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BLADEN COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — A Bladen County family and the Sheriff’s Office is in mourning after the death of a deputy over the weekend. Dep. Dewayne Hester died Friday night while responding to a call near Elizabethtown.

“I heard the screaming tires, and it’s an awful sound,” said Reed Allen, who lives across the street from where the crash happened. “I’ve heard it many times before. Then the thud and the crash and the second crash of the car tumbling and rolling. There is no good feeling about that when you hear that sound, you know someone has had a severe accident.”

What Allen heard was more than severe. It was fatal.

Hester, 39, was responding to an assault with a deadly weapon call when he crashed. He was driving around what neighbors say is a dangerous curve, when he lost control of his vehicle, cut across NC 87, ran through the ditch and crashed into a tree.

To respect the wishes of the family, no one from the sheriff’s office spoke to us on camera, but Sheriff Prentis Benston told us off-camera Hester was a giving man who loved his family and his career.

Benston said he’s gotten calls of condolence from law enforcement agencies all over the country and even Canada.

Hester leaves behind a wife and two daughters.

“I’m just so sorry that it happened to any individual in the line of duty just doing his job,” Allen said. “Of course he had young children and a wife, and really at no fault of his own, he was just trying to do his job.”

Allen said he hopes now signage will be added to make people aware of the curve.

Visitation for Hester is set for tomorrow from 6 to 9 p.m. at the Hickory Grove Baptist Church Family Life Center in Bladenboro. Hester’s funeral is Wednesday at 2 p.m. at the same location.

The Bladen County Sheriff’s Office is collecting donations for Hester’s family. They can be dropped off at the Sheriff’s Office or sent to P.O. Box 396, Elizabethtown, NC 28337.

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  • Dove

    Dwayne will be missed, he always had a smile on his face. He was never to busy or in to big of a hurry to stop and speak. God be with
    his wife and the girls. We have lost a percious soul in the Bladenboro.


    If anyone cares to Google Earth the Allen Priest/Hwy 87 intersection…there IS NO CURVE! I know that intersection…I drive it every day. Unfortunately this officer just made a mistake and paid for it with his life. I see these Etown city, Bladen Co. deputies and SHP in this area driving like bats out of hell all the time. It’s a wonder it doesn’t happen more often. I’m just sayin’ and everyone knows it’s true. I’m sure Dewayne was a great guy and my condolences to his family. Unfortunately his death was totally unnecessary in this situation.

  • Guest123789

    Seriously???? When you see them driving like a “bat out of hell” do you have a clue where they are going? I’m sure you would be the caliber of person who would complain if you called and they didn’t drive that way! At a time like this I just pray for the family to find peace. I’m also glad my mama taught me that at times like this if you have nothing nice to say don’t say anything at all…..

  • what curve

    Do you really thing this is what the family what to hear.Its a wonder it doesn’t happen more often.Another jack@@@s comment by another jacka@@@s with diarrhea of the mouth.


    Well, are the persons that he was responding to the call going to be charged like the man whom was being chased by an officer and just cause he was SPEEDING AS THEY ALWAYS DO, and lost control when he swirved to hit a box in the road and hit a tree was charged for his death.


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