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WILMINGTON, NC (STARNEWSONLINE.COM) — A judge ruled Tuesday that a 15-year-old accused of murder in the robbery and killing of a food delivery driver last month will be tried as an adult, Assistant District Attorney Dru Lewis said.

The judge denied the media access to the probable cause/transfer hearing of Mustafaa Friend, who was charged in juvenile court with the killing of delivery driver Zhen Bo Liu, June 14.


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  • Peyton Garrett

    Burn Baby Burn. With the callous way this murder was carried out he must suffer the consequences along with the others who perpetrated this heinous act.

  • Me

    I hope he is eligible for the death penalty!

  • Guestwho

    Yup I hope so too. Try’m and fry’m. Unfortunately though, I believe he is still ineligible for the death penalty due to his age.

  • Guestteheimer

    …would do a lot to make these young men think twice about performing such heinous and cruel crimes. The courtroom is a total joke and a mockery of the crimes committed against innocent citizens.

    Set him up in an electric chair in the middle of the gym under a spotlight. Allow the entire student body (and the Chinaman’s family) to witness his special moment as the switch is thrown.

    Maybe…just maybe a few of these dead-beat criminal thugs would think twice before unmercifully killing a man for a Chinese dinner and his wallet.

  • Herderp

    I hope not, because I go to his school.

  • Guest1234

    He is just a child who made a mistake, probably a prank went that wrong. We need to stop punishing these children so harshly for something they will hopefully regret later in life. If this child wasn’t force to turn to the streets because society fail him then maybe you wouldn’t have to blame yourself. I’m tired of people always wanting an eye for eye, or what they call fair justice. You people must be evil to want to see harm come to a poor misguided child that let’s not forget, is innocent until proven guity. The fact is there are people who actually think and react like this which hinders the process of proper justice. Lthen Ceasnspuckly in this case they are keeping quiet. This 15 year old boy wanted to live by the gun, well now he should die the gun or needle, both work. What bothers me is this 15 year old boy sees it as only street credit. Well I guess he’ll get his props from his peers in prison. Burn in hell Mustafaa, burn in hell you waste.

  • portcity rider

    Who are you upset with? People that don’t believe in the Death Penalty.They have that right.Have you read anything in the paper that said he and the others will not get what they deserve?

  • April

    In the State of NC no one under the age of 16 can be put to death, so the “worst” thing that can happen to this thug… I mean young man is life in prison without the possibility of parole until the NAACP steps in & says this is cruel & unusual punishment & he should be able to get out after 30 years or something like that.

  • tweety12

    Does Karla Homolka ring a bell,if not do a little reserach on her and try to figure out why she is out of prison and not on death row.

  • The Port

    Listen , This Is A 15 year old CHILD . He Should Not Get The Death Penalty …. We All Know He Made A Mistake ! But , This Is Not The Correct Way To Handle It . Do You Think God Is Ok With This Death Penalty Thing ? The 6th Commandment Says , “Thou Shalt NOT Kill” ….! So What Makes You Think That They Can Kill People Who Committed Murder ? They CAN’T ! And He Necessarily did not Kill The Man , He Attempted . There’s A Difference … He Should Be Sentence At Least Maybe 20 Years , But Not Life Or The Death Penalty .

  • Deborah Novotny

    These young thugs should be taken off of the street PERMANENTLY… It makes me sick that someone is out working and trying to make and honest living only for these punks/Thugs to take not only their money but their lives as well.For a mere 48.00 and a meal. they have no remorse or care for human life. Send them away forever, don’t put them back on our streets to harm another! My Prayers are with the family of the man murdered!!!


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