FIRST ON 3: Suspects in delivery driver’s death no strangers to trouble; Mom defends murder suspect

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Submitted: Sat, 06/23/2012 - 3:59am
Updated: Sun, 06/24/2012 - 2:31am

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Three of the four suspects charged as adults in connection to the murder of a Chinese food delivery driver are no strangers to trouble. A 15-year-old boy has also been charged, but information on him is protected, because he is a juvenile.

The 15-year-old and Cornell Dwayne Haugabook Jr., 20, are charged with murder and armed robbery of Zhen Bo Liu, 60, who was found dead in a car near 13th and Queen Streets June 14. Investigators say Liu was delivering food for a Chinese restaurant when he was killed and robbed of his delivery. Investigators say the suspects then took the $48 worth of food home and ate it.

The StarNews reports the group planned the robbery before ordering the food. Assistant District Attorney Jason Smith said the 15-year-old shot Liu in the foot and then Haugabook shot him in the face, killing him. The two returned to a nearby house and shared the food with the others.

Haugabook made his first appearance in court this morning. His mother was in court for the hearing. Nadine Milton would not go on camera, but told WWAY her son moved to Wilmington four months ago. That’s around the time he finished off a four-year prison sentence in Florida for armed burglary, grand theft and grand theft firearm, according to the Florida Department of Corrections website. Because he is still on probation for those crimes, a judge denied Haugabook bond this morning.

Milton said she thinks her son is too young to get the death penalty. She also said she does not think he has it in him to kill someone. Milton said her son has no money, and so she doesn’t think he could afford a gun. She also said he is not in a gang.

The other suspects, Manije Daneek Johnson, 16, Rasheed Ramone Thompson, 16, and Marvin Lee White, 18, are charged with conspiracy to commit robbery in connection with Liu’s death.

While none of those three have any convictions we could find, White has pending charges of larceny, having a weapon on school property, drug possession, discharging a firearm in the city limits and breaking and entering, according to court records.

Records also show Thompson has a court date next month for defacing public property.


  • Guest1 says:

    Why do we need community outreach? Is it asking that much of the freaking PARENTS to not teach their kid not to Murder someone? Spare me the “poor black kid” speech. That one is getting old. It is the whole thug and hip hop glamorized lifestyle by the black community doing this damage

  • Eddie Garcia says:

    It’s the mindset like yours which encourages these types of crimes. Imagine if the driver had been black and the 6 crooks white? Do you think that the al sharptons, jesse jacksons, benjamin jealous’ and all the other race agitators would be as understanding as you??? or would they demand swift justice now!

    Do you really think they’re innocent??? If given the option to house them during the trial at your home, would you?

    Dump your white guilt yoke… you’ll soon understand the anger

  • deputy 25 says:

    oh, and one more thing THUG MAMA, i dont think that the VICTIM should have gotten the DEATH penalty neither!!!!!!!!!

  • B OBrien says:

    What would you like to see done differently for these punks? They grow up in homes where erug use is the norm. Abuse of welfare is the norm. Being taught that rap and hip-hop are the norm. They have a culture that teaches them they are all victims because of crap that happened over 200 years ago and I’m supposed to still feel guilty about. No worries yhough. These guys are in the district of Ben “PLEA BARGAIN” David. They MIGHT see ten years behind bars with a little probation.

  • Sammy says:

    White has pending charges of larceny, having a weapon on school property, drug possession, discharging a firearm in the city limits and breaking and entering, according to court records.

    Why was he out? That man may still be alive

  • tweety12 says:

    you understood the comment.You probably didn’t want too see it but,you understand.I assume you have some commonsense.English lesson this isn’t an English Class and if you want to take it there try studying American History,not just your History….

  • Fedupwithit says:

    Your right racism is appalling. How about your own race speaking up and letting your own kind knoe it’s not acceptable when the tables are turned. Likerecently when the black thug that punched the wheelchair bound disabled woman in the face while yelling ‘I hate white people!’ You never hear these so called Christian reverends being decent enough or man enough to speak out and say we apologize to whites for this dispicable behavior. Don’t expect anymore from whites than what the African American community displays to us. I think making a few remarks about a black thug deserving swift justice is much more tolerable than the reverse racism that is taking place in our country right now.

  • Tyndale says:

    Want to know how six teenage animals could kill an innocent Chinese immigrant? Let’s start with racial bigotry. One of the most under-reported stories in the USA is African-American racist bigotry against Asians. Asian community is starting to talk about this big time. But pigs will fly before these clowns get charged with a hate crime. Compare that to the Trayvon Martin case.

