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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Southport and Wrightsville Beach are among 13 municipalities across the state that will get help with bicycle and pedestrian planning, thanks to $390,000 in grants awarded this month by the NC Department of Transportation.

Both Southport and Wrightsville Beach will get $24,800, while each chipping in $6,200 in local money. The money will go toward pedestrian plans.

Now in its ninth year, the grant program helps North Carolina cities and towns develop a comprehensive overall strategy for expanding bicycle and pedestrian opportunities within a given community.

Recipients were selected from a pool of 20 applications by an awards committee composed of transportation planners from across the state, including representatives of both rural and municipalities, metropolitan planning organizations and councils of government.

These municipalities are expected to initiate the planning process this fall.

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  • taxpayer

    is going to be spent on “plans”. “The money will go toward pedestrian plans.”

    Another taxpayer gift (grant) will be needed to actually construct something. How the hell does anyone in WB manage to get from point A to point B while walking? Do they really need a “plan” to show them the way? I’m guessing the only person benefiting from the taxpayers’ gift is the grant writer for the town of WB.

  • Guest7969

    WHY do they call it a “GRANT”…when it’s taxpayer money….


    Agree to give or allow (something requested) to.

    A sum of money given by an organization, esp. a government, for a particular purpose.”

    GIVEN is a stretch when it comes to taxes TAKEN…just sayin’

  • guesty

    We can tell you are just sayin’ because you posted it.

  • Guest2020

    Last year the state legislature cut funding for my husband’s job. $390,000 would have funded his program for more than three years, including salary, benefits, supplies and overhead.

  • Justified

    Oh high exalted one, you spew in the the throat of those who have the right idea, but do not quite share your intellect. Perhaps you could consider welcoming them with encouragement and knowledge instead of the normal of this town, Republicans eating their own.

  • guesty

    Grovel and avert your eyes when you address me.


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