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ALBANY, NY (AP) — Federal authorities have charged a North Carolina woman with sending an estimated $3 million in marijuana from Canada’s West Coast to a truck stop in upstate New York.

The Daily Gazette of Schenectady reports that 34-year-old Sarah Inman Shafer was arrested last week in North Carolina. She has been ordered to appear in US District Court in Albany, where she faces a federal count of conspiracy to distribute marijuana.

Authorities say between May 2008 and February 2009, Shafer arranged for four separate shipments of pot to be delivered from Vancouver, British Columbia to a truck stop in Wilton. Investigators say the marijuana was passed off in the parking lot to couriers who took the shipments to other destinations.

Officials say Shafer lived in Southport. It couldn’t immediately be determined if she had a lawyer.

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  • Das Weibstück

    How high are you w.e.m ?

  • Guest of it’s true, Is it true? No, it’s not true.

    Wilmington would have a nice waterfront if the panhandlers and homeless weren’t around.

    There; I said it and you know what? It’s not the same. Saying one is a generalization; saying the other is a fact. It’s a fact: Wilmington would have a nice waterfront if the panhandlers and homeless weren’t around.

    Wait, maybe you’re being facetious. Nah, that’s not it. You’re just making an inept analogy; however, you get to try again. I’ll be watching.

    Then there’s that “one bad apple?? Hah! One.

    Having fun at your expense. Someone had to do it.

  • w.e.m.

    From 2008 to 2009 high doller $$$$$$$ rec weed.2010,2011,2012 to colect evadence to prosacute.That weed is long gon-up in smoke,brownes,catoractic releaf.Had to test drive it first.

  • MrT

    Southport seems like a very calm and laid back town. I guess we know why?

  • Southport Local

    Way to sterotype a whole town, One bad apple doesnt denote a the town being stoned. its like saying wilmington would have a nice waterfront if the panhandlers and homeless weren’t around!

  • portcity rider

    WWAY when don’t have a picture of this low life thug.

  • portcity rider

    its why don’t we have a picture

  • Anron

    Innocent till proven guilty, don’t waste your time condemning others when you know not what they do. She is a loving mother and a good honest person. The accusations are untrue.

  • Kevin Wuzzardo

    We tried to get a mugshot, but the feds don’t like to give those up.

    News Content Manager
    WWAY NewsChannel 3

  • portcity rider

    thanks for trying.

  • portcity rider

    Until proven guilty.Really?????????


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