    NOTE: what follows is not a racist rant. The statistics below have a clear message: the black community in North Carolina needs to take responsibility for its lousy quality of life.
    – Blacks comprise 20% of the NC population, but 66% of the NC prison population. 48% of the NC murders, and 45% of the rapes are committed by black perpetrators.
    – NC violent crime rate is higher than the national average; i.e., it’s safer in New York City than in Wilmington. While blacks & whites are equally likely in NC to commit nonviolent burglaries & larcenies, violent crimes are predominantly committed by black criminals (NC State University statistics).
    – 66% of NC blacks grow up in broken homes, as compared to 24% whites. The average life expectancy of NC black males is 68, vs. 75 for whites.
    – According to a study of 100,000 NC former prison inmates, blacks in NC prisons have a lower mortality rate than those not in prison in NC. For black men, their chance of dying inside prison during any given year is 50% less than on the outside. White men stand a 12% higher chance of dying in prison during any given year than they do on the outside. What does this say about crime-ridden black neighborhoods?
    – NC has the highest number of abortions of any state in the South. 35% of these involve black babies, though blacks only comprise 20% of the population.
    – For every 100,000 black females in NC, 1,781 had Chlamydia (a sexually transmitted disease), compared to 227 white females. For black and white males the numbers are 466 & 40 respectively. In other words, the rate of STD infection for NC black men & women is 900% & 1000% more than white counterpart populations.
    – In 2010, the percentage of NC juveniles under the age of 18 arrested for murder & rape increased by 23% & 16% respectively over the previous year. For 16-yr olds there was a 50% increase in arrests for murder & a 30% increase in arrests for rape. For juveniles (<18) overall, there was a 50% increase in arrests for sex crimes & a 67% increase in arrests for gambling.

    With that, let the ‘you’re a racist’ name-calling begin.

  • Tammy says:

    Year round schools to stop a killer? Seriously?? I pray these thugs NOT be in school with my daughter, trolling the halls with their attitudes of “I rule over you”. Not to even mention the teachers who also must deal with the likes of these adults who refuse authority. You haven’t thought through your plan carefully. Exposure to the public is not the answer.

  • confused1 says:

    Not sure what some of the programs are teaching them. Two years ago my 7 year old son played Pop Warner Football here in town. When they played the teams from the inner city the behavior by the players and their coaches was atrocious. There were numerous late hits, face masking, cursing, punching, and kids hands being stomped on purposely while down. We had kids in tears and afraid to go back on the field with them then and for the next games with them. Sad part was the coaches were overheard by many people encouraging them to do this.

    Of course the behavior by the parents(99% “moms”) was not much better. Throwing their trash on the ground, cursing loudly and letting their offspring run wild through the bleachers.

  • tweety12 says:

    Mr Tyndale,why would you assume that someone would call you a racist.You went and found statistics off of google i assume,you never stated how you feel.Now i don’t have the number but how many more white females are like to kill there own babies or there children period,how many white men are more likely to become serial killers,how many more white males will go into a school to commit mass murder,how many white males are likely to become molesters after they themselves were molested by there fathers or uncles. One last question, are there more white families on welfare than black families.Your comment is very well written so i know you are able to have an open mind about these things without going into a rant…I know i said last question but i would love to read the report about the bigotry against Asians because i never heard that before today.Once again the crime was very evil and i believe those young men would have killed whomever delivered that food.

  • Guest88 says:

    The important thing here is that crime was committed and the STATS show the percentage of each race who commits these crimes. Who cares specifically how people murdered other, what I care about is that MORE percentage Black people murdered people. Period. The STATs show the percentage of race, meaning criminals per capita. Of course there would be more white people committing the crimes because there are more white people in general. It shows that if I were amongst a group of white people, I’d be less likely to be killed and raped if I were amongst the same numbered group of blacks. Learn to read before you get on here and try to make excuses for your pathetic people. Say thanks instead of ranting when someone else is trying to throw you a bone and educate you a little bit.

    I, as a Chinese American living in Wilmington, am absolutely not surprised the animals are a pack of black shits. If today is the first day you’ve heard/learned about black hate crimes against Asians, then you need to get your head out of your own — and listen and learn. I personally have experienced numerous verbal and emotional attacks from black people trying to intimidate me my whole life, growing up here as an immigrant. My family members, also delivery drivers in Wilmington, have been robbed at gun point numerous times (all by black people) with no results of suspects. If you need more proof of these crimes, no need to go on the internet to read up on anything…Asians are too busy working and have no time to waste time posting to teach the likes of you…then maybe take some time and ask actual Asians in person their personal experiences/interactions with black people. I came to this country with no preconceived notions of how it “used” to be in this country, I did not come here as a racist. I only know how I feel as I grow up in this country, being treated the way I was by black people and white people to conclude my own feelings and thoughts about the racial stereotypes. I’ve concluded that most, not all, black people have treated me like shit in the past. All this talking about how you think these animals should suffer is really wasting everybody’s time, when you can use that to head over to a Wells Fargo branch and donate to Mr Liu’s family!
    It also would’ve been nice to see some of you at his funeral service…sadly, only 2 black people showed up to show the family support….

  • deputy25 says:

    Facts are facts but blacks do want to hear them. Thanks for the post. Pepole will use the hater and racist word just to try and stop a conversation. Keep up the stat reporting!””Get

  • deputy25 says:

    Excuse me why i go throw up grom reading that stupid azz comment. You must live on a well securrd world where you avoid the real world. Barfing again!!!!!

  • irish1 says:

    According to studies … it cost taxpayers more to invoke the death penalty than life in prison

  • Judge Dredd says:

    Do you realize that these crimes would stop if we just brought back public executions? It was a perfect concept for the hanus crimes commited. No matter the age, when you make an adult decision to kill someone, you get the adult consequences. I would have no problem seeing the justice system string these people up at the courthouse and making them face real justice.
    People need to get the point and criminals need to get the message. We should not and will not be victims. God rest the soul of the man murdered for no reason but doing his job.

