Belville, Leland mull merger

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Submitted: Mon, 07/02/2012 - 9:22pm
Updated: Tue, 07/03/2012 - 3:05pm

BELVILLE, NC (WWAY) — Joining forces between two Brunswick County towns may be in the cards. But what would that mean for the Leland and Belville and their residents?

“As you sit down and view this presentation and see the data presented with all the data with an unbiased look, it makes sense for the two towns to be together,” Belville Mayor Jack Batson said.

Batson and Leland Mayor Brenda Bozeman say merging is the way to grow.

Belville would gain services it now lacks. Leland would grow in size.

“It doesn’t change much for Leland at all,” Bozeman said. “It would benefit Belville to the fact that they’re getting something for their tax dollars, ’cause right now they’re not getting too much for their taxes.”

Combining forces would mean a tax increase for Belville residents, but leaders say it would also mean more resources at the community’s disposal.

Most residents we spoke with Monday say they don’t care if the towns come together.

One belville resident, who did not want to be on camera, says she is disappointed with her town leadership and would welcome the change.

“It can’t get no worse,” the woman said. “We’re not getting anything done now, so I don’t know. It could be better.”

One of the main resources that would be expanded to Belville residents would be the Leland Police Department. Leland leaders said while the department has been at the center of controversy for the last year, they feel they have solved the problems and are moving forward.

A hearing to discuss the proposed merger is scheduled for Thursday at 7 p.m. at Belville Town Hall.

Bozeman says she has also approached Navassa about merging with Leland, but she says that town’s leaders do not seem interested in moving forward.


  • taxpayer says:

    and take over Wilmington.

  • Vog46 says:

    Perhaps the fine folks in Monkey Junction could annex Wilmington and toss “Uncle” Bill Saffo out on his ear. I wouldn’t consider it a forced annexation…………

    Best Regards

  • Paul says:

    more money for the rich gggg the police dept is right down the street looks like they all ready took over

  • Wilmington Observer says:

    Government (two, in fact) bodies actually coming up with an idea that makes sence (or cents) ??

    This would be a great cost savings idea for the citizens. I hope me saying so does not cause someone to change their mind.

    Wilmington Observer

  • Belville Gal says:

    Can we say ” Leland fired me so I’m not going to do what’s best for my Belville citizens” WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! Mommy help me like you always do and make these people leave my toys alone”.
    Bost do what’s right for us citizens in Belville or just do away with a town. You give us nothing. You just have a title that you got because you lied and played both sides of the fence when you were running.
    Grow up, Belville (with the exception of you and your power buddies) wants to be one town, don’t be stupid!!!!!! You just mad cause Leland fired you and you are out for revenge. I know how you changed time cards and such when you were at Leland. Some people think you were such a great asset, hahahaha you are showing what a real pansy (Momma’s Boy) you are.
    We need to be ONE town!!!!!!!!! Hmmm I just may run against you next time and tell what I know about you.

  • Commissioner Bost says:

    Although I wanted to present the position of the Board and the citizens that have contacted us about this merger, as well as correct some of the misrepresentations made by the media of the support for this merger, I should have known that some people can’t help but use it as a platform to get even, make personal attacks and sling mud to distract people from the issue. I’m disappointed in the personal attacks, all of which are untrue, and the fact you hide behind anonymity to make them. These types of attacks are why good people stay out of the public service to spare their friends and family hurtful attacks. I am also disappointed in WWAY perpetuating these types of posts. What I posted were the facts of the situation – I will not bring it down to mudslinging and sensationalist journalism.

  • Commissioner Chuck Bost says:

    There are some serious concerns that I have about this merger proposal, the least of which is how it was presented to the Belville Board Members. None of us were involved in preparing the presentation and were called in individually by Mayor Batson for a meeting unaware of the topic. The Belville Board of Commissioners has not considered a merger with Leland and are proud that we have continued with the wishes of her citizens to maintain a low tax rate while planning for steady and sustainable growth. Roads are being repaired, the downtown development is moving towards a resolution, negotiations for our town hall are being finalized, plans for identifying the drainage issues are in the works, as well as exploring traffic calming devices in the housing developments. Mayor Batson has undermined and usurped the authority of the Board on this and other issues – this is the real issue that the Belville Board of Commissioners must address in the near future.

  • Guest14689943 says:

    Chuck… I thought this was your plan from the start. You have posted on here for months now bad mouthing Leland and the police department. What did you really think was going to happen?? Their plan is to take over Belville, Navassa, Northwest and …. Then the sheriff will run Leland Pd and the rest of us!!! Maybe you and Brenda can work another back door deal.

  • Joe Breault says:

    Guest 1468993 and Belville Gal are likely one and the same person, an individual who resorts to anonymous back door mud slinging to harm an honorable individual who is doing his best for the Town of Belville. People like 146/belvillegal are hypocritics who can only spout falsehoods, innuendos and outright lies. People like my fellow commissioner Mr. Bost are credible, honest, hard working individuals who deserve MUCH better than this type of trash talk. I challenge you “anonymous” individuals to attend a Town meeting, stand up, let yourselves be known and present factual data to back up your venomous claims. But you don’t have the cojones to do that do you!!! All we’ll hear from you is more spiteful venom directed at me for exposing you as the coward you are.

  • Vog46 says:

    That was a large amount of sarcasm.

    The people in MJ showed the city folks they know a bad thing when they see it. You guys could show us a thing or two……

    Best Regards

  • Guest211 says:


  • knew you when says:

    Come off it Bost!!!!!!!! You did your fair share of mudslinging when the LPD was in the news alot, yeah, people that know you, knew who you were even though you were “anonymity”. You have attacked good people so go back to your Momma and get her to make the bullies back off or be a man and quit being so wishy washy. Let your citizens decide.

  • Belville citizen says:

    Thursdays meeting at Belville should prove VERY interesting.

  • guest8675309 says:

    Something…we got a Scotchman and ABC store….just merge and we can name the town Beland or Leville…

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