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Leland officer crashes cruiser into tree

READ MORE: Leland officer crashes cruiser into tree

LELAND, NC (WWAY) -- A Leland Police officer crashed his patrol car into a tree this morning while on patrol. Ofc. Andrew Correll was not hurt in he accident, according to the Leland Police Department.

Highway Patrol Sgt. Matt Hardee said Correll was pulling off the road on the ramp from US 17 North to US 74/76 West when it appears his anti-lock breaks failed in the wet grass. Hardee said dash cam video shows Correll had been going 55 to 60 mph on the highway before slowing down to pull over. He says the car hit the tree at 39 mph according to dash cam video.

Sgt. Hardee said the video also showed Correll was not using his in-car computer at the time of the accident, and he does not believe there are any other factors involved aside from a mechanical problem.

Hardee said Correll was taken to the hospital to be checked out. He said in addition to the front end damage to the cruiser, the steering wheel was bent in the collision.

Hardee said the crash is still under investigation, but he does not expect to issue a citation.

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I drove by the accident

I drove by the accident shortly after it occurred. There were no skid marks in the grass, nor was it torn up in any way. Anyone who has driven in wet grass knows what it looks like after a car has driven over it, especially at that speed. I appreciate the police very much, but I think this officer was doing something he shouldn't have been for this accident to turn out as it did. Glad he wasn't hurt though.

stupid cops

If he was only going 35 how did the stering wheel bend. And of course it was nothing to do with his driving and texting.

Stupid Marge

My dearest Marge,
35 MPH is plenty fast enough to bend a steering wheel. By all means give it a try sometime.

Why did the steering wheel

Why did the steering wheel bend? Did he go up against it for not wearing his seat belt? I have not seen the video. Did the air bag deploy? If not, why?

Yes, indeed, GOP! 35mph is

Yes, indeed, GOP! 35mph is plenty fast enough to bend a steering column in a vehicle since they are built with an "accordian affect" to keep from crushing someone's chest in the event of a crash.

I agree - Marge ought to give it a try sometime ;-)


at the photo of the crash there is not even any grass torn up..forgot to brake or ran off road? Too busy on the phone or texting??

The video showed that he was

The video showed that he was not speeding or looking at the computer that is in his car. He slid on wet grass. Get a life people. He and other police officers are out there getting crap pay to protect people who want nothing more then thier head on a platter. I repeat... GET A LIFE!! Thank you Leland Police Department for protecting my family! There are people who appreciate your hard work!

Did you see the video?

Until the video is made public, which will never happen, I still contend he had a brain fart or was engaging in some sort of distracted driving. ABS is USELESS on wet grass in a high speed situation. There was likely NO mechanical failure whatsoever!

Hard work? How about the men and women out there sweating to build your home, keeping your family cool, supplying you with electricity, building the roads you drive on, or caring for sick people......that's hard work! Driving around in an Air Conditioned vehicle equipped with Satellite radio, Computer, and a town issued smartphone is hardly work, let alone hard work!

Oh yeah, how do you feel about someone "keeping your family safe" that isn't capable of keeping themselves safe?

Well, since plumbers,

Well, since plumbers, electricians, contracters, construction workers, ect were not under fire, I did not see where I would need to defend them. But I do appreciate them. I appreciate any person that gets up and goes to work everyday.

And no, I do not have any ties to the Leland Police Department, or any police department for that matter. I am a female that works in a doctors office. Not part of the "good ole boys". Sorry, just an appreciative resident. Appreciative that there are men and women out there that are willing to put thier lives at risk for me, a stranger, who may or may not hate them.

Stuff happens. To everyone. Why think the worst?

NC Hill Topper, the men that

NC Hill Topper, the men that build your, home and work on your AC, and cut your grass are 80 percent felons. How many times do those guys put their life in danger each time they go to work (Unless you consider drinking while on the job and driving home). Officers put their life in danger with every call they go to. Never no when you arrive if someone has a gun. Hope the officer is safe.

More for you to ponder

Electricians can be electrocuted to death, carpenters are subject to death by many variables, roofers can die of heat exposure, and road workers are in danger of being struck by an errant motorist not paying attention. So, to answer your question, EVERY SINGLE DAY they go to work!

Sorry, but your wrong......

I surround myself with quality individuals that are more than competent to perform their job. The distinguished man that cuts our grass is a very well known, and humble Gentleman whom is also an adoptive father. The man that cares for our A/C is myself, certainly not a felon, or a criminal for that matter. Our home was built by very competent, upstanding, clean cut, hard-working men that have chosen to work hard to support their families instead of turning to a life of crime.

I'll let all of them know how you perceive their respective fields of work. I'm sure they'll get a good laugh out of your generalization of hard workers as being felons!

Watch the video


Thanks for your comment. The Leland Police Department released the video from the dashcam yesterday afternoon, and we ran it in our newscasts. We've now posted it on this story for all to see.

News Content Manager
WWAY NewsChannel 3

Thanks Kevin

What the video shows me is that the Officer made a BLATANT error in judgement. Has anyone explained why he made the sudden decision to leave the roadway, especially at that speed, with a sign in his direct path of travel? Let's not forget the fact that there is also an overpass merely a few feet away. Had the Officer not hit the tree, and continued over the embankment, the outcome could have been disastrous.

How about asking the LPD to produce the entire video, not an abbreviated version that only creates more questions than answers.


