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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — The US Supreme Court has struck down much of Arizona’s controversial immigration law.

While throwing out a number of key provisions, the high court left in place the provision that requires police to check the immigration status of suspects stopped for other violations.

We wanted to know what the local implications of the Supreme Court decision are.

Ante Tarokic just moved to America in December from the former Yugoslavia. He is married to one of the Port City’s only immigration law specialists, Helen Jugovic, who says she’s happy about the Supreme Court’s decision to cut out the majority of the Arizona immigration law.

“I think that most of the Arizona legislation has been hate legislation,” Jugovic said. “I think it’s also duplicative. We already have systems in place, so to have the Supreme Court make this decision, it’s definitely going to be changing lives.”

William Gheen, president of Americans for Legal Immigration, says he wishes the court would have upheld the other aspects of the law. But he says he’s happy they kept what he calls the most important provision: the one that requires police to check the immigration status of someone they suspect may be here illegally.

Gheen says illegal immigrants drain our resources.

“We’ve got illegal immigrants voting in elections, taking up valuable hospital and classroom space, eating over $1 billion out of our state budget each year and depreciating wages for jobs that still exist while taking jobs from many Americans,” Gheen said.

Gheen hopes North Carolina can adopt an improved version of the Arizona law soon.

Tarokic and Jugovic hope the Supreme Court’s decision helps our state moderate laws that could be very discriminatory.

“The problem with the law is that it isn’t OK for them to be stopping people and asking for their papers only when they realize the person has a foreign accent or is from a different country, which is how they might be using the law unfairly,” Tarokic said.

Jugovic says she’s also excited about President Obama’s DREAM Act that would impact young immigrants with no criminal record.

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  • Vog46

    How this will impact employers who suspect they may have hired illegal immigrants? Right now, as it stands if the Police stop you for any violation they have probably cause; they can check your immigration status. But is suspicion by an employer probable cause?
    Here’s where a national ID system can help. Employers could just ask for their ID, along with drives license and be reasonably sure the person is legal. (Yes I assume all forms of ID can be forged).
    Now of course immigration is far less a concern as its has tapered off during the recession but that trend would reverse itself as the economy improves.
    In the meantime, I’m all for completing the border fence, and installing military bases along the border, and utilizing drones to monitor border crossings.
    Best Regards

  • Guest7969

    Elaborate on how comments below are ignorant..By the way..those of us who respect this great nation refer to it as the United States or the US..notice the use of the upper case letters. Also..AZ, there goes those upper case letters, was trying to protect itself because the feds refuse to do their jobs.

  • deputy25

    would you like that read in ENGLISH OR spanish!! you read the bill, it will not stop anything that goes on now!

  • deputy25

    come for a visit, get treated like a king, so I stay, who cares if I am illegal. Cross the border poor and broke, take a bus, to visit customs…what a joke!. Nice man treat me good in there, say I need to see IRS man, get SS# for benefits, then I go to welfare woman. She say you no need to come down here no more, we send cash to door. Welfare checks, they make me wealthy. Medicare, it keeps you healthy. By and by, I got plenty money. Thanks to American working dummy. Write to friends in Motherland, tell them to come as fast as you can. They come in bus and chevy trucks, I buy big house with welfare bucks. They all come, we live together. Some say they no like the weather. Fourteen families all move in, neighbors patience growing thin. Finally white guy moves away, I buy his house and then I say, find more aliens, house I rent, in the garden I put a tent. Send for family, they just trash, but they all draw more welfare cash. Everything is much good, soon we own da neighborhoo

  • Hj

    I am sure these ignorant comments come from rednecks who couldnt qualify to immigrate to the us if they tried. Your birth here may have made you citizens but you bring shame to this country. Try actually reading the entire law and supreme court decision.

  • Guest X

    I hope that N.C. adopts the same laws as GA and AZ.IT would be a great thing to have a sheriff take the same stance as the sheriff from AZ upto and including his policies on how to run the jail.

  • Guest7969

    If the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT FAILS to do their jobs…they WHY must states suffer? The bottom line is this…if you are here ILLEGALLY….YOU HAVE BROKEN THE LAW and you don’t belong here! You should be rounded back up, WITH YOUR CHILDREN, and sent RIGHT BACK where you came from. The law was absolutely NOT written out of hate…it was written because the FEDERAL government has FAILED to do what they swore an oath to do! The government state or federal should BANKRUPT anyone hiring illegals. When found, illegals should be immediately turned over to their government!

