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Four teens, 20-year-old charged in connection with delivery driver's murder

READ MORE: Four teens, 20-year-old charged in connection with delivery driver's murder

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- Five people, including four teens, are charged in connection with the murder of a Chinese restaurant delivery driver in Wilmington.

Zhen Bo Liu, 60, was found dead in a car near 13th and Queen Streets June 14. He was on duty when he was killed.

I spoke with a few of Liu's coworkers at the China King on S. 17th St., who were rocked by their friend's cold-blooded murder. The restaurant has stopped delivering because of it.

Police say Liu was shot and killed over a $48 meal.

“They shot this guy, took the food and they went back to a house a short distance away and all sat down and ate it. Now if that's not cold-blooded, I've never seen it,” aid Wilmington Police Chief Ralph Evangelous.

Police say Cornell Dwayne Haugabook Jr., 20, and a 15-year-old boy, who police will not identify because he is a juvenile, are charged with murder and armed robbery.

Manije Daneek Johnson, 16, Rasheed Ramone Thompson, 16, and Marvin Lee White, 18, are charged with conspiracy to commit robbery in connection with the crime.

“I’ve been a prosecutor now in this office for 13 years,” said New Hanover County District Attorney Ben David. “I've handled the bulk of the murder cases, and by any objective measure this is the worst I've seen.”

David says everyone will be held fully accountable for Liu's murder.

“There will be discussions moving forward about whether this case is death penalty eligible,” David said.

By state law anyone under 18 cannot face the death penalty, but the juvenile could still face life without parole.

Chief Evangelous says he hopes these arrests will serve as a warning to others.

“If you're going to be involved in this type of activity, we're going to hunt you down and we're going to put you and jail and put you in prison,” he says.

Police say they do not know if the crimes were gang related.

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putting those thugs in

putting those thugs in prison is far from enough. If convicted, death penalties, period.

This is another brutal

This is another brutal example of the murderous rage of the feral Democrat. All feral Democrats shuld be disarmed.

notice the mothers response

notice the mothers response

"Haugabook's mother, Nadine Milton, attended her son's court appearance Friday. The scene brought her to tears. In an interview outside the courtroom, she expressed sympathies for Liu's family, but asserted her son's innocence.

"If my son say he didn't do it then I am 100 percent by his side," Milton said, insisting Haugabook did not carry a gun. "I don't think my son would do something like that."

I have yet to ever see a black mother come flat out and say my child was wrong and is deserving of the punishment they get.

It seems like it is ALWAYS along the lines of "he was a good boy" "he wouldn't do anything like this"

Just imagine how often they never reprimanded their children as they were growing up. Yeah, they will quickly knock the taste out of their childs mouth for smarting off and disrespecting them.... but as far as the kid acting up and causing a ruckus outside their 'home'? *Crickets*

Does Anyone Know...

Does anyone know of a memorial fund set up for Mr. Liu's family? If so, please post it.


a man gets shot by low life's and all you people can do is speak of a black and white issue and politics. The big issue hear is death. Poor man was trying to make a living and pay his bills. And was killed by selfesh thugs that wont work so they can pay for food. Sorry times in this country!
I think all take out orders should be paid over the phone when ordered so delivery guys wont have to play with their lives carrying money. Certain places should be cut off. Not to be rude to different areas but to protect the working delivery guys who are in danger. It could happen in Leland, Landfall and in the bad part of town. It happens when you have kids not being taking to church or inside family home where they are taught to respect each other and work for a living to get somewhere in life. You have to want to grow up and be a human being, not a low life. Parents.. watch who your kids are hangin with.. Be aware, it you dont trust the person your kids hang out with then the next person wont trust your kid. and should they...

Want to solve the budget deficit?

Cut off every single cent to the inner city. Single parents are raising children that are little more than animals. If you want to live the thug life, you'll live it on your own, not off the backs of hard-working individuals who possess basic human decency and dignity.

Let the inner cities erupt. I'm armed. I'm ready.

