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BOLIVIA, NC (WWAY) – Teen Mom Jenelle Evans didn’t stay out of trouble for long.

The reality star was arrested again Sunday morning and charged with possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of marijuana up to half an ounce, simple assault, and simple possession of a schedule IV controlled substance.

The MTV star’s attorney Dustin Sullivan says Evans was arrested after she called the Leland Police on her boyfriend Gary Head. Evans said Head assaulted her. Sullivan says Evans was released Monday on a $500 secured bond.

Sullivan says he plans to figure out why Evans was arrested and charged when she was the one who called the police.

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  • One word….


  • ChefnSurf

    Lay down with dogs … Wake up with fleas.

    By reporting about this kind of crap you’re rewarding bad behaviour. No matter how many times you dice it or slice it, it’s not news, it’s just crap.

  • Guest343

    By clicking on this article you have rewarded WWAY. If no one read these teen mom articles, they would certainly stop covering her. You can’t expect them to do that when this page will probably get more hits than any other news story they have posted today.

    If anyone truly wants to protest teen mom getting media coverage do it by ignoring the article all together.

    And Chef, if you are reading this you will now have clicked on this article at least twice.

  • meandyou

    What a disgrace to Bruns. County residence….SOOOOO sick of hearing about this piece of dung….she is not worthy…plain and simple

  • Ken

    Is it safe to say the Jail should have a Reserved Space set aside for this “Habitual Offender”? What does it take for this woman to get the message? Is she really that dumb? My Pet Rock has got more sense than that.

  • Pepe le Pew

    By the looks of her mug shot, Teen Mom is ageing fast.

    Perhaps with age, she will achive maturity and be a little wiser . . . What! What am I saying! On second thought, I seriously doubt that she will ever be “wiser.”

    Who’s keeping Teen Mom’s Baby? Her mother? Lovely.

    “Teen Mom!” Has a lovely ring to it.

    Where’s the Baby Daddy? Is he offering support? I doubt it, unless it’s in the form of marijuana. We, the taxpayers, will support this Teen Mom’s baby until it’s 18 and probably after.

    Whole lot of Baby Daddies out there.

  • anne

    It was nice while the quiet lasted, but should have known she would be back in the news eventually. She is a few cards short of a full deck and her lawyer is too! Can’t understand why she was arrested hmmm? Perhaps because she is an idiot. Oh, I am sorry – the jails would be full in that case, including the lawyers.

    They will probably find out it is another publicity stunt by the network to get the ratings up.

  • ChefnSurf

    … don’t click on this because that’s rewarding the folks I don’t want to reward if I click on the article that I don’t want to click on because that’s rewarding them?

    Darn, and all this time I thought I was unrewarding them by clicking on the article to post an unrewarding post for them having reported on the article in the first place!

    Oh crap, I got so confused by all this I clicked on your post twice just to see if I got it right the first time, so now I’ve actually clicked on the article three times!

    Well, it sure looks like I’ve managed to unreward myself more than I’ve unrewarded anyone else. Darn!

    ( Oh well, as long as I’ve already clicked on this again : HEY WWAY ! STOP REPORTING ON THIS CRAP ! )


  • nchilltopper

    My guess is that she wreaked of Marijuana when the officers arrived, thus giving them legal right to search. Stop defending this garbage and use your law degree where it would benefit an upstanding citizen.

  • PublicAvenger

    And the World yawns…..

  • golfnrev

    Where is that “look at Me, i’m famous” smile at this time?


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