Notice Officer Correll was driving one of the cars with cameras in it both inside and out. He was involved with the mess with Jayne and them. Now they have to monitor his every move. He and his boss cooperated so they could keep their jobs.

Now he breaks the law and gets no ticket. Things don't change in Leland.

"leland boy" your an idiot.

"leland boy" your an idiot. You talk alot of trash there behind your computer screen. Clearly you have some kind of issue with Correll or the Leland PD so instead why dont you be "leland man" and do something a little more productive.

You must be.....

You must be a member of the good 'ol boys club called 'The Family and Friends of The Leland Police Department'..............

Everything the Leland PD says is all hearsay to me. If they provide firm evidence to corroborate their story, I will accept their conclusion as fact. Now that's a fact Jack! Trust that is broken is twice as hard to regain.

The North Carolina Highway

The North Carolina Highway Patrol, and not the Leland Police Department, will conduct the investigation.

Double Standards Again

Hey you go hit a tree off the road and you bet a traffic citation is coming. Your insurance is going up and you get to deal with traffic court. But, if you are a Police Officer nothing happens, the taxpayer gets the repair bill. So in the last two weeks, UNC-W Officer promoted after previously showing up for work under the influence, Carolina Beach Officer looking at apps while driving instead of paying attention to traffic and his own safety. Leland Police Officer crashes patrol vehicle and claims mechanical problem. All of this is double standards that the public does not enjoy and is completely and utterly ridiculous. Why do we have to pay for our mistakes and cops get a free pass? There needs to be equitable accounting for Police mistakes that affects them the same exact way it affects us. I am sick and tired of the double standards cops get over the public they SERVE. You pull me over, give me a citation for whatever, then you later violate a traffic law and nothing happens. B.S.!

Sorry truth...

The CBP officer did not break any laws by looking up an app while if he was texting yes, and the UNCW officer was demoted then paid his got too much hate in you man....

Does " to fast for

Does " to fast for conditions" ring a bell!?

it's "too fast" even in

it's "too" fast even in Carolina
not "to"

You Need To Remember

it does not take much brain power to be a cop so you get what you pay for. Non thinkers. Hitting wet grass at about 50 miles per hour and not expecting to skid??? I rest my case on this idiot.

Cops and double standards

I agree that there is a different standard for cops involved in motor vehicle "mishaps". However, I don't agree that it doesn't take brainpower to be a cop. It takes a great deal of brainpower to be a great cop. There are fools in every facet of society. Even doctors who are recognized as being at the top academically have their failures. Don't denigrate an entire profession because you're angry about the double standard that exists. What about politicians...a triple standard perhaps?

any you still couldn't make it

You claim it doesn't take much brain power to be a cop and even with a low standard like that, you still couldn't make the cut to be an officer. Just because either you or your boyfriend was arrested doesn't mean all cops are stupid.

any you?

Talk about lack of "brain power". With grammar like that, I certainly hope your not a Law Enforcement Officer in my town!

I would rather a law

I would rather a law enforcement officer make a grammatical error than any kind of mistake that makes the difference between life and death. You need to get off of your high horse and take a look at things from a different perspective.

First of all, law enforcement officers are human like everyone else. The biggest difference is that they have to make split-second decisions that affect the lives of others. And although they cannot afford to make mistakes in the field, I think a typo is rather forgivable.

Secondly, they risk their lives every time they put on their uniform and walk out the door. Most people, when they arrive at their place of work are safe. The police officers are not. They can be gunned down at any time by anyone. Officer Mitch Prince is a prime example of that.

Thirdly, unlike most people, these officers give up their holidays and time with family to be there for you and everyone else to make us all as safe as possible. While you were eating your hamburger and watching your fireworks yesterday and enjoying time with your family, these officers were on the job, in the heat to ensure that your time with your family was safe. And more likely than not, they have worked extra hours since last Friday and will continue to work extra hours through Sunday since the holiday fell in the middle of the week. And last weekend when we were in the air conditioning during the record heat, they were on the job.

In the Air.........

In the Air Conditioned comfort of their car! Stop trying to convince me that a Police Officer is in any more danger than ANYONE else living in this country!

"While you were eating your hamburger and watching your fireworks yesterday and enjoying time with your family, these officers were on the job, in the heat to ensure that your time with your family was safe."

Sorry, but your wrong. Do you have some sort of psychic powers? How do you know I wasn't in a 140 degree attic repairing someones A/C so they could enjoy their 4th of July festivities. I do know that I wasn't out destroying Town property because of a mental error!

you are deranged

Air conditioned comfort of their car? Yep, cops never get out of the cars, they don't wear heavy bullet proof vests or carry 20 pounds of gear on a duty belt. You are correct, many auto mechanics are killed when the vehicle they are working on attacks them. Don't forget about all the painters that are beaten by their brushes. Yes, I know the mechanic could be killed by a car falling off a lift or the painter could fall off a ladder. But both of those are accidents where neither the lift or ladder set out to hurt the operator.

How does he know you were not working in an attic? Because if you actually worked a job you would appreciate the work police officers do.

you should not talk

any you?
Submitted by nchilltopper on Wed, 07/04/2012 - 12:38am.
Talk about lack of "brain power". With grammar like that, I certainly hope your not a Law Enforcement Officer in my town!
I hope you are not LEO either. My error is a typo, your error is lack of education.