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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — A foreclosure sign in your front yard is not something folks look forward to, but a local bank branch stepped up to the welcome mat.

“To me, it’s a second chance at life because I never dreamed of owning a home,” said new homeowner Kathy Dinkins Hill. “I never dreamed it would come this far. It’s amazing.”

After months of hard work, Hill is a homeowner. She says now that she does not have to worry about where she is going to live, she is setting her sights on her other goals.

“I can focus more now on going back to school, graduating, eventually adopting some kids and just living life to the fullest and enjoying the blessings God has given me,” said Hill.

The house in The Cottages at Cornerstone community was dedicated Sunday. Wells Fargo Advisors sponsored and helped build Hill’s home. The company says it likes being involved in projects like Habitat for Humanity because it helps build up the community as a whole.

“They become homeowners,” said Reid Murchison with Wells Fargo. “They become tax payers paying property tax. They are able to get a real foothold in the American Dream.”

Hill officially moves into the house Tuesday. Then, she will have to pay a monthly mortgage for the next 30 years before the home is fully her property.

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