  • Das Weibstück says:

    Birth date: 11/22/1991
    Hair Color: BLACK
    Eye Color: BROWN
    Height: 5′ 4″
    Weight: 140 lb
    DC Number: K76281
    Release Date: 2/03/2012
    Current Facility: MARION C.I.
    Initial Receipt Date: 12/17/2008
    Current Custody: CLOSE
    Current Release Date: 2/03/2012
    Release Facility: MARION C.I.
    Custody: CLOSE
    Names / Aliases:
    Scars / Marks / Tattoos:
    Type Location Description

    …..chest reads :”Kill Now, Die Later” … Yeah, he is an angel Mom.

  • foe says:

    Crazy that he was probably still in high school when this happened…scary that teachers would be teaching this kid.

  • GuestReality says:

    God never told us not to judge…He told us not to judge UNTIL we take out the speck in our own eye first.

    The Book of Judges is the seventh book of the Hebrew Bible and the Christian Old Testament. It contains the history of Biblical judges. Why would God have established judges if He didn’t want them to judge?

  • Charles Walters says:

    Finally someone who gets it. I have heard all my life from blacks it’s someone elses fault. NEWS FLASH it is not my fault if you commit a crime because you are to lazy to work. It is not my fault you dropped out of school because you weren’t gonna let some teacher tell you what to do, because you knw it all and they don’t know crap. It is not my fault you are hiding from child support enforcement because you couldn’t keep it in your pants. Yes I am white and none of your problems are my fault. Even black leaders such as Bill Cosby and Al Sharpton know this. If you want to know who is to blame for your problems, then look in the mirror, and it should be clear who is responsible. YOU!!!!!

  • guesty says:

    What else should we expect, mama to stand up and say she failed at raising him? That would mean she would have to accept responsibility for creating a thug. These punks have proven that they all lack basic human features and shouldn’t ever be allowed to be free. Just execute them and be done with this trash.

  • Get real says:

    Lady, guess what…..they are already in your daughter’s school! These same kids were in public schools just a week before the murder. They weren’t murderers then. Just potential murderers. My point? Keep them in school, keep them challenged, and keep them straight with TOUGH school leaders. My hypothesis? Had school been in session, this doesn’t happen. Trust me, I have thought this through. You need to get real, face the facts, and get a grip. A week before the shooting, they were eating lunch with your kid.

  • Guest31415 says:

    Nadine Milton does not believe her son has it in him to kill someone. I bet she did said the same thing when he was arrested (and subsequently convicted of) for his slew of other crimes that lead to his prison sentence.

    He can not afford a gun? He has a conviction for STEALING a firearm.

    Too young for the death penalty? He absolutely deserves the death penalty. To think that they went home and ate the food they had stolen from a man they just murdered…

    What a bunch of horrid people.

  • Guestsosad says:

    Tyndale, Thanks for the info. Thanks for saying what most of us are afraid to say. These stats are staggering and sickening. Something’s gotta give!

  • deputy25 says:

    who is judging??? God has judged them already. just take a minute and read your ten commandments!!!

  • Niecy says:

    We all are outraged for what took place. It was ridiculous and stupid. We all going to reap what we sow whether it be good or bad according to the word of God. So no one on this whole entire universe has room to judge. God is the just judge. We are all still here because God’s mercy. My prayers go out to family who lost there love one. May God comfort and strenghthen your heart. He didn’t deserve to die!

  • tweety12 says:

    MR.Walters,what blacks have you been talking to.That said its all the white man fault.You are sayin all black people are lazy,don’t want to work, all drop out of school.It seem like we went from five to six young men commiting murder to a whole race of good for nothing ,lazy, dropouts.If i can remember correctly one of the first commits made was it is not fair to lump a whole race of people together to six young men that committed a brutal murder and went and ate the food.So where are we,a brutal murder by six young men or a whole race of good for nothing people.About statistics you know they are only correct if you believe in them. About a month ago it was something in the paper about jobs and unemployment going down and no one believe it but now we are statistics biggest supporter.Am i saying they are not correct, no but we can pad any stat.we want,next time try and provide the links were these stats.are and the people can read them and do a little research.You know like the reader that went back and found the young man arrest record from 08.

  • Charles Walters says:

    Wow what a rant that said absolulely nothing. All I said is that because I am white it is not my fault blacks get in trouble, and this is true. As I said before it is not my fault blacks commit crime at a higher percentage than other races. It is not my fault blacks dropout of school at a higher percentage than other races. It is not my fault for any of their other problems. You seem to leave out the fact I did not say all black people were like this. I know many black men and women who are highly educated and are very productive citizens. I also stated black leaders have come out and said that blacks need to stop blaming everyone else for problems they have created. You just proved me right by trying to shift the focus from the big issue, 6 fools killed an innocent man who was trying to do his job by delivering food for a restaurant he worked at. Quite frankly I believe the investigation will show they ordered the food with the intention of robbing the delivery person, and killing him. Reports say he was shot in the foot first then he was shot in the face killing him. Personally it sounds like a racially motivated hate crime, brought on by the hatred of Asians by Blacks. Of course blacks do not want people talking about their bigotry and racist ways.

