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Intoxicated swimmers rescued at Wrightsville Beach, Coast Guard hopes it's not a sign of things to come

READ MORE: Intoxicated swimmers rescued at Wrightsville Beach, Coast Guard hopes it's not a sign of things to come

WRIGHTSVILLE BEACH, NC (WWAY) -- An early morning swim turned dangerous at Wrightsville Beach. Crews from the Coast Guard, Wrightsville Beach Fire Department, New Hanover County Sheriff's Office and Ocean Rescue helped rescue two swimmers from the water around 3 a.m. Saturday.

A concerned citizen called 911 when they said they saw a man start to struggle in the water. A good samaritan jumped in to help, but also had to be rescued.

New Hanover County dispatch contacted Coast Guard Station Wrightsville Beach while the New Hanover County Sheriff's department launched their helicopter, SABLE, and Wrightsville Beach Fire Department deployed two Ocean Rescue lifeguards from shore.

About 10 minutes after the initial call, a 25-foot Response Boat and small crew from CG Station Wrightsville Beach arrived on scene. SABLE illuminated the area from above, while the boat crew pulled the distressed swimmer, the good samaritan and one of lifeguards onboard. The second lifeguard swam ashore while the boat, crew and passengers headed to the CG Station.

"The crew of did an outstanding job in the recovery of the people in the water, and I attribute it to us working hand in hand with the local agencies," said Petty Officer 1st Class Jose Segura, operations petty officer of Station Wrightsville Beach. "This comes from years of developing relationships with the local agencies in the community."

The man rescued was reportedly naked and somewhat intoxicated, but in good health, and was taken into custody by New Hanover County Sheriff's Deputies.

The Coast Guard says the good samaritan had been drinking as well.

Between Saturday's incident and this week being a holiday week the Coast Guard at Wrightsville Beach is stepping up its efforts. They say if you swim, swim using the buddy system and never operate a boat after consuming alcohol.

"Have a person designated to drive the vessel," said Segura. "If you're going to be in the water use the buddy system, that's the best thing, and if you find yourself in trouble pick up the phone and call 9-1-1. We'll get out there and try and help you."

The Coast Guard says they didn't see any B-U-I's on Memorial Day but the 4th of July is a whole different animal. With the holiday celebration on at Masonboro, authorities are telling boaters and swimmers to stay safe.

They say take a lesson from the swimmers on Saturday, don't swim at night, especially drunk.

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There is no excuse, not one

For enabling drinkers at the beach.
Not one,we are talking about potential loss of a life,for a non-sober moment.
As the Holiday approaches and a long summer season we need to be tougher,not more liberal with Beach DRINKERS.
A message needs to be sent if you are going to deink,Stay home.

The man rescued was

The man rescued was reportedly naked and somewhat intoxicated, but in good health, and was taken into custody by New Hanover County Sheriff's Deputies.!!!

This is really the

This is really the Wrightsville Townships fault. They have about 11 parking spots to cater to 10,000 people. And parking anywhere other than those 11 spots is basically a capital offense. So every night you have intoxicated people that have to walk across the bridge from Lagerheads or whatever and they get ideas.

I agree completely. It would

I agree completely. It would be much more appropriate to create more parking spaces closer to the bar - this way the only ideas that the drunks get are to get in their car and drive home. That's how issues are solved.

What a giant pile of stupid !

So EVERY night intoxicated people HAVE to walk across the bridge TO Wrightsville Beach BECAUSE THERE'S ONLY 11 PARKING SPOTS and then they GET ideas?

Did you stick your head in the freezer for an hour before posting this?

You're obviously one of those "whatevers" who think other people should be responsible for your own personal choices. Gee, it would have made as much sense if you said the devil made them do it.

What a giant pile of stupid !

Uh, and oh yeah .............. have a nice day.

So what is the big deal you

So what is the big deal you people are crazy????? So no skinny dippim anymore?? WTF???

Great job Station

Great job Station Wrightsville Beach!

too bad

Darwin almost had another winner. The good samaritan should have kept on going.


Send him a bill for the rescue so our tax dollars dont have to pay for his stupidity.

UCN #134

Uh...the boat is already paid for...the Coasties on duty are already paid for, so the only thing this costs the taxpayers is the fuel. You'd have to ask his family if he was worth the cost of that.

Complete ignorance.

And who do you think paid for the boat and the coasties? Taxpayers genius. So again....He should be billed for his ignorance.

You forgot....

You forgot 911, NHSO, and the WBFD units that responded. NHSO called out SABLE. There's quite an expense these little idiots racked up during this stunt. Once again, natural selection tries to thin the herd, and once again, Joe Public has to go rescue them.

Vacation time

But bad when the summons will cost more than lodging,oh no!