StarNews: Committee to ask DOT to name interchange for Wilson

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Submitted: Wed, 06/27/2012 - 10:45pm
Updated: Thu, 06/28/2012 - 12:22pm

By Julian March

WILMINGTON, NC — A proposal to dedicate an interchange in honor of Lanny Wilson, a former member of the state’s Board of Transportation, is moving forward.

The region’s Transportation Advisory Committee voted 6-4 Wednesday in favor of the plan despite concerns from some members about the process.

The DOT will ultimately consider the proposal to dedicate the interchange and bridge structure at Martin Luther King Jr. Parkway and North 23rd Street after Wilson.

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  • deputy25 says:

    this must be a crooked street??? just saying

  • Wilmington Observer says:

    Why not name the interchange in honor of Zhen Bo Liu? The Asian delivery driver, who was killed on June 14th, was minding his own business when he was murdered while trying to make a living by delivering food to the six people who killed him.

    Wilmington Observer

  • 1981duke says:

    That is called swindling,not law and order.

  • Guest08 says:

    You republicans crack me up?I thought i was reading about Lanny Wilson,how did the president get in this ,oh he must be a democrat.I could read some of these all day.Some of you are real funny.Yeah what should we do with the Supreme Court Justices.

  • Guest08 says:

    Never stated that i didn’t like anyone.Sentence stated that you republicans crack me.Question mark give me a break.Lead me where, you must get out of your own way first.Better yet put your text books down and run for public office.(with all of your analogies)Again i say you republicans crack me.Think about that…..

  • longcolt says:

    a cynical and sarcastic metaphorical analogy. in this the president and lanny wilson are (ostensibly) honorable public servants. oh, & i’m not one of the metaphysical democrats or republicans. i also don’t incorrectly use question marks. you may not like me, but i should be your leader.

  • portcity rider says:


  • Gertie says:

    Yes, let’s name it after someone who was guilty of improper campaign dealings. What morons thought of this??? He is no different than Easley or Poole. Frank Capra Jr. is better choice. All Lanny did was hobnob and put roads and traffic signals where his buddies would benefit (and him). Something stinks in Wilmington!

  • Guest111 says:

    What else is new??

  • Truthseeker says:

    The state is full of crooked politics and is so good at it they should just as well reward their efforts!

  • Guest111 says:

    What??? Are you serious?

  • Guest111 says:

    How about naming it for Whitey Prevatte? He has done more for this community than Wilson ever thought of. He has helped the poor, the displaced, victims of domestic violence. . . He has fed the hungry, supported all sorts of programs in New Hanover County and been a friend to folks who didn’t have anyone to call on in time of need. He has donated land . . Lord, the list goes on and on. Not only that, he has a great personality, he’s funny as he**, he pulls jokes on folks and in general is an all around great individual. Give that some thought!!!

  • Guesttoo says:

    If anything, they should rename the Cornelious Harnett bridge after him. You know, the one that goes to the Sweeney Water plant. It took lots of money, is pretty much useless, only benefits a few and, finally, took so long to build that people made a career out of the thing!

  • jusbecky50 says:

    This is disgraceful! He left under a cloud of corruption and NOW we’re going to honor him! Give me a break.

  • longcolt says:

    you think he left under a cloud of corruption & gets honored, wait until you have to pay homage to Obama. he’ll have his own coin (it will be worthless of course), libraries (all books written in chinese) and roads etc etc….

  • taxpayer says:

    deserves to be in prison with the rest of his corrupt buddies. He profited from being on the DOT and isn’t ashamed about it at all.

  • 1981duke says:

    From Star News-Quote-

    Padgett then opened the vote for the resolution to honor Wilson. Six members, Padgett, Sue, Barfield, Sheridan, Sisson and Pender County Commissioner George Brown, voted for the resolution. Batleman, Shuttleworth, Berger and Belville Mayor Jack Batson voted against it.


  • Guest3663 says:

    Please list the names of the memebers of the Advisory Committee. We may need to take a better look at them if they see no problem honoring Wilson!

  • Guest in name only says:

    Of the 6 articles that this website has tagged to Wilson’s name, this is the only article that does not reference him to corruption. Perhaps 60% of the committee is bored or just like him.

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