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DUPLIN COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — Some North Carolina high school students are spreading the word about the dangers of using tobacco through a touching video. It was even entered into a national contest and came among the best in country.

With the help of their mentor Lauren Lewis, the the three East Duplin High School seniors put together a video that shared their antismoking message.

“There’s a lot of people that smoke, and there’s a lot of people that do chewing tobacco,” student Yanira Campos said. “I don’t think they really understand that it’s harmful to them.”

“There’s a lot of my friends that do smoke, and it breaks my heart that they smoke,” student Marisol Garcia said. “I don’t want them to ruin their lives, so I thought this might help.”

Not only did the girls use their video to promote their cause throughout their school and community, they also entered it into a national antismoking video contest put on by the Surgeon General. Their video came away a winner taking the prize for third runner-up.

“I was really happy, because third place in the nation, I thought it was pretty cool,” Garcia said.

“I’m really proud of what they’ve done,” said Lewis, a wellness educator. “I think that they’ve shown that if they can make a difference somebody else can, too.”

the award-winning video was the first video the girls had ever made. When they showed it to their school, Lewis says all of the kids reacted with admirable silence.

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  • anne

    I have never smoked so I can understand all the hoopla around smoking. It is nasty and it is dangerous and I am glad that there are bans in restaurants and other establishments, but with all that being said, I don’t agree with the bans at beaches. Yes, there are pigs that leave their butts lying around, but the beach is a public place and therefore should be left alone. With all this being said, and I applaud the girls for what they did, why is there not a concentrated effort to halt alcohol consumption? When it comes to statistics, I am sure more people get killed by a drunk driver or in alcohol related deaths than by the cigarettes. You don’t hear too many stories about someone being killed by a driver under the influence of a cigarette.

    But then I forget. The alcohol industry is a large one and they pour lots of money into the states and the country and have many politicians that lobby for them. Many years ago, commercials for any kind of alcohol were banned, but they are consistently showing them more and more. I guess money really talks doesn’t it?

  • Fern Webb

    It may be true that no one crossed the center line and killed from smoking, but that is not the only method of dying from a substance. Tobacco kills and maims over a lengthy period of time in most cases. Tobacco kills more people than alcohol, drugs, suicide and auto accidents combined. It is more costly as the death is the end result of lingering illness. The tobacco industry also pours enormous amounts of money into their product. They develop new products to overcome changes in social tastes/beliefs, prevention efforts and laws. They spend about 29 million dollars a day on advertising. They do market to youth. By comparison, the more dangerous substance is tobacco, not alcohol (though alcohol abuse needs to be addressed and treated, too).


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