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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — After a Chinese food delivery driver was shot and killed two weeks ago, some businesses say they are taking extra precautions to keep their drivers safe.

“I really thought it was devastating,” said Josh Cleghorn, owner of Surfside Express Delivery. “I was really just blown away that it would go that far with delivering food.”

Cleghorn’s company makes deliveries for several restaurants in the area. He says the murder of 60-year-old Zhen Bo Liu at 13th and Queen Streets June 14 hit too close to home.

“He was simply just doing his job,” Cleghorn said. “For your life to end while taking food, it’s just not right. So something needs to be done as far as stepping up and making sure our community is safe.”

Other businesses that preferred not to be named, because they are worried they could be targeted, say while they will continue to make deliveries, now they are prepared to keep their drivers safe. They say they have new protocol in place to make sure that orders are not set-ups that would put their employees in scary and even deadly situations.

Cleghorn says he plans to stay connected with his drivers by staying on the phone during deliveries to make sure everything goes smoothly.

Most businesses we spoke with said they will still continue to deliver to all areas, because they say crime can happen anywhere. They say if they were to cut off the service, situations would simply happen in other locations.

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  • Cabbie 28403

    Many Cab Drivers pack legal handguns. All service people should – from your UPS Lady to your Chinese Food Guy.

  • Guestaphonic

    Yeah, crime can happen anywhere, but anyone with any common sense knows that violent crime is far more likely to occur in some inner-city communities more than others.

    Check out the Star News crime map for a little enlightenment on where crime–make that VIOLENT CRIME–happens most.

  • Guest5456

    I hope their plan includes allowing their drivers to carry guns if they legally can. It’s working for the convience stores…

  • Guest1113

    Make it where all deliveries have to be guaranteed with a credit or debit card or refuse to deliver – customer can still pay cash but requiring a valid card will help the restaurant know who they are delivering to. Of course a stolen card might be used but with current technology that is discovered pretty quickly so the odds are low.


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