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BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — South Brunswick High School needs a new football coach. Roman Kelley is leaving after three seasons, but he’s not going far.

Last night the school board signed off on Kelley joining the staff at West Brunswick High School. He won’t coach. Instead he will serve as an assistant principal.

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  • bsl baby

    For A person who said he cared so much for his players and his school to leave them 2 weeks before summer workouts were to begin is appalling. South Brunswick will have to do some pretty quick work if they plan to hire outside the school and from what IAM told there are very few if any openings for teachers at SBHS. Seems to me if this guy wanted to be an Asst. Principal he would have resigned before he applied , of Course that would have meant quitting last season when he applied at several different schools for a Asst. Principal gig during the football season. Good luck West Brunswick you’ve just got a winner

  • `09 Souljah Under Walt NOT Kelley

    Lets be honest people, the best thing that has ever happened to South was Gordon Walters, I understand Kelley leaving the boys for another job opportunity but to leave them high and dry weeks prior summer ball? After all south’s football program has been through? Tragic, atleast leave on a good note Roman, maybe going to West you can fit in with the baseball players cause during my football career at south you definitely didn’t with us Gordon Bred Souljahs. Smh West? Really? Our Rivals who’ve bought so much agony to South and Im not talking about the gridiron or hardwood, RIP MARC MAN


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