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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — As six people charged in connection with the murder of Chinese delivery driver Zhen Bo Liu await trial, his family is left wondering how this could happen.

Monday, WWAY met with his widow, Yin Mei Fu, who flew from China, and his son, Yu Ziu, and daughter-in-law who traveled from Canada. They say Zhen had planned to move back home in a few months.

“I try not to think at that moment what happened to him. I really can’t imagine somebody so cold blooded,” daughter-in-law Wei Wei Liu, who spoke on behalf of his widow and son.

60-year-old Zhen Bo Liu had moved to Wilmington five years ago. He was working to save up enough money to retire with his wife in China. His family says he only had a few months left.

“He already mailed his stuff back home. His clothes and a lot of stuff and he said he would enjoy retirement after,” Wei Wei Liu said.

Liu died on the job delivering an order for China King. After shooting Liu twice, police say his suspected killers sat down to eat the $48 meal just a short distance away from where police found his body slumped in a car.

Investigators say Mustafaa Friend, 15, shot Liu in the foot and Cornell Dwayne Haugabook Jr., 20, shot him in the face. Both are charged with murder.

As they plan to take Liu’s body back home, his widow hopes to see justice brought to those involved.

“We wanted to know what happened to his killers,” Wei Wei said. “We want to see them deserve what they did.”

As the three deal with funeral arrangements in Wilmington, the rest of Liu’s family in China still has no idea what happened.

“We haven’t really told them we saw his body yet, but they are still praying for him,” Wei Wei said. “They are still hoping it’s not him. Hopefully he can rest in peace.”

The family is setting up a trust fund for his widow to offset funeral and travel expenses. Donations can be mailed or delivered to the offices of Alley Register McEachern at 701 N. 4th Street in Wilmington, or at any local Wells Fargo branch. Any checks should be made payable to “Alley Register McEachern Trust Account FBO Zhen Bo Liu.”

There are funeral expenses and unexpected travel expenses that are expected to amount to about $10,000, which the family hopes to offset by donations.

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29 Comments on "ONLY ON 3: Family of murdered delivery driver speaks out, trust fund set up for donations"

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Lauren Secero
2016 years 18 hours ago

To the family of this man,my deepest heartfelt sympathy,Wilmington has lost a fine hardworking citizen. I feel ashamed of our beautiful city for it will be forever tarnished my this senseless unforgiveable act. Your family can never ever replace your cherished one. I refuse to loose hope in our youth today. This horrendous crime does not represent my 18 yearold or 15 year old son and his friends,I have raised them with a tight hold,being a single mother myself. Youth need guidance and morales from birth. Please if you are reading this share this story with your children,involve them in… Read more »

2016 years 18 hours ago

Undisciplined children, abused weapon, thug culture and merciless heart – This is how American is going downhill.

Rick Wilson
2016 years 18 hours ago

The victims family should be the ones to choose which form of execution these defendants receive. I hope nobody starts with the rehabilitation rant, you can not rehabilitate soulless animals. It is way past time for the parents and families to start caring before they become murderers. If all the love and care they claim was applied from birth, along with discipline, I think tragedies such as this would become less frequent.

2016 years 18 hours ago

What about the judge that let this guy out?
White has pending charges of larceny, having a weapon on school property, drug possession, discharging a firearm in the city limits and breaking and entering, according to court records.

Should that be public so we can vote him out?

2016 years 18 hours ago

What a sad story. My thoughts and prayers are with the victim’s family. Why is this not being covered by the major news outlets? I can guess why but will keep my rants to myself. And why are people calling the murderers “kids” and “people”? They do not even deserve to be called animals, that would be an insult to animals.

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