traffic. And they think they can get away with it because they are in a Police Vehicle.

    I feel strongly of this after my dear friend passed in October 2011 when she was hit head on by an ambulance that ran a stoplight with no sirens on.

    If you are going to be a part of law enforcement, then SET AN EXAMPLE! Break the laws on YOUR OWN TIME, NOT MINE!!!

  • Living in NC

    It is legal in NC for a child to ride in the front seat:

    If the child is age 5 or older, OR
    If the child weighs at least 40 pounds, OR
    If the vehicle does not have an active passenger side air bag, OR
    If the vehicle does not have a rear seat where the child restraint can be installed. Note however, that children in rear facing child safety seats should NEVER ride in the front seat of a vehicle with an active passenger side air bag. The child will be seriously injured or killed if there is a crash and the air bag deploys.

    – Best practice is to leave the kids in the back seat until 12.

    ….Just sayin.

  • fozbot98

    NC General Statute 20-135.2A does not specify the children have to be in the back seat. At one point it did. It does not now.

  • Moish

    I don’t see the issue with his wife being in the car.
    At least it wasn’t someone else s wife.

  • Guest 123

    This incident is sad to say the least! Glad no one is hurt. What is funny about this is Captain Turner is a certified driving instructor for the State of NC. He is one of the instructors who teaches Driving to the sheriff’s office along with other local departments. If anyone should drive safer and know the rules it him. A demotion is not enough. He should be fired. How fast was he going? It had to be fast to roll the vehicle multiple times. Faster than the posted speed limit. When will the ticket be issued to Turner. Why was his x-wife in the car and not his girlfriend? A lot of things going on in the sheriff’s office lately that just don’t seem like go leadership from the top down……

  • Guest8956

    NHCSD Deputies take their CHILDREN to school in the FRONT seat of their crusiers EVERYDAY of the week! And these are NOT the School Resource Officers…… These Children are ELEMENTARY age CHILDREN…..STATE LAW says they have to be at least 12 years old to sit in the front seat but that doesn’t stop the NHCSD……so what about it McMAHON?? Are you going to hold your Deputies to a HIGHER STANDARD??? Are you going to reduce rank for your Deputies breaking the laws to which they have been sworn to uphold??

  • I love the fuz

    It’s only a matter of time before Lieutenant Turner is a Captain again. Anyone that knows him, knows that. He made a mistake, who hasn’t? Unfortunately, Sheriff Ingram is always under a microscope, so he has to act appropriately. I’m one proud Brunswick County citizen that supports our Sheriff and all it’s deputies!

  • Retired Firefighter

    Man there is some unhappy, paranoid, in need of adult supervision and medication people in the Wilmington area.

    As a taxpayer in Brunsco, I see no problem with this. He was demoted for wrecking his vehicle, nothing more. If the Lt. wanted to take his wife to and from work, fine by me.

    Since everyone is scrutinizing because they feel entitled to just because they pay taxes, then open up your check book and let everyone take a look. Disclosure for the goose is also good for the gander. Only thing that paying taxes entitles anyone too, is making sure the infrastructure works when needed.

    Unfortunate accident, but an accident none the less. Glad neither was seriously injured.

  • Guest 2

    Ronald Hewett went to prison for less than this!

  • Guest1122112

    Ronald Hewitt’s actions and criminal behavior is no comparison to this. This guy violated a county policy, Ronald Hewitt violated the law. What he was charged and convicted of was just a small portion of what he could and should have been charged with. Pull your head out of the sand, dumb @##

  • Guest28479

    Seems like some things never change. On the outside looking in Ingram may be trying to do a better job than Hewitt did, but is he really? I mean this was your regular road deputy we are talking about, this was a Captain. Seems like the law enforcement any Brunsco arent any better than anywhere else. It wasn’t to long ago that the deputies would stop women coming from bars out of Wilmington and take them in the patrol car under the bridge going into Wilmington. Then return them to their car then letting them go on their merry way!!!!!! Bet those trips weren’t put into the officers log sheet..

  • Grand Ole Party

    Let’s not stretch things here.

  • anne

    In the original story, it was stated that there was no problem with others riding in the vehicle. My question is this: if he was on duty, what was his wife doing with him? Was she a prisoner being transported? If not, she had no business being in the vehicle.

    Secondly, if there is no policy against her being there, why is he now being demoted – is it because she shouldn’t have been in the car, or is Sheriff Ingram backtracking to cover up any embarrassment to the department? Just asking.

  • Guest9743

    I agree, if there is/was no policy against her being there then why was this captain demoted….I don’t think the whole story is being told….something’s wrong here but it’ll all come out. Maybe this station will follow-up on this one and get to the bottom of it like they do some other stories.

  • Guestcomeon

    When this story came out yesterday, everyone was up in arms about this guy having his wife in his Sheriff Dept vehicle. About every comment, had “why was she in the car”, ” that’s not right for her to be in the car”, “nice to see my tax dollars being used for personal business” etc. etc. etc. you get my point.. But then today it comes out that the Sheriff demoted him from Capt. to Lt, and now people are question, ” why did he get demoted”, ” why was she in the car”, blah blah blah.. Can ppl not let things just go, instead of trying to find fault with every little detail about the accident. He had a wreck, she was in the car ” for only he and her know the reason”, he got in trouble, got demoted,which means pay cut. So instead of trying to find every tiny detail. Lets just be happy that no one was seriously hurt or killed..

  • Critic

    Does this mean that the Sheriff has set new standards for becoming a Lieutenant in Brunswick Co? Will you have to crash a cruiser with a dependant in it if you want to be promoted to LT?

  • guesty

    Lieutenant is a lower rank than Captain. That is why the story states “demoted.”

  • Guest1946

    Were you born that dumb or did you take lessons? He was DEMOTED, meaning he went DOWN in rank. A Captain is higher than a Lieutenant.

  • Me,Myself, and Gramps

    This happened several times, in “Smokey And The Bandit”.

  • tammy

    If it had been any other sheriff we would never of heard anything about it,it would have been swept under the rug.Ingram is the best thing that ever happen to BRUNSWICK COUNTY. He don’t try to hide anything,even we his own son was stopped ,arrested,and went to court and pled guilty.He was treated just like any other violator.So don’t get on here talking smack about him,as for the accident,the officer could have told the news there was no rules about the passenger.Ingram was not in the car,Stop being hater and If you can’t say nothing nice about him,don’t say nothing at all.I understand you like Hewett he is a good man to.But you cannot blame Sheriff Ingram or anyone else for what, he brought it on his self,
    his faults are his own,which everyone has.God Bless Both Sheriff Ingram and Mr Hewett for the good they have done for BRUNSWICK COUNTY.

  • Guest 3

    Sheriff Ingram cannot micromanage every single employee that operates a company vehicle no more than any other large outfit can. Unless he is with every single employee every single minute of every single day and that is absolutely impossible. Often times it is the employee who makes a bad judgement call and as a result corrective action is taken….much like raising children. Can you control every single minute what they do, No! I commend the Sheriff for taking corrective action on this matter and doing what is fair. No, I am not defending Sheriff Ingram, just stating what I feel to be accurate since the company I work for has over 116 vehicles in our fleet and more than 100 employees driving those vehicles every day.

  • Guest9743

    Please tell us….which county policy did he violate, the sheriff said there was no policy!!


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