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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — New Hanover County Community Action, the nonprofit who operates a Head Start program here, received a letter of termination last month for several violations.

The US Department of Health and Human services listed infractions from cleanliness to lack of financial reporting.

Executive Director Cynthia Brown held a news conference to announce some good news, the organization is now being funded because they appealed the funding cut

“So we are not effectively terminated like doors are closed to children and we’re not recruiting for next year, not at all. We are funded as long as we continue with our appeal, there will not be any decision on further funding until the final appeal decision is issued.”

Brown discussed the list of federal violations including, leaking urinals, a flooded bathroom and broken and dirty furniture. She says that is a matter of inspectors not returning for a follow up visit.

“The notice of termination and the opinions of the federal government that we failed to correct deficiencies are in part, tied to if you will, delays in receiving feedback.”

While we were not allowed into the classroom part of the building, Ms. Brown assured us the violations are corrected.

She further places blame for financial violations on staff.

“And those individuals who wrestled with that were on paper very qualified accountants, but the government chose not to accept the work they were producing.”

Community Action receives about 2 million dollars a year from the federal government. The organization enrolls about 260 three and four year olds from low income families.

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  1. taxpayer

    what the election has to do with it? Lest you forget who resides at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. The loss of Head Start funding, which should have happened given their total lack of business acumen, would be blamed on Obama and his minions. Or is this comment too much of a stretch?

  2. tweety12

    You no you still didn’t answer the question i asked so maybe grand ole can help you and no the comment is not a stretch you thank maybe the last admin. should have been keeping and eye on this since you stated that the president need the votes?Just asking.

  3. taxpayer

    Obama is going to need the votes in November.

  4. tweety12

    Taxpayer,is it that you needed to comment on this article and didn’t have anything to say. What does the Presidential election have to do with this article.By the way its President Obama,just like it was President Bush.

  5. Bill

    More taxpayer money wasted.

  6. tweety`12

    hey bill why is head start wasted tax money

  7. louise

    The city building inspector need to inspect this building because there is a smell that doesn’t go away. I know that it is mold. My grandson went there this past year and wasn’t sick until he started going here.

  8. Autumn

    Cynthia Brown announcing good news? I don’t think so! Allowing Community Action to continue to operate Head Start is nothing short of tragic. I honestly don’t understand how blame can continuously placed on everyone but the people truely at fault, The administrators, the Board of Directors, and most importantly Cynthia Brown. In the end the children are suffering the most. All children but most importantly children at risk need an educational enviroment that is nurturing, up to date, developmentally appropriate, CLEAN, and SAFE! Community Action is not providing these basic needs to the children on top of all of their “questionable” financial and business practices. Shut down Community Action and allow a more qualified and more ethical group run Head Start!

  9. SurfCityTom

    it’s sort of a double edged sword.

    Initally, the management of this entity refused to allow Federal auditors to perform an onsite inspection or audit of the financial records. You may recall the Executive Director drew a line in the sand and denied access.

    And that was after repeated requests. And frankly, the Executive Director’s offer to provide a financial summary was a slap in the face and in direct conflict with Federal reporting requirements.

    So their funding was suspended.

    Now they’ve appealed the suspension. That is their right. And while the appeal process drags on, the Feds must continue existing funding levels.

    When the appeal is over, then that will be another story.

    Sadly, this type of refusal to comply with Federal requirements is not uncommon state wide.

  10. James E. Lewis

    It never ceases to amaze me that the Executive Director of the Head Start Program has never taken the blame for any problems that have plagued this facility. It’s always somebody else that did something wrong. If you listen to her everybody she’s hired is a screw-up. What does that say about her leadership abilities. If she can’t handle the job then she needs to be replaced. I guess having to pay the state back money that was intended for other staff members is somebody else fault too. When is the Board of Directors going to do the right thing and terminate this woman.

  11. tweety12

    Why does he have to be a Black pastor,why didn’t we just say pastor.No business sense its evident you have know idea about this man of god.No business sense please.

  12. Truthseeker

    No wonder they are in trouble. Look who is running the organization. This place reeks of incompetence, dumb decisions and a black pastor who has no business sense whatsoever. They need to be enrolled in Head Start, not fund it!

  13. Guest 10101

    Not to mention Ms Brown assuring WWAY that violations had been corrected but not allowing the corrections to be seen.

    This place needs a comprehensive financial audit as soon as possible before even more “problems” occur.

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