NCDOT awards $4.6 million contract to preserve Snows Cut Bridge

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Submitted: Tue, 06/05/2012 - 7:49pm
Updated: Tue, 06/05/2012 - 8:06pm

RALEIGH, NC (NEWS RELEASE) — Department of Transportation Secretary Gene Conti has awarded a $4.6 million contract to American Bridge Co. of Coraopolis, PA, to preserve the bridge over Snows Cut on US 421 in Carolina Beach.

Work can begin as early as July 1 and is scheduled to be completed within 390 days after the start date.

This bridge will be rehabilitated using a new resurfacing technique called hydro-demolition. During this resurfacing process, the deteriorated concrete on the bridge deck will be removed in part using high-pressured water, and the bridge will be resurfaced using high-strength concrete.

Hydro-demolition is more precise than traditional pavement removal with a jackhammer, and it reduces the potential for damage to the bridge. In addition, hydro-demolition is safer and faster than traditional demolition methods and minimizes the impact to traffic.

In addition to hydro-demolition, the contract also includes painting of structural steel and repairs to substructure concrete.

This is one of 30 contracts totaling $109.3 million recently awarded by Conti for highway and bridge projects across North Carolina. NCDOT awarded the contracts to the lowest bidders, as required by state law. The bids received on the projects awarded came in about 3.9 percent, or $4.4 million, below NCDOT estimates.


  • John Osmar says:

    So, the bridges are going to be repaired by companies with the lowest bids? Does the cost include all the extra inspections needed to oversee the ‘lowest bidders’?
    How about getting us the best bridge for the money? Congress has the best health care for the money, but we get the ‘lowest bidder’ bridges!

  • Abby says:

    The town of Carolina Beach & New Hanover are always talking about saving money but yet they awarded the above project to a company in PA? That is not saving any money. Additional money goes for food, gas, travel, lodging, perdiam, etc.

    Goes to show you our Country has no idea on how to save money and reach out to your local general contractors.

    There goes our tax money hard at work, to a company in PA.

  • Simple math says:

    Hey Abby, do your homework… They bid it in a public forum and are bound by state statue to accept the lowest bid. So if a local compny can’t beat an out of state bidder, shame on them.

  • SurfCityTom says:

    does the contract prohibit the General Contractor from adding supplemental charges to the amounts which they will bill?

    Did they secure performance bonds to ensure there will be funds to complete the bridge work if the General Contractor fails to perform within the time frame set forth and to the quality required?

  • cbtackleman09 says:

    This is the same bridge company that is working to repair the Wrightsville Beach bridge. This is why their bid came in lowest probably. They already have employees in the area

  • BeachBizOwner says:

    AS if traffic getting onto and off the island wasn’t bad enough during peak times. When will they be doing the project? Hopefully after 8pm.

  • Guest211 says:


  • Vog46 says:

    I believe that there are penalties to pay for every day the bridge work is delayed. It happened during the Oak Island Bridge and CF Memorial bridge projects. Day by day fines are normal – but without reading THIS contract I’m not so sure.
    The technology is a little different and may pay off. And while I would have liked to see a NC company get it the DOT is required to accept low bidder……

    Best Regards

  • Abby says:

    It will say in the spec book the contractor is given & the RFP if work is not completed by such date each day after that day certain amount of money will be fined for each day it goes past it’s deadline.

    Could range from couple hundred to couple thousand dollars per day.

  • SurfCityTom says:

    I really think we are on the same channel.

    Within the past 48 months, the contractor on a city street project failed to perform; was replaced; and the city had to pick up the additional charges.

    Had that original contractor been required to provide perfomance bonds, the bonding company would have funded that additional work.

  • justin says:

    OK, so maybe the bridge is do for some maintenance, but ANOTHER bridge goes under construction during the height of the summer tourist season? And, no, you can’t use the “they-only-lay-asphalt-in-the-summer” excuse…this will be a concrete repair. As for the “hydro-demolition” portion of the bridge repair, will they be capturing the oily run-off water that would obviously flow into Snow’s Cut?

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