  • Vog46

    I have a hard time with this issue.
    I have often wondered why we did NOT have a national ID system for our own citizenry. This would assist in identifying illegals as well as ID’ing citizens.
    And I’m NOT talking drivers licenses. While in the army I was issued a military ID that identified me to all branches of the service, the VA ect..

    I just wonder why we don’t consider it……..

    Best Regards

  • slickness

    We don’t have an ID system for the same reason we don’t have voter ID. It would prevent the illegal and the dead from voting for Democrats.

  • GuestMan.

    The reason is we’re becoming Socialist, remember. That would be Communist or Fascist or a Nazi if we did that, which would suit some people on this board just fine.

  • me my self and i

    I am so glade the mexican ar getting somewhere cause if not for them we sure wouldnt have fruits ans stuff everyone puts them down so if to tell you the truth no one belongs here cause this land was the indina land so we all are immmigrants to this land so obama do your thing i wish everyone that talks about immigrats could live in mexico for 2 months and see what they have to go through to live we make 7 to15 and hour they make that in a week so untill you see what they live like dont go talk to them cause as i said we all are immigrats to this country cause this land was the indians so shut up

  • Guest2020

    Why is it racist to prove your identity to a police officer? I am a natural born citizen and I have to give my identification anytime a police officer stops me. Why should it be different for people just because they have a foreign accent? What’s good for the legals is certainly good enough for the illegals. Quit giving them more rights than we have.

  • anne

    I, as an American citizen, have to show my license if I get stopped at a checkpoint. I have to show my license to get a bank account opened. I had to show my birth certificate to get my driver’s license and when I renewed it the last time, had to show it again, even though I had my previous license. I have to show my birth certificate to get a passport to go out of the country.

    Now tell me again – why they think it is racist to ask them for one? The liberals of this country are making such a lousy mess of anything they touch.

    We have to follow the laws of other countries when we go there; why can’t they follow our laws? If you can’t go home!

  • deputy 25

    I have recently retired from the military and the crime in the military is at all time highs. I was a military police officer and something that is not published but well known in the military is that Affirmative action has done major damage to its ranks. We are lucky that the military is using higher standards these days but the military such as the Army and the Marine Corps will still issue a waiver for most anything other than rape or murder. Their are more military police officers in the military now than ever before. And no PTSD are not the typical reasons a person commits a crime. Usually the person was a dirtbag before they entered. Hopefully the Marine Corps and the Army will start to follow the Airforce and Coast Guard when it comes to enlistment and go by the same guidelines and zero tolerance for criminals. The majority of people entering the military these days have no clue what being patriotic means. Morales and loyality is a whole other issue. You would not believe kids today entering the military. Since social studies is not being taught in most schools today the young men and women have to look at a map just to see where countries like the UK or Australia is located to see if they want to be stationed their. Its a damn shame a person coming into the US legally and I stress legally going through the citizenship process has to learn more about the United States than most of our young men and women know before entering the military.!! It sickens me to think that twenty years from now kids will be clueless as most are now. We allow anyone and everyone to Sue if they do not like our flag being flown in a certain area or the cross which this country was founded with be in an area that offends someone. If I have to be tolerant to a muslim that arrived here yesterday but cannot let my flag fly on my property today because it may insight hate to a passing mexican or muslim is outragous!!! I believe in change and I believe in equality but when a country is run into the ground because of fear we are at the beginning of the end. Yes I said all of that to sa this…. Are you supprised another military member and a member of our society has no problem with killing another. Your answer should be no and thats a shame. You can typically see where your headed when you look back and see where we have been or coming from. Scary isnt it!!!!!

  • portcity rider

    All that to say what? We have always had criminals in the military.We have always had less than honorable indivduals in the military.Take a look at military history all of it.You go in as a boy and come out as a man.Social Studies not be taught in schools, someone thought that it wasn’t important anymore go figure.Military killings we want even go there.I will let you take your foot out your mouth with that one.

  • Guest211


  • Beach Bum

    Did you know????

    That as an American citizen…

    You can not hold a government job in Mexico?

    Or own property in Mexico? “Time shares” are not considered “property” because you do not continuously occupy them year round.

    And people have a problem with a cop asking a foreign national, if he or she is a valid United States of America citizen?

    Sure would of been nice to have this law in it’s entirety on September 10, 2001.

  • tweety12

    Honestly you can’t be in law enforcement.You have a lot of racist thoughts.Thats your business but law enforcement hard to believe.


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