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BALD HEAD ISLAND, NC (WWAY) — A man is dead after he fought the current off Bald Head Island trying to help others and drowned.

Kevin Scott Roberts, 43, of Mt. Lookout, WV, drowned Monday after being caught by a strong current off Bald Head Island. Roberts was among five people that tried to save three swimmers that were struggling off the east end.

“We were able to launch our craft from the beach and respond very quickly, and as a result we were able to rescue seven people from the water,” Village of Bald Head Island spokeswoman Karen Ellison.

Crews found Roberts an hour later. He was pronounced dead in Southport.

Officials on Bald Head Island say warning signs are posted across the island advising visitors of the danger of rip currents and tides, which may have been affected by the full moon Monday.

“It’s important while on all of our beaches, whether it’s here on Bald Head Island or on any other beaches in this area, that people remain cautious and know their surroundings and always be aware of what the ocean is doing.”

The drowning raises question about the need for lifeguards on the beach. Ellison says because the beaches are state-maintained the decision is out of the village’s hands.

Officials say this may serve as a reminder to be aware of the conditions and respectful of the ocean.

Ellison says Roberts’ family left the island monday night after the accident.

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Jane D.
2016 years 1 day ago

My family and I left the beach that evening just as the rescue crews arrived and assumed a swimmer was in trouble, but we did not understand the full extent of what was happening. We were saddened to hear that Mr. Roberts lost his life. The current was deceptively strong that day and warning signs were not properly posted. The only warning sign we saw was almost completely buried by a sand dune. Your family will be in our prayers.

Little brother
2016 years 1 day ago

Lets focus on Anthony and Nechole,these were Kevins kids and they are the most important people right now!!
No more trying to start junk if you need to talk about it give me a call!!!!!!

Kevins brother
2016 years 1 day ago

If this is about the belongings left behind where Kevin was staying,Well let it be known that if my neice and nephew ask me to go get what is rightfully theres, well SO BE IT i will always be here for these kids and if it upsets anyone just give me a call!!!! I handled the situation in the same manner as Kevin would have if the shoe was on the other foot! We loaded and took what belonged to Kevin and his children!Greed no it wasnt,just doing what i was ask to do!!!! My wife and i ask for… Read more »

Angela Legg
2016 years 1 day ago

Kevin was a true friend and hero to all who knew him. He was more than a co-worker to all who worked with him. Kevin was family. There was never a time that he did not have a smile on his face, nor could anyone have a bad day with him around. He always found something positive in every situation. May God bless Nicole, Anthony, Lori and there families with their tragic loss. He had been so happy with Lori and talked about their wedding everyday at work.

To all who have posted… Read more »

2016 years 1 day ago

I am a fellow co-worker who worked with Kevin. My heart goes out to all families involved and I pray that God will give you all the strength, courage & wisdom to survive this sad time in your lives. He was a “hero” to me at work. If I needed something fixed he would do it right then. If I needed a new appliance, he made sure he took care of it. There was not too many things that he would not take the time to help with. He will be greatly missed by me and many others. He always… Read more »

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