  • Arborguy says:

    I don’t think these punks should get the death penalty when they are found guilty of murder. I would rather see them all go to prison for the rest of their lives, and hope that they get treated to the very worst that prison can offer every single day of every year, and that they live a long, long time. Then when they finally die at a ripe old (hopefully very miserable)age, they can go straight to the Devil.

  • I knew it was just a matter of time before mother dearest come out saying he was a good little boy.
    I was against the state paying for the eugenics program but this makes me think that we should, 50 grand isn’t so bad, just think how much money the state could have saved if we had sterilized this mother before she gave birth to this thug.
    Just today the NAACP is in Raleigh protesting just because some black guy was ask to leave a bar that was members only and he wasn’t a member but now it’s a black thing, why isn’t the NAACP down here about this, oh that’s right it’s one, or 5 maybe 6, of their people who did “wrong” so they will stay away.
    And then some law makers want to overturn the cases of almost everyone on death row on something called the racial justice act, BS, justice for this would be a bullet between the eyes.
    These people will continue to breed and cause problems as long as we hard workers keep having to put roofs over their heads and feed them, but must not be enough food as these 5 or 6 had to kill for more.
    PUT EVERYONE IN PRISON ON A CHAIN GANG 5 DAYS A WEEK, hey thugs here’s your gang.

  • Guestfred says:

    These KIDS lives are over and deserve to be over. These kids traded their lives for an order of chicken wings and shrimp fried rice. Probably woke up hungry the next day. I think they should be forced to starve to death.

  • Guest2020 says:

    If you’re son is old enough to commit cold-blooded, calculated murder then he is old enough for the death penalty. He forfeited his right to walk among the living when he murdered Mr. Liu. And since when does a criminal need money to get his hands on a gun?

  • Guest2020 says:

    The executions wouldn’t even have to be public if they were swift.

  • Guest CommonTater says:

    to be removed from the gene pool post-haste!


  • QuietOne says:

    Well, his tattoo is actually correct. He killed someone now and will get to die for it later. Makes sense.

  • Guest, Just another says:

    Which one could be obama’s son? Who is he going to stick up for now? Which one is this way because of the injustice in this world that is working against him and his ability to succeed? Scum.

  • Guest 870 says:


    This is the cornerstone of our justice system.

    If these boys are guilty, then they deserve the strongest punishment that is LEGALLY allowed to be dealt to them in a court of law.

    My thoughts and prayers go out to the victims families.

    Can we please discuss LOGICAL ways that something like this could be prevented in the future? If predominately young black males in low income areas in Wilmington continue to commit crimes of violence, is there some sort of community outreach that could be done to reach these children early enough to counter such horrible acts from happening?

    I believe this would be a better discussion then the one I see happening on this comment board.

  • Guest412 says:

    The longer someone is in jail-the more of our tax payer money goes towards their stay. What ever happened to the 10 commandments and an eye for an eye?

  • Guest 2012622 says:

    Used to, they arrested someone, held the trial that day if there was a judge in town (if not as soon as they could find one), passed sentence, build a scaffold, and then let them swing at dawn. If they would bring this process back, there would be a lot less of these incidents. I agree with many other posters, if the perps had been white and the victim black, we would never hear the end of this out of Sharpton, Jackson, the Black Panthers, etc. I would like to hear from Obama that if he had a son, which one of these little darlings would he look like?

  • Grand Ole Party says:

    Bull$#%#!!!! God can judge them after we send them his way. We have every right to judge them.

  • tweety12 says:

    you said rant not hardly,but that’s your opinion.Again
    were is this information blacks hating Asians
    coming from.

  • Tweety12 says:

    The same one that could be your son.
    When you have children you never know.
    We teach them right from wrong you give them
    a morale compass .Do they always follow the
    script no,do they all turn out to be murderers
    no.Lets be honest for a second had the situation
    half of you would careless.You would google
    There past and find out what crimes they had
    on record.A few would have said the world is a
    better place be truth.Now if you want to have
    a march downtown get it together.They have been
    arrested now we have to wait for due process,just
    how we knew Sandusky was guilty Due-process

  • Former Teacher says:

    As a teacher for thirty years in Wilmington schools, I, an African American woman, can attest that something is terribly wrong with young inner-city black males, and it is high time black leaders address this problem.

    The majority of African American males are upstanding citizens. But there is a culture of gangsta thug music and videos that celebrate violence. I had to deal with these gangsta thug young males in the last few years of my employment, and they are a scarey group.

    Conservatives on this blog have made racist statements. I can understand the anger, but the racism is appalling.

    And as for liberals, they are to chicken-livered to ever criticize any element of the black community or experience, no matter how destructive and violent.

    Here’s my message to local black leaders: Get a grip on this situation now, and admit that the our inner-city youth are in terrible trouble. Stop blaming whitey for everything. We’ve got to address this ourselves and come up with solutions, if possible.

    My deep sympathies go out to the Liu family.

  • Sam says:

    I’m white & I agree 100%

  • Sam stephens says:

    Shut up please!

  • Sam stephens says:

    Some of them aren’t bad people just wrong place wrong time!

