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OAK ISLAND, NC (WWAY) — Annexation has been a hot button issue lately, but this time folks are asking for it. A group of Oak Island residents has organized a petition, requesting to be annexed into Caswell Beach.

Marc Younginer is one of about 160 property owners in Oak Island Estates, a neighborhood surrounding the golf course. Three out of four sides surrounding it are part of the town of Caswell Beach and now residents want in.

“When you come across that bridge, it would make sense that everything to left is Caswell Beach and everything to the right is Oak Island, so logistically it would make sense,” Younginer says. “When I came to Oak Island and I saw my taxes, I decided this just wasn’t right for us by being with Caswell Beach.”

Property owners say besides their taxes, if they are annexed into Caswell Beach, their property values could be higher. Neighbors have circulated a petition in favor of the annexation, and in a few weeks time they say more than half have signed it.

“80 percent of the neighborhood showed up at my house about a month ago at my house, everybody signed the petition and it’s moving forward pretty fast,” Younginer says.

Younginer says residents hope to get 100 percent of the property owners on board with the annexation. He feels confident the town of Caswell Beach would roll out the red carpet for them.

“They have welcomed us with opened arms,” he says. “The mayor of Caswell Beach has said he’d be more than happy to see us come into Caswell Beach.”

Younginer says organizers are shooting to get the petition to state legislators this session, but says realistically it may not happen until next year.

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4 Comments on "Oak Island property owners petitioning for annexation into Caswell Beach"

2015 years 10 months ago

The people see a reason to annex. They petition their neighbors, get a majority to agree, and have the RESIDENTS approach the municipality they wish to join.
I can’t comment on whether this is good or not but in this instance, the process is much calmer and democratically honest.
Nicely done……..
Best Regards

2015 years 10 months ago

You are exactly right, Vog46. This is an instance that many people, along with myself, agree with. I have no problem with voluntary annexation, it gives the people a voice. If a community wants to be annexed, let them vote on it, and go from there!

Sam G
2015 years 10 months ago

Forced annexation is necessary for cities. People living just outside the city limits work and shop *in* the city, use city roads daily, use city fire protection daily, use city police protection daily. They’re receiving most of the benefits of living in the city without having to pay for it! If they don’t want to be part of the growing city, they can just move further away.

2015 years 10 months ago

Don’t these people know they’re not supposed to have any say in determining how others spend their money? How are cities supposed to continue unreasonable growth if the property owners make their own decisions? What if other people find out about this crazy unfair kind of stuff? Where will cities aquire the monies for pet projects designed to enrich the pockets of a few insiders? My goodness, everyone knows all monies within city boundries are consumed almost instantly! Boundries must continuously expand in order to support unsustainable growth! Everyone should know that by now!

This new system is just going to ruin everything! That’s soooo unfair !!!


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