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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Several Wilmington police officers were recognized for their on-duty actions.

Officer Fred Clark, Corporal Robert Perozzi, Officer Frank Childers and Officer Adam Lewis were presented Tuesday night with the Medal of Valor as a result of bravery and placing their own lives at risk.

The officers responded to a domestic disturbance on February 3rd in the 500 block of Maides Avenue involving a suspect with weapons. The officers arrived and observed a man with a knife and a handgun. The suspect grabbed the female victim on the front porch and put the gun to her head.

During a struggle with the suspect, Officer Clark was able to approach the man and disarm, subdue, and apprehend him with the assistance of Officer Childers, Corporal Perrozzi and Officer Lewis.

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  • Redneck king

    Um excuse me why did they recieve an award? What did the police go through to get that? shouldnt the lady get the award?WPD is a joke

  • guesty

    They disarmed the suspect and took him into custody without anybody getting hurt. If WPD is such a joke, sign up and straighten it all out. Or just shut your pie hole.

  • Wade Griffis

    I see that you do not want to use your real name. Wonder why.

    I am downtown almost every morning, Where were you when the cops saved somebody’s life.

    Probably not doing CPR. Probably standing back making making snark remarks. That seems to be your talent.

    I am not a cop, do not know any cops- but, I am glad they are down there.

  • B OBrien

    You want to know what is a joke? Your name and your post. “Redneck King”…what the heck did you do to garner that esteemed title? The officers involved in this situation did something that I am sure you wouldn’t be able to accomplish in your wildest dreams. What kind of stress are you under everyday? Do you even have an understanding of what “VALOR” is? It is awfully easy to come into a forum and pop-off ignorantly. It is much more difficult to come in and actually present yourself intelligently. I get the feeling you are probably some sort of “Occupy” troll who has a hardon for police.

  • NOU

    You are so dumb. For real.

  • GuestReality

    I have no doubt that these officers do more to help others in just one week than you’ve done in your whole redneck life. If anyone is a joke here, it’s you.

  • Doris Strickland

    Ok, Redneck, in case my first comment didn’t take here it is again. I don’t understand why you are berating these police officers. These officers like our military put their lives on the line each and every day to keep our homes, family, and communities safe. Have you ever been a police officer or have you ever rescued a person? I haven’t. I don’t think I could be calm enough to do either. I will say that some police officers are just drawing a paycheck like people in other professionals and could care less about their job responsibilities. God forbid that anyone would do that. My suggestion to you would be that if you don’t like the WPD, then MOVE or become a police officer and see if you can correct or do more than these officers. If you comment on what I’ve said, please be respectful. I do demand that.

  • brunswickgrama

    While I appreciate the efforts of good police officers as well as Firefighters, EMT”s etc. I must say “Isn’t this their Job”? Don’t they choose to do the job? When one chooses to do a job, whether its flipping burgers or L.E. you know what is expected and you do it to the best of your ability. A raise is nice when you do a good job, but an award for doing that job??? As a retired nurse, when my efforts saved a life, I was never given an award nor did I expect one. Awards should be given for going above and beyond the call of duty, not for doing ones duty.

  • Guest2020

    Most companies give awards to employees who do a good job. There is nothing wrong with the police department giving out awards. Most of the time, these awards are given for those officers who go above and beyond the call of duty. Of course, we don’t know if that is the case in this instance because of the lousy report that offers no details.

  • John Clark

    I’m glad you appreciated the efforts these officers. I bet you never saved a life of anyone with a gun in their hand. That is exactly what these officers did. They had every right to shoot him dead. That would have been the easy way for these officers to DO Their Job. They went well above and beond the call of duty to disarm, subdue, and apprehend him. I know they did not expect this award but they sure do deserve it. Keep up the good work.

  • B OBrien

    You were a nurse and that is a very noble career. Most nurses I know work under a physician’s orders and are doing what the doctor tells them to do. When you are outside the confines of the hospital you are not allowed to perform these protocols. Cops don’t have the benefit of a “doctor” telling them what to do. They don’t get to just walk out the door at the end of a shift and not be expected to still be a cop. These officers talked a potentially very violent situation down. That is not something cops just DO everyday. Cops are expected to perform traffic related duties and investigate crimes. Dealing with a violent armed individual isn’t just standard duty. These guys would be getting dragged through the mud all over the news if they had failed…no recognition for succeeding though. I am sorry that you went your whole career either not doing anything that deserved recognition or working for a crappy boss that didn’t care enough to recognize good work.

  • Guest910

    Ohhh so that’s what your issue is. You never got an award.. :( when was the last time a patient shot at you? All these guys are asking for is a little support from their community but in stead they get old hags like you who critizes their every move all because you got picked last for kick ball growing up. Or you never earned an award in your job. Good luck with the rest of your worrisome life!

  • Guesttoday2

    R U kidding me? This article is a JOKE. I’m truly interested in reading the details and there is no substance to the article. Is there more hiding somewhere?

    Cacky, go back to school and retake your writing classes. This article is a waste of space and time. I hope you kept your real job.

  • Guest211


  • Retired Firefighter

    Good work brothers. Painfully obvious there are unhappy people in the world and would only complain after getting a million dollars that it was not two.

    And some are right. Just because doesn’t entitle you to anything. For example, like blacks being blacks. Race alone should not entitle you to freebies of any kind. But we all know how that plays out and when you do your job, do it well and risk your life to save another, then… It was once said no greater love hath man than to risk his or her own life for someone they do not know or may not even like.

    It’s not like being a registered nurse working in a clinical setting, or someone trying to correct a journalist on gramatical errors or substance of reporting, and even the idiot kings who need dictionaries for the bigger words, no real threat. But, I hope they are fairly competent and do their jobs well.

    Perhaps, one day, a news agency will do a article about them being hero’s and making a difference in someones life. But that would require them to have some integrity about themselves. It would require moral fortitude to go in harms way when the outcome is uncertain. It would require doing the right thing, even when no one is looking.

    But then again, perhaps not…


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