  • nchilltopper says:

    Could someone translate this message for me? What language is this? You may want to consider some English lessons, or sober up before attempting to join a discussion.

  • ushouldknow says:

    I totally agree with your response Tweety. Why are issues with black people always coupled with welfare and broken families?! Now their discussing rape, abortion and STDs. The statistics are not as accurate as you may think. The stats are generated from information gathered at public health facilities, the information is public. Whites are most likely treated at private facilities and their information is private. It doesn’t mean their stats are less. In regards to broken homes. How about statistics on families with divorced parents, parents remarried, and molestation by parents, generally, the step parent. Which race of people frequently have this issue in their families?! Blacks usually marry for love. Whites marry for status, money or lust. Which is why it usually doesn’t last long. If it does, they are so unhappy they spend most of their time drinking to help cope with the life they’ve chosen to keep their image when they are really just unhappy. Of course, there the other option of just having a mistress on the side.

  • GuestMan. says:

    I guess you must be God’s representative on Earth to have that much say so in who lives or dies. Don’t judge and people won’t judge you.

  • Food for thought says:

    Year round high school model. That would be a step in the right direction. We have had two major incidents in the last week, and these kids are high school aged. Don’t know where they go or went, but I can imagine. They have been out of school for a week or so, and now the stories flare up. We didn’t read about these types of things durng the school year. Maybe that is a coincidence. Maybe it is not. The structure school provides as well as the adult support available to teen aged kids is all of the sudden gone when the summer comes. This is not to blame the school system, but it does go to show that with the right systems in place, much of this may not happen. If New Hanover County had a year round high school there would be less down time and much more time to focus and mentor young people. Put these kids back out in the hood in June through August, you can bet they will slip back to their thug ways quickly. The adults in their lives after June are thugs themselves. The professionals all go home for the summer. This is what we get. I think this makes too much sense however. Schools are not supported by the local politicians, only the friends and potential voters are listened to. Tourism is king. If they did support the schools, they would place strong leaders in each school, surround them with tough teachers, filter out the thugs and wannabes, and teach the rest how to become contributing citizens. Six week on, one week off. Education is the key here. If anyone thinks it is a coincidence that all of this garbage is happening now that school is out, I would suggest they think again. Someone compared this to Mogadishu. Seems like a good comparison. What they lack there is education. We are well on our way to looking like hat hole here soon. We need to smarten up. There needs to be a tough presence in our schools, and these kids need to be and that a lot longer than they are now. Let’s try a year round school for a year. My bet is that it works. As for these punks, it is too late. But for the future, why not consider it?

  • Guest, just another says:

    With these ultra liberal comments, you are obviously a fool. There ARE programs, you just don’t open your eyes to see them, or even though you have these opinions, you choose NOT to involve yourself with actions in suppoa Maybe Obama can fork over some more of my money to make life “fair” for these scum, then maybe they won’t do this next time.


  • Ms. Kerrin says:

    I totally agree with you because everyone makes mistakes. They were wrong, but these other people on here do not have to keep saying that they are black. We all could tell what race they were by the PICTURES on the news. They dont need to keep throwing it in the “black race” face. White, asians, mexicans, puerto ricans, every race has a record of crime and it is not fair for our race to be pointed out. There is NO need to be stereotypical.

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday says:

    I carry a .45 at all times and will dispatch any worthless piece of trash that endangers me or an innocent third party without any hesitation or remorse, regardless of their race, creed, national origin, sex, sexual preference, or sexual identity. I’m an equal opportunity fan of self defense.

    The bottom line is that anyone delivering food to anywhere West of College is crazy to be there unarmed.

  • B OBrien says:

    Well Tweety, I wish I could say I’m surprised but idiots (like you) seem to rule lately. You post an idiotic response about how this would be different if the murderers had been white. How? Other than the fact that race pimps like Sharpton and Jesse would be just as absent as they are in this case. I find it very telling about you that you manage to capitalize NAACP but not AMERICA!

  • tweety12 says:

    Mr.Obrien.I”VE been called worst but that’s another topic.First my comment was to someone else that had made the comment about if they where white.Mr.Sharpton,and Mr.Jackson had nothing to do with what happen here.Have you contacted the NAACP to see why the community hadn’t heard from them.Not capitalizing AMERICA was an oversight,so i don’t know what you read into that.

  • tweety12 says:

    Grand ole again my reponse was to another post,from day one i have said this was an evil,evil act.Not disputing that the state would have looked into it as being a hate crime.Would i have jumped on a band never was a follower.Every single post had been about race.So you are saying that the two of them are keeping the whole world at odds with one another..Grand Ole was never confused about the word Thug just wanted to make a point that thugs come in all colors.I know you think that the NAACP does not do work in inner cities you have know idea what they do. Will they reach everyone (not realistic)I hope he did noteat them but he did take the young man life.That was wrong to.The young men will have there day in court and they should be punish to the max.And if thats death or life in prison thats what should happen.Again what they did was as evil as you can get.

