Paving work could cause delays between Leland and Wilmington

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Submitted: Tue, 06/19/2012 - 4:36pm
Updated: Tue, 06/19/2012 - 4:43pm

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Travelers driving between Wilmington and Leland could experience delays at night for the next few weeks.

The Department of Transportation is paving US 17/74/76/421 from the Cape Fear Memorial Bridge and the Thomas Rhodes Bridge in New Hanover County to the bridge over Alligator Creek in Brunswick County. The work includes all lanes of traffic, including exit ramps between the highways.

To cut down on the impact on traffic, crews will work from 7 p.m. to 6 a.m. each night for at least the next couple of weeks, according to the DOT’s Kerry Cross.


  • Paul says:


  • Guest6546 says:

    Whoever thought up this should be put in the public stocks and covered with rotten fruit.

    Merging 3 lanes into one, where there is already a nightmare of traffic? It took me more than an hour to make it through there last week.

    The only other way around takes an hour by itself. It involves going up to Burgaw. The DOT needs to take this joke of a road system linking Leland and Wilmington and make it 4 lanes all the way through, two lanes from each bridge. It will be another 15 years before they build the other bridge. Might as well fix what we’ve got.

  • nuhusker says:

    What really needs to happen is either/or New Hanover and Brunswick Cty law enforcement needs to become involved in the traffic congestion situation. I too, was involved in the back-up and congestion on Wed. night around 9:15 and saw many come flying up the unused lane and then try to sneak in, INSTEAD of following the traffic pattern and WAITING IN LINE LIKE THE REST OF US!! I have seen situations like what happened last night result in cars being run off the road by semi’s (and I didn’t blame the drivers in the least.) The way people react in this day in age, someone could get shot, let’s get this straightened out before something really bad happens.

  • John Slade says:

    Last I checked there is one road from Wilmington to Leland. There is also a current issue with the flow of traffic into leland from the Holmes bridge side (i.e., it bottle necks) and idiots who think their time is more precious than mine drives all the way down to were the bottle neck starts and wants to cut in… while fifty cars are waiting behind them, and in some cases have been sitting there for 20- 30 min. Add on top of that road construction on 74/76 and you have a recipe for stupidity…

    Why not work from midnight to 6am for three weeks instead of 7pm to 6am for two weeks… at this schedule you are def. not impeding the flow of traffic… use your brains!!

  • Guest327 says:

    Our tax dollars (which are in short supply) at work………Jeez..what’s WRONG with the road, anyhow? Wonder whose pocket will be padded for this adventure while we wait in a line of slow moving traffic.

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