How sad for Zhen Bo Liu, who unlike these "men" and their families knew the value of hard work. If you're keeping score at home, one producer gone. Four leeches still alive.

Can we get George Zimmerman off the front page and begin publicizing stories like this one?

budget deficit

Tom you say single parents in the inner cities are raising animals is that every single parent in the inner city or just the black ones.You do know there are white single parents that live in the inner city.Tom what do you think of the kids with both parents in the home live in gated communities and then one morning they decide to go get daddy guns ,google how to make bombs and then go out and commit mass murder.See the difference in the zZimmerman case and this one has nothing to do with theNAACP or civil rights lawyer had the police done there job and not try to sweep it under the rug,that case would not recieve the ink that it did.See the WPD did there job.

Sub human garbage

It's clear and evident that certain people cannot assimilate into modern culture and behave like human beings. Who cares what color they are? Dirt bags come in every shade. In the greatest country in the world where opportunity is there for basically everyone who takes initiative, we have these sub-human predators who lurk in the darkness waiting for an opportunity to do irreversible harm to someone and their family for mere dollars. Carry a gun people. You don't have to be paranoid, just be ready.

gun control

gun control is being able to control your gun! If you cant; dont get one. I myself have one and do carry when needed and for this reason. Concel weapon classes are offered everywhere. They teach you how to handle and be safe with it. Never keep them in kids reach.. no matter how old the kid is! But yes, everyone who delivers or has to travel late at night in questioned arears should be prepaired. This poor guy did not think it would happen to him either.
Wilmington.. this is not New York!! raise your kids better! LOVE THEM! A loved child is a happy child who loves other people.

The big lesson from all this

The big lesson from all this is......ARM yourselves people. Get a handgun, the training and know how to use your weapon and defend yourself and loved ones. If you're downtown at a light in your vehicle and four black men approach shoot first and ask questions later or at the least have your weapon coked & locked ready for action.
Hey, I know it sucks to have to live this way but that's just the reality of the situation.

Remember.. "when seconds count the police are only minutes away."

"I'd rather be tride by 12 than carried by 6."

Not all

Not all blacks should be judged for what these thugs have done. And yes I use the word thugs even though I have been ridiculed for my use of the word. They are depraved thugs who have no value for human life.

Too many bad things have been put on here about the black race. They do not represent all blacks, just as Manson doesn't represent all whites. They chose to commit murder over a few dollars and some food and I hope that justice will be served, no matter the color.

I can't wait to see how the family member's defend them - you know, "they never did nothing wrong" and "they are just boys that made a mistake".

And as for the comments about Al and Jessie, you know they won't show up here unless the situation is different and they think they can get some publicity. Now those two give the black race a bad name!

What does Obama have to do

What does Obama have to do with 5 black youth killing a minority? As I recall, this type of criminal activity has been going on since day one of human existences, regardless of the whom the President was. Now if you want to go there, during the Reagan era, crack was put on the streets by the US gov't, Guatemala citizens were purposefully given std's by prostitutes hired by the gov't. My point is, the fault lies within the conscious of these young men and their parents. NOT a man who has never met these men nor had a part in their upbringing.

What does Obama have to do with it?

What did he have to do with the Trayvon Martin killing, yet he interjected himself anyway?

Maybe what he could do is use his bully pulpit and minority status to take the inner city to task once and for all. Enough with the 80% single motherhood rates. Enough with the abysmal test scores. Enough with glorifying thug life in entertainment. Enough with wearing ignorance and anger as a badge of honor.

No president in history has had a better chance to admonish people like this, but instead he's busy castigating the one percent; people who actually know the value of hard work.

We're sick of apologizing. You can toss around your conspiracy theories and even call us racists. You're not intimidating us anymore. The inner city needs to get its crap together, or full-scale civil war will break out.

have to do with it

Tom from St.Paul Here we go again with the civil war.The south will rise again,is this your mentality Tom.Sick of apologizing for,part of American History.Tom ignorance and anger as a badge of honor who does that all people,some people who Tom.Not initimidated anymore tom this has nothing to do with intimidation.Are you suggesting the President focus all his attention on the inner city and forget about the rest. Tom maybe the police should look into what you are doing since you are talking about civil war and what not.

