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NEW BERN, NC (AP) — The US Forest Service says it will investigate why a controlled burn got out of control and scorched 21,000 acres of the Croatan National Forest in eastern North Carolina.

The review will include checking the burn plan, weather conditions and any aspects that allowed the fire to get out of control. The original plan was for a controlled burn of 1,500 acres.

Authorities say the fire which was started last week got out of control and spread last weekend. It continues to burn but there is a containment line around it.

The Forest Service says it has cost about $300,000 so far to fight the blaze.

No injuries have been reported.

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1 Comment on "Forest Service probe planned of Croatan fire"

2015 years 10 months ago

Its interesting to see how quick the U.S..Forest Service can tally up a bill for the cost to fight this out of control fire.

a. Burning Permits ( if any ) should have never been allowed in this dry weather on the coast in the first place .
b. Amazing that the U.S. Forest Service can submit a Bill for Expenses for $300,000. — but not a ‘peep’ as to why WHO is ultimately responsible & going to pay for this fiasco.
c. 21,000 Acres — burned to the ground would encompass a lot of New Hanover County.

Oh — its an election year. They can’t point any fingers of guilt until after the 2012 elections. We Can elect better for 2012 !


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