  • tweety12 says:

    ITs a given you know nothing about the NAACP or the Black commuity leaders that are making a difference in the inner cities across america will everyone change no, no more than any other group of people in this world.See if we could step back from color for just a minute What if the headlines had read 5 men arrested for murder no pictures nothing, would we be so up in arms.Had they not said that the young men went and ate the food would that be easier to deal with.Bottom line it was a senseless murder and all should be held accountable for there actions.See we have a police department that are about there job so it doesn’t matter if the role was reversed because the job would have been done.BOTTOM LINE….

  • Guestyourright says:

    If this had been 4 white kids on a black guy we would already have had riots, Al Sharpton, Spike Lee falsly accusing people and every news outlet down in good old Wilmington to spread the word. Unfortunatley this is just what people expect when a crowd of black kids murder someone else. Nothing to see here. Move on…..

  • Grand Ole Party says:

    Why all of the sudden do you want to “Step back from color” tweety? You are always the one that brings up race. Now all of the sudden you want to step back from it? Let’s face it, had this been a group of white males, they would have been charged with a hate crime and you would have been one of the first to jump on the band wagon. You bring up race in every single post you write. But when the suspects are black you want to bypass the whole issue? Can’t have it both ways cupcake. The NAACP does nothing for the inner cities. They assist in keeping the race card in play and are of no use in the real world. The little punk ass thugs should be shot in the back of the head and dumped in a landfill. If you are still confused by the definition of THUG, read the story again. They pretty much fit the bill to a T.
    I wonder did George Zimmerman eat Trayvon Martins Skittles after he shot him??

  • MrsRobinson says:

    Really? The crime was brutal…no doubt about that. However, there are violent criminals of all races. Blanket statements are generally false, stereotypical and unfair. I could say that people who go on rampages killing others in public places, as well as serial killers are typically white males or that most Latinos in California are gang bangers. Would that be fair?

    Have you considered that Caucasians may not need the same support for equality under the law that an African American would, as over 70% of our nation is comprised of whites compared to approx. 12% being African American?

    More than likely, you wouldn’t have commented if these boys weren’t black, as you mentioned the word “black” four times and Asian once, placing the focus on the race of these boys, not necessarily this family’s loss nor the crime itself. People with your view(s) don’t help the problem. Are you doing anything proactively to resolve these issues, besides complaining? You’ve already placed them in an electric chair, forgetting that one person released the bullet that killed this man and his/her race shouldn’t be a factor.

  • tweety12 says:

    ACROSS THE BOARD.we all know this was and evil,evil act,Mr.Sharpton,Mr.Lee has nothing to do with this justice is being handled the way it should be the arrest were made,charges handed down we are just waiting on the trails.Its called due process.Roits and Civil War nobody wants that foolishness just sets us back hundreds of years.And its cool that we all have opinions and can express them,but riots and Civil war.

  • Charles Walters says:

    The mother of this dunba$$ would defend him and say he was not guilty even if he had been caught standing over the body with a gun in one hand and a egg roll in the other. People keep posting about how this fool and his friends were such good people, and white cops are trying to frame a bunch of blacks for the crime. They were caught with the food and the mans things, because after he layed in his car dead while they ate then they came back to pick his body clean and steal things from his car. It really sounds like they lured this man to his death with a false order for food, and they had the intent to rob and kill who ever came to make the delivery. They should die for this crime.

  • Guest56 says:

    soo wutt dats her son nd her blood she shudd take his side tht chinese dude was old anyway lol

  • Life says:

    Just cuz a person has a background dont make them a killer my cousin cornell haugabook was convicted of those crimes in florida cause he refuse to talk & me as familu know my family. Will never kill another person yall can say as you please but the truth will set everybody free so keep downing my family everything will come to the light…….oh no.need to throw up race cause its whites who kills steal & act an ass so color dont matter

  • Guest58743 says:

    and is not too young to get the death penalty. People even younger than himself are on patrols or guarding a post in Afghanistan as I type this. If your son was a child at 20, well, that’s a whole other conversation. Gang or not, before his very public Facebook page was taken down, he cut a fairly menacing figure.

  • JUDGEISGOD says:


  • Upset says:

    Suppose you were honest and that “HIS MOTHER DIDNT BRING HIM UP LIKE THAT”, did his mother know that he was friends with the “ringleader”. If she did, she should be prosecuted. If not, then that is the outcome of her way to bring him up.

    An innocent life is taken away! A family is broken up! A woman lost her husband! A son lost his father! Two babies lost their grandfather! A lot of friends lost a good reliable friend! That is the fact! And that is termed “FELONY”!

  • Guest2012 says:

    You speak of God in the same sentence that you called us all Racist and A-Holes!
    Me thinks thou doth protest too much!

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday says:

    …and only face a Class G felony, we can expect these type of cases to continue. The structured sentencing guidelines for this offense are a joke.

    Our state legislators, many of whom are attorneys, just can’t bear to put their repeat customers behind bars.

    Suggested sentences:

    1st offense – five years minimum
    2nd offense – ten years minimum
    3rd or subsequent offense – life without parole

    If you can’t live in society in an orderly fashion, you need to be removed from society permanently.

  • M291 says:

    Unless the person holding the gun has the intellect to rationally consider the conquences of his/her actions, no punitive deterrent will decrease this kind of thing. If you want this kind of thing to stop you have to have more people with a solid ability to weigh the consequences of their actions before taking those actions. In short we need more education! People who know how to think, are much more likely to think about the pros and cons of their actions.

