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BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — A disabled veteran is out more than a quarter-million dollars after investigators say his in-home caretaker stole his bank account information. Detectives say she’s not the only one involved in the scheme.

The Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office is looking for five women accused of using the man’s money to pay off other people’s bills.

The Sheriff’s Office wants Lisa Veronica McGee McClain, Monica Machelle Frazier, Maria Shaw Sloan, Velda Denise Barnhill and Pamela Denise Springer for fraud. Investigators say the crew, led by McLain, stole more than $260,000 from disabled veteran Kenneth Nash of Leland.

“After the branch manager met with him, they realized his account had been taken over by someone other than himself,” Det. Edward Carter said.

McClain worked for Nash as an in-home caregiver after Nash got out of a VA hospital. He did not notice that any of his money was missing until his bank called and told him he was broke. That’s when he started looking at his spending closely. Thousands of transactions on his account were not his.

“Because the amounts were so small and were to vendors Mr. Nash uses, they didn’t set off any fraud alerts until the bank called and said, ‘Hey you’re out of money,'” Det. Carter said.

Investigators say McClain and the other four women ran a debt consolidation/bill pay service business as a front to steal money from Nash. McClain allegedly paid bills to Time Warner Cable and Progress Energy, among other businesses, out of Nash’s account and pocketed the cash from her customers.

Since the investigation, Nash has recovered all but $2,000 of the money that was stolen.

The Sheriff’s Office says some of the other women also did in-home care. That means there may be more victims who may not have realized they were being used.

If anyone has any information on where the five women are or thinks they may also have been targeted, call the Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office.

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  • concerned person


  • Guestsad

    And……Yet ANOTHER upstanding member of our community… Pathetic

  • nchilltopper

    Ditto that Guestsad! Hear about the 81 year old woman murdered in Durham? Your assumptions to my question are likely correct.

  • Guest08

    Madoff ring a bell? Drum roll please!!!!!!!!

  • anne

    Another one of our county’s “finest citizens” – robbing a man of his money. What a pathetic loser! Hope they burn her butt good and all of her accomplices. Perhaps he has family members that can help him – I sure hope so.

    Really makes me wonder how many more of these parasites are working with vets, in nursing homes, or homebound that are doing this. Family members – be warned! Keep an eye out on what is going on with your loved one, because there are many out there just like her.

  • 1981duke

    Let us see,

    The poor Chineese delivery man.
    The poor Man needing home health care.
    I would hate to be Santa around here for sure.
    Society has gone wild as economy continues to be sluggish.

  • taxpayer

    if these 5 are found guilty and the judge orders restitution.

  • Guestez

    What home care agency hired these people? I need to know so I’ll be sure not to go to them for help with my parents. I hope they fry them in some good hot grease like a freshly caught spot fish. This poor old man due worked his life saving his money and they thought they were just gonna steal from him.

  • Guest211

    I don’t really think this has any thing to do with the economy. Some people are just plain mean.

  • Guest824

    That’s despicable.

  • Das Weibstück

    Soooo Time Warner Cable and Progress Energy didn’t question why multiple bills were being paid by someone other than the account holders? Wouldn’t something get flagged as odd?

  • Sharon

    Mr. Nash recovered all but $2,000.00 of what was stolen from him.


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