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BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — An autopsy confirms that a three-year-old in Brunswick County died earlier this year of blunt force trauma.

A man looking after Jaronn McAllister took the child to Brunswick Novant Medical Center March 1 after waking up and finding the boy warm to the touch. Montey Murray then reportedly left the hospital and led police on a chase.

An autopsy report says McAllister died of blunt force trauma to the abdomen, which damaged his liver. The investigation also found blunt force trauma to the child’s head and bruises on his scalp, but there were no related internal head injuries.

District Attorney Jon David says McAllister’s death is being investigated as a homicide. So far, though, no one has been charged in connection with the death. Murray is in charged in connection to the car chase.

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  • Guest1972

    How can any one do this to a child intentionally. They were not good enough to be a parent at least be good enough to turn yourself in. NO child deserves to be treated this way.

  • Sabrina E.

    If its being investigated as a homicide, why hasnt any one been held responsible & charged with this horrible crime. It has been months since this has taken place. I am a resident of Shallotte & I hope the Shallotte police is making sure that everyone involved pays for this. This is awful, that someone could do this to that poor baby…

  • anne

    Help find the person that did this and bring justice for this little fellow. Someone knows who did it and they need to start talking because as far as I am concerned, if you know who did it and you don’t tell, you are just as guilty as they are.

    It takes a “real man” to beat up a little boy. Did he fight back at the person he should have been able to trust, or is there something else to this story that isn’t being told?

    A full investigation is going on and hopefully an answer will be going on soon. In the meantime, for all you ladies out there, beware of who you let watch your children.

  • concered citzen

    My question is this happened back in march, in june it was the switched from suspious death(which i dont understand how is was ever ruled a suspious death for a three yr old who was a healthy, vibrate, active little boy die at the hands of someone, goes to the hospital with bruises, and died from blount force trauma, die and its ruled suspious) this child at the hands of a sorry indiviual..his mother knew what kind of lifestyle her so called boyfriend that she shared with his other girlfriend he had..he did drugs, he put his hands on females, he sold drugs and yet one man is out of jail and the other one is sitting in jail on other charges..but NOT MURDER..this lil boy wasnt even here in the physical to celebrate his fourth bday today..our legal system is so messed up to its not even funny..drug dealers get no bonds and serve yrs murders need to be serving..its crazy how the two ppl that was there havent been charged with committing a murder..THIS WAS A SWEET LIL CHILD…its just awful..his mother need to face charges as well, she knew what kind of illegal things were going on in her house, her house where her three yr old lives..child abuse, neglect or something..my prayers go out to his dad,his siblings, his parternal grandparents and other family n friends..PRAYING JUSTICE WILL BE SERVED!


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