    Wilmington’s great crime fighting operations should focus on the classroom:

  • Joseph Blanks says:

    Has the public paused to consider that the four hooligans, after killing the delivery man (God rest his soul), sat down and ate the meal Mr. liu had just delivered to them?

    They sat down to eat the food, delivered by the man they had just brutally murdered.

    Amazing! And twisted and evil beyond belief!

    Sick? These young men are beyond sick. One thing for sure: we would all be better off if they had never been born.

    We need to meditate on the evil of this act. Indeed, there are monsters among us. Monsters!

    It’s time for the NAACP and the rest of the black community to face the depravity of these inner-city young males who prowl our streets looking for victims.

    I know many fine, upstanding, young black males, but there is undeniably a segment of the inner-city youth that are far more violent than youth from other races and ethnicities.

    They are predators, and one more hard-working individual has fallen victim to their nefarious crimes.

    Had it been four young whites who murdered a black delivery man, local black leaders would be calling for a “march for justice.”

    May God bless the hard-working Asians and Latinos of Wilmington.

  • Guest 101 says:

    I wouldn’t pi$$ on the lot of them if they were on fire and burning to death. That poor man was out there working late night just trying to make a living and these scumbags snuffed out his life for kicks and some food.

  • Guest28401 says:

    The truth of the matter, if this event had occured in Mr. Liu’s home country of China. These predators would be swiftly found guilty of the crime, walked to the open area behind the court house, and shot. The cost of the procedure (bullet) would be billed to the family.

  • Unbelievable says:

    She said her son has no money and does not believe he could afford a gun? It was most likely stolen. Do crooks really go out and buy guns? NO, THEY DO NOT!

    If he is old enough to take the life of someone, then he’s old enough to die himself. They all deserve the death penalty. Get them off of the street for good!

  • Guest 11111 says:

    I agree! You did wrong now time to pay

  • Guest X says:

    To the family of Zhen Bo Liu I am truly sorry for your loss.To the family members of the KILLERS,I hope that what ever god you pray to will show mercy on the rest of your family, if you are deserving of it.Now is the time for the people of this county ,state,and country to start demanding that such acts of these be dealt with in the same mannerism that the KILLERS showed to the victim.Which means no mercy,punishment should be fast and just as severe as the act itself.No matter the color of skintone.When this happens, then and only then, will the people of this county,state and country be able to start to see the changes they are seeking and hoping for.I not a man of high religious views or of polictical ones either,but I do respect a persons right to live.Until punishment is dealt out with the same severity as the crime,the law abiding people will be the ones who continue to be punished.

  • Guest 101 says:

    Hang em all from the nearest tree I say. Whatever Nadine???

  • Guest1234 says:

    Hang or fry them? Tough call

  • nchilltopper says:

    “Because he is still on probation for those crimes, a judge denied Haugabook bond this morning.

    Milton said she thinks her son is too young to get the death penalty. She also said she does not think he has it in him to kill someone. Milton said her son has no money, and so she doesn’t think he could afford a gun. She also said he is not in a gang.”

    So, the senseless murder of an INNOCENT person isn’t reason enough to deny bond? Why is bond even considered for a murder suspect in NC?????

    Also, Mama says he doesn’t have it in him to kill someone and is too young to get the death penalty. Mama, wasn’t his victim too young to DIE so your boy could eat a plate of Chinese food? Were his victims in Florida too young to keep what belonged to them? Face it lady, your son is nothing more than an vile, rabid animal that needs to be put to death to spare another INNOCENT human the same fate as the other folks that have been victimized by your son!!!!! Gang or no gang, your son is a criminal! Oh yeah, most thugs don’t buy their weapons, they STEAL them, or steal the money to buy their weapon of choice!

  • Guest_rainbows says:

    Right. He doesnt have it in him to commit murder his mom says. But does he have it in him after 4 years in prison to tell the 15 year old kid to pull a trigger? Wouldnt he have been about age 15 when he went in to prison himself?

  • Guest 101 says:

    Arm yourselves folks! The only practical way to combat this is with deadly force. These lowlife predators always have the advantage as they obviously have the element of surprise. The best you can do is to arm yourself and do hesitate to use deadly force if confronted.

    Everybody piled on Zimmermen but I don’t blame him in the least especially after all the local crimes and killings. Probably the same deal down there in Florida and he just got fed up with these young black scumbags.

    Remember..”when seconds count the police are only minutes away.”

  • Guest 111111 says:

    That is just sad they leaured this poor man off to kill him and then go home and eat the food. I mean come on. What is wrong with people.

    His mother thinks he doesnt have it in him to kill? Umm but he sure desreves to pay for time in prison letting a 15 year old pull a trigger to kill someone. Personally all 4 ofthem there lives are ruined. Your not going to have a normal life ever again. YOU KILLED A NOTHER LIVING HUMMAN BEING. You didnt just steal a pack of gum from a convainet store. I am just sorry for the mans family. This is a horrible thing.

  • ANDREW says:


  • upset says:

    Thank God! You are Lucky that you are still alive!

