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LELAND, NC (WWAY) — The fate of three fired Leland Police officers still hangs in the balance. The officers appealed their dismissal in May, but there’s still no final decision.

The town says because Lt. Bill Kozak, Lt. Rick Dellapia and Ofc. John Blasingame got a lawyer, the process is taking a little longer than expected.

So far, no appeals hearing has been scheduled, but Town Manager David Hollis hopes the group will set a date soon after the officers and the town get on the same page with the attorney.

“We’re still trying to schedule the appeals date to hear the appeals, and part of that is a release document that will allow their attorney to review files and things, so we’re still working through that process,” Hollis said.

Hollis says there is no time limit on presenting the appeals, so there is no telling when those hearings will happen.

The town fired Blasingame, Kozak and Dellapia after an internal investigation. Two other officers quit before the investigation report from the Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office came back. Those two cannot appeal.

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  • Guest456

    So the thugs that were terminated by Leland and that caused so much hate and discontent while they were there are still clinging on, playing the legal game to prolong this painful chapter in LPD’s history. Give it to Karl Smith and Michael Landon, though complicit in these three’s powerplay and vendetas, they had enough class to resign and move on. But, honestly, these three have no class or character, looking probably for the settlement money and having no compunction what so ever to just go quietly into that good night. Even Jayne, who is leaving for Charlotte soon, is moving on and staying out of the spotlight. Yes, DellaPia, Kozak and Blasingame embody the stereotype NY/NJ persona of bullying, loudmouth, thugish self-importance that have caused Southerners to resent their carpet-bagging attitude and wish they would just get the hell out of town!!

  • Guest 10101

    Everything I’ve read about these guys seems to indicate that they have very little class and whatever class they do possess seems to come exclusively from the low class category.


    Race card, Same-sex card, Whatever card …. and now appearing once again in a post near you ….. the Mason-Dixon card!

    Doesn’t matter what card you’re pulling out. Just keep in mind, once you throw it down, you’re no longer playing with a full deck.

  • Guest007

    You talk about CLASS? Something you don’t have! I know these men and I know how much their familys have suffered from all of this mess. They wanted to get rid of Jayne a long time ago but the city manager wouldn’t allow it. Because of “Jayne” the town lost 3 of it’s best staff officers, C. Bost, R. Dellapia and B. Kozak. I hope this new town manager will see things clear and give them a chance to have this terriable injustice brought to light! They have suffered enough!


    Post is right on target, especially the loudmouth Yankee comment…want to create a problem, pin a badge on a friggin Yankee.

  • leland one

    You are worried about their suffering? What about the suffering they imposed on the citizens of Leland? Thae are loudmouth typical Yankees and good riddance to them.You must be one of them or the wife of one of the SCUMBAGS.

  • guesty

    3 of it’s best officers? Really? I can only guess you are the wife of one of these bozos. They brought all of this onto themselves.

  • J

    All i can say is that my prayers go out to these men and their families…ive never seen and heard such malicious rumors accusations and vague assumptions of ppl. No one gives specifics just a bunch of hear-say and “i heards”… then people pull the yankee card???.. some will think im their wife or parent or whatever but i am not…lets just say thst the town comes back and admits that the town was wrong….will u have enough back bone to write here an apology to theses men??..will u continue to slander them??? or will u jump on another bandwagon?? wether from the south or the north there is great ppl everywhere…are u that ignorant to put down a man regardless of ehere they are from whom spent years protecting the town, state and country you live in…next time you go into a store buy groceries and go home without seeing men woman children shoot at u thank Jon Blasingame…and Rick delapia for their time overseas fighting for your freedom and next time you hear abt drugs taken off the st thank LT. Bil Kozak as he probably trained the men who aprehended those who make ur streets a bit safer….but sadly u dont have enough back bone to offer thanks bc wether a southerner or a yankee you can only call yourself at this very moment…a follower!!!!


    Wife or parent? No, you are one of the fired officers. Shouldn’t you stay off the blogs so you can get that big check?

  • guesty

    You really should be calling anybody ignorant when you can’t spell simple words.

    And as far as making a trip home from the grocery store without seeing “men woman children shoot at” blasingame is the last to thank. Remember, he is the nut that fired off his duty weapon in his backyard.

  • One of the good yankees

    Must have at least a 2nd grade education for the remark about yankees with a badge. There are many “Yankees” in law enforcement dedicated to serving the public and to say a dumbass statement like that shows your true colors and IQ. Guess you must have got pulled over a few times for doing something as studid as you sound.

  • Webster

    Define “studid,” please, since you like posting definitions all the time. Your attempts at hiding your true colors and IQ are sadly lacking, too, sweetheart.

  • not a loser like you

    First time posting honey shows your ignorance as well to pick up on a type error. Yankee or no yankee ignorance is ignorance. I thought this the civil war was over and it was a free country to live where you want to. My response was over people like yourself who are ignorant not whether these officers were right or wrong let the law decide that and hope someone as narrow minded as you is not on the jury. Make another comment to display your high IQ.

  • Yankee with a brain

    Hey Webster…. I believe thats your name. I guess since Michael Jackson took you out of his arms it made you smart and wise…..not your still small minded and ignorant.

  • Clearly you are

    So not only can you not spell, but you have reading comprehension problems as well. I wasn’t agreeing or disagreeing with you saying the remark about Yankees was ignorant. But how “stupid” do you present yourself to be by attacking someone else’s intelligence when you can’t spell yourself. You misspelled the very label you were putting on someone else. I can explain it to you, but I can’t make you understand. Sorry you don’t have the ability.

  • j

    klmnop no im not one of the officers your referring to either…way to try and be a detective…but since you seem to be sooo intelligent why dont you educate the public on this big “check” your referring to…why would one of the officers or any of them get a check for being fired for wrongful doing…can you shed some light on what you mean by that…im actually a very successful business owner not a parent or wife or police officer…interesting how quick you are to run your mouth as if you had the slightest clue to who i am…maybe you will be fired too soon and will get a “big check”….i will keep you in my prayers too as you truly need to let go of bitterness and anger

  • 2EZ

    “YOUR” “studid.” I think I will call you jblue.

  • Kblue2221984

    Your really funny actually…..Say’s who!? Say’s Kblue!!!


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