Bring on your civil war.

Bring on your civil war. Minorities outnumber you in 2012, and with the new generation of black youth crazier than the one before it, you're in for quite the battle!

Civil Wat

Civil war sounds like just the thing we need. Get rid of all the morons and dumbasses who glorify the criminal element or aspect of life.

I am sure some how some way shape or form, the WPD will be implicated for racially profiling these hood rats only to have Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and the NAACP marching to save face or justifying their actions.

Segregation works. No individualism, eliminates confusion and keeps things uniformal.

Way isn't anyone marching for the delivery driver?

Why aren't YOU marching for

Why aren't YOU marching for the delivery driver?

civil war

Beach Bum you are the second or third person that has mention
war why is that you sound just like the people you are talking
about. not one comment said the WPD did anything other than a great
Job so what are you talking about do you know what racial profiling is
again the WPD did a great job .Every comment was against the crime
If anything the disagreement is trying to lump all black people into
One group.Segregation really,it's people like you that will keep fuel on the
fire which is called hatred.The killing of mr Liu was terrible beyond
words.Civil War get real

Surprising Anyone?

Obama says,
*If I had a Son(s), they would look like*,,
Cornell Dwayne Haugabook Jr
Manije Daneek Johnson,
Rasheed Ramone Thompson,
Marvin Lee White
In addition to un-identified Juvi.

surprising anyone

Politics,Politics,again this has nothing to do with racial profiling,yes it was a cold blooded killing.No one tried to cover it up and yes they will be tried in a court of law.So what does your comment have to do with the President of the United States and the statement he made pertaining to racial profiling.None other than politics.

Oh, so now it is different

Obummer interjected himself into the shooting in Florida that had nothing to do with politics. He tried to make it political and garner sympathy votes. So why doesn't he also claim one of these thugs as a "possible" son?

now it is different

the trayvon martin casa was racial profiling and the murder of a young man walking home from a 7-11 and the police tried to cover it up when this story really hit the news this young man had been put to rest for over a month.And its fine that you don't like the President because he is a dem. thats your business.

Stop it guesty...

You are going to end up confusing tweety with the actual facts.


"O-Dog was America's worst nightmare. Young, black, and didn't give a @%#$@."

Menace to Society, 1993.

Bring It! Downtown.

How's that new slogan working for you? Bring It! Downtown? No need; it's already here.

Again and again and again...

Remember the money that the city has squandered on studies, consultants and waste could be used to improve neighborhoods and encourage our youth to reach for their dreams instead of their weapons.

Rest in peace Zhen Bo Liu.

Where's BHO

How come the White House has commented like they did in Sanford, Florida. Folks the truth of the matter is this country is out of control and it started on January 20, 2009.

where's BHO

are you serious January 20, 2009 were have you been.Politics has nothing to do with this.You miss the whole point of the case in florida.That was and is about racial profiling.Really 2009,we are talking about Mr.liu and how his life was taken by five young men without feeling or remorse.Politics get a life.

please please tell me it is

please please tell me it is going to end January, 2013!!! please.

tell me it is

deputy25 i hope that is just your username.Now i am going to go out on a limb here.So you believe that if some one else was in the white house the world will be different.You might not believe this but the way of the world has been and will continue on this path regardless of the President.See we have to get off of this democrate,republican i am better than you (that is what you are refering to correct)If we don't work this thing together whe will continue to live in a world lost.

Nope! I am a 26 year deputy.

Nope! I am a 26 year deputy. I will say this 4 years ago the races were not divided as much as they sre since bho took office. He pokes his nose in every black victims case. Cambridge beer summit ring a bell?? Travon thug martin? Ding ding hello biff. It is more hate divided black and white since bho was elected commander in chimp!!. The got a half black prez and dont know what the heck to do with it!! Crime from blacks are higher now since the muslim stole the office!!!!!