  • guest8283439 says:

    OH MY GOD. one of them was in my gym class… woah

  • Hu says:

    you made a good point,me myself is chinese and read this news on chinese news first, I think it’s nothing to do with the race, an asian man has been killed and black men did it which makes no difference, who did this must face justice nomatter what race it is, actually I feel really sad about this man who has been killed, not mentioned in this news but local paper says he was planning to go back to china one month after to reunite with his wife and only reason he was doing this hard to delivery food was to afford his son study in college in Canada, a true tragedy……I used to blame those asian immigrant (especially when they do that illegaly) doing low salary job but I am really touched and sad about this man, when see his family on TV with tears and hollow eye….I really don’t know what went wrong with those killers? how can they kill somebody (an inocent old man in his 60s!)for no reason ?

  • anne says:

    There have been alot of comments on here – some right, some wrong, some pretty bad. Some are upset because they believe these kids are being singled out because they are black. Regardless of their color, they committed murder. Why? Because there is no regard for life. They are not taught it – they listen to music that glorifies murder, they see it every day, and they grow up many times without good influences in their life. It does not excuse what they did. They made the choice to kill and must pay the price for it.

    Mommas will defend their children – right or wrong – that is what mommas do, but sometimes mom has to step back and realize that their child has made a life changing decision that she can’t change. The families of these “thugs” (and I am accused of using that word alot, but that is what they are) will get to visit their children in prison, if they are put there, and will get to talk to them. The family of the man they killed get to go to his grave and put flowers on it. They will not be able to talk to him.

    And for those of you who accuse authorities of making these race related, we can’t help that these were blacks that did it. That is just the nature of the crime. I wonder how many would be protesting and demanding answers if the victim had been a black man? think about it.

  • tweety12 says:

    Well said Anne,(still don’t like that word)again well

  • Opinion says:

    Stupid idoit… don’t know your family members very well. Look at stastics sista….. you don’t have a leg to stand on and you don’t have a clue what you are talking about when you talk about the white race. Just shut up and pray for your cousin…. he has ruined the rest of his life. My prayers and hope for justice is with the victim’s family.

  • I see this was written at 11:33 pm. Based on your total lack of the English langauge it shows just how stupid you are or you were up way past your bed time. Oh thats right there is no bed time in the hood, night time is for the hood to get the white man. Are you sure you are his cousin or as you call it familu, maybe you are first brothers of different mothers. Most likely you will end up just like him unless you try this crap on an armed man and get whats coming to you. Maybe if George can get released from Florida, and he dam well should, maybe he will move to Wilmington and help clean up the hood.
    If our government would burn down ever free housing project, cut off the free food, hang everyone on death row and the only gang was a chain gang, then what will your type do?
    You always cry about being slaves over a hundred years ago but the white man still has to put a roof over your head and feed you because you can’t take care of yourself, maybe our forefathers knew something when they made you work for a roof and food, maybe we should cut it all out now.
    The naacp (no caps by choice) isn’t nothing but a black KKK, always saying they blacks have been done wrong, well quess what, planes and boats leave everyday back accross the water, get on one. I owe you and your race nothing, I work for what I have and what I eat as well as what you do, is that right, hell no, everyone should have to care for themselve and their family, not be allowed to lay in the hood and make babies like bunnies do. Some much interbreeding has gone on in the hood, because 85% of the black mothers claim they don’t know who the daddy is, that is why you all act like you do.
    White, work, know my children and proud of it.

  • tweety says:

    If but for one potato two potato down the hill, then free should they be.

  • Charles Walters says:

    Stupid knows no bounds, and your statement proves that but good!!!! IDIOT!!!

  • Guest20562 says:

    This is all so true I am very surprised that sharpton,jackson is not here showing their face causing more trouble. If we would go back to old time it would not take but 3 examples and alot of this bs crime would stop. No let this mans family do them the way he was done.

  • Jeremy says:

    WHAT IDIOTS!?! Who in the H3ll thinks about planning to rob someone when there bored. Thats has stupidity and ignorance written all over it. They deserve life in jail, juviniles or not. they all planned it out and took the life of an innocent person. DONT DO THE CRIME UNLESS YOU CAN DO THE TIME

  • Guest 10101 says:

    So now the schools are at fault because they don’t teach Johhny not to kill the food delivery guy and then callously celebrate by eating the food? What would you like to call that course? Hey I know: “Don’t kill the delivery guy and eat the food 101″.

    Gee, keep blaming everyone else for bad behaviour instead of the perps or the parents of the perps or the community of the perps that seem to be always blaming someone else. If that really worked, crime would be way down in the neighborhood, and it’s not.

    What a giant load of stupid!

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday says:

    …can’t think? Can’t logically reason risk v. reward?

    That’s racist nonsense. They’re not inately stupid and the mindset that lack of education is the problem, only solved by throwing good money after bad, is equally ludicrous.

    They carry guns because there is no incentive to not carry a gun. The state refuses to punish felons who are found in possession of a firearm.

    They prey and kill the weak because they know they know they won’t face the ultimate punishment.

    I can guarantee you that even the most ignorant individual will learn a permanent life-lesson when his buddy goes up for a mandatory five years for possessing a firearm illegally, or his cousin gets strapped to a table and put down like a sick dog.

    Stop coddling these criminals and start punishing them.

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