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MARIST COLLEGE (NEWS RELEASE) — President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney are competitive in the presidential contest in North Carolina. Among registered voters including those who are undecided yet leaning toward a candidate, 46% support Obama while 44% favor Romney. One percent backs another candidate, and 9% are undecided.

“In 2008, President Obama narrowly edged out John McCain in the state,” says Dr. Lee M. Miringoff, Director of The Marist College Institute for Public Opinion. “The electorate is similarly divided this presidential contest.”


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  • Wade Griffis

    So we have Obama, who comes across as an eletist. Though he is probably not.

    Then, we have Romney- who comes across as the common man- which he is probably not.

  • GuestUSMC

    Obama is not perfect. However, considering the mess he inherited, I think he has done well. Don’t like his stance on immigration, however. Given the choice of Obama or Romney, Obama is the only reasonable choice. In my opinion, Romney is a dngerous person. He appears to be for himself and his pals. He is very crude and disrespectful. It does not take very much intelligence to see through Romney’s front and behold a very nasty individual under it all. I feel if elected, after a short while a lot of Repubs will be kicking each others’ behinds for electing him.

  • Neverpolled

    While this poll du jour may indicate a close race, the trendlines reveal something entirely different. One candidate is rising in this state, the other is falling. I’ll leave it to the pundits to figure out which candidate is doing what, but the signs are everywhere.

    Though I have registered and voted in every election (that I was eligible) for the last 32 years, never once have I been polled which I find somewhat curious — which also makes me a skeptic about these polles. (Have been called for jury duty 3 times, though!)

  • Robo

    It’s a clear case of whether one wants more government in their lives, paid for by higher taxes, or less government in their lives and lower taxes. A rational person would prefer the latter. Vote for Romney.

  • Guest111

    We cannot allow Obama to get back in to office for another term. I voted for him. . he’s a good politician and he really had me fooled. To be fooled once, shame on him, to be fooled twice, shame on me!! I apologize to the American people for my part in him getting elected… my vote.

  • guesty

    Shame on you for voting for him the first time.

  • GuestUSMC

    It will work, and you will see that come November.

  • Guest111

    You seem to know Obama so well you must be a personal friend. That’s why you are against Romney. It won’t work.

  • Guest111

    In your dreams! You can come to our celebratory party for Romney on election night.

  • Guest 101

    As a Christian there’s just no way I can vote for a Mormon. Besides that fact Romney is the biggest “flip-flopper” I’ve seen in my 50 years.
    I begged the NC GOP and state Republican reps to NOT support Romney, but nobody listened. I’ll most likely vote for either Obama or the Libertarian candidate.
    Romney if elected will only return us to the failed policies of the past. The Republicrats are the ones that got us in to this mess in the first place???

  • Guest2020

    As a Christian, can you vote for a Muslim?

  • Like the guy

    No President in my lifetime ever entered the White House facing a tougher uphill climb. President Obama has lead us back to the beginnings of an economic recovery…why would those of us earning so little money want to hand the Presidency to someone who has no knowledge of what our lives are really like? Mitt Romney wouldn’t recognize the middle-class if he tripped over it. In fact, if he wins, there will be no middle class…wake up folks, you are being sold a bill of goods if you think you are better off with Mitt..don’t drink the tea. We did that in 2010 and we have candidates locally who haven’t even tried to keep their promises..justa lot of finger pointing and blaming. No solutions.

  • Guest111

    My God!! Where, exactly, do you live? I want to move there!!

  • Guest2020

    With either of those two, we are doomed. I voted for Ron Paul. He was our only hope among the candidates.

  • Guest111

    Throwing your vote away like that is why we have idiots come in to office. Be realistic and vote for someone who has a chance.

  • Guest111

    You are one hundred percent correct! My apologies.

  • guesty

    The best part is you have vowed to not make the same mistake again. I hope there are many more like you that are realizing we don’t want to live in a socialist country.

  • Guest1979

    The President is NOT a muslim.. Geez! He is a Christian as he has stated many times! Stop watching fox news!!!!


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