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GREENSBORO, NC (AP) — Ex-presidential candidate John Edwards thanked jurors and his family after a mistrial was declared in his campaign corruption trial and says he is responsible for his sins.

Edwards speaking on the courthouse steps on Thursday also choked up when speaking of his 4-year-old daughter whom he conceived with his mistress while running for president.

Edwards also said he believes he did nothing illegal, but that he did an “awful, awful lot” that was wrong and that no one else was responsible for his sins but him.

Edwards was acquitted on one charge of campaign finance fraud and a mistrial was declared on five other counts.

The monthlong trial exposed a sordid sex scandal that dashed Edwards’ White House aspirations in 2008.

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  • Grand Ole Party

    This is true. Hell it wasn’t long ago I knocked up some chick and hid her out in a 20,000 dollar a month rental in California, using campaign funds that I pretended to know nothing about. This stuff happens often. I mean really how bad was it? So his wife was dying of cancer at the same time….Not a big deal really, we all die sooner or later. Personally I think he should make another run for the White House, he has some a few moral issues, but hey life goes on.

  • Guest7969

    what happens when your rich…

  • Robo

    He will be back in politics soon. In fact, he implicated that in his interview after the trial.

  • Guest9743

    John I’m glad you walked out of that courtroom as a free man, there were many right here in North Carolina that wanted to see you go to prison….best of luck to you and your family in the future!!!

  • Guest61246

    He didn’t do anything that the majority of men and women, as well, do except get caught. He was just in the public eye, but otherwise the whole issue of infidelity would not even have made the news.

  • Grand Ole Party

    I can’t imagine why so many people right here in North Carolina would want to see such an outstanding pillar of the community go to prison. It boggles the mind.

  • SBR308

    Just a typical scumbag politican that was elected here in NC. There will be more like him.

  • Guesterheimer

    Cracks me up when the bible thumpers get themselves into trouble and never really acknowledge the wrong they did, it was the “sins” and the “devil” made me do it. Man up pretty boy!!

  • SurfCityTom

    first some charitable activities. Then an attempt to return to the Senate. Could he be Richard Burr’s next opponent? Maybe Governor in 4 years? Democrats will vote for anyone over a good Republican, even a slime ball.

  • This trial was an outrage. The only thing this man done did was be a democrat in a state full of republican haters. You peoples dragged his good name through the mud for no reason. All his life he fought for the little man. He stoods up for the poor people of this state. He was a beacon of light during dark times. Dis country done lost its morals, he tried to show us the way back to righteous living and you tore him back down again. But no one did vote for him enough. It was ludicrous. Obama and Edwards 2012 Lets our voices be heards.


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