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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Wilmington Police say a 4th of July domestic disturbance turned into multiple crimes involving a baby and a family pet.

Police say a woman called 911 reporting she got into a fight with her boyfriend Michael McMillian. She says McMillan took her car keys causing her vehicle to be left at Silver Stream Rehabilitation.

The father of the woman’s baby, Anthony McAllister, came and picked her up and took her to the 1400 block of Meares Street to get their child’s belongings. Police say McMillian showed up and allegedly pointed a gun at McAllister’s leg while McAllister was holding his child. They say McMillan told McAllister to put the child down so he could shoot him. McAllister refused to do that.

During the incident, police say the woman tried to break the two men up, and McMillian slapped her twice in the face. McMillian then walked away, but while passing McAllister’s unoccupied car, police say McMillian shot five or six times at the car.

Officers obtained warrants for McMillian for assault by pointing a gun, communicating threats, property damage and assault on a female. Police also think McMillian later went to McAllister’s Morgan Street home and shot into the house hitting a pet dog in the leg.

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  • Ken

    Wonder how this guy would feel if someone “Jack Slapped” him and shot him in the leg. It would be poetic justice.

  • guesty

    Livin’ da thug life. I hope the dog is ok.

  • Doug

    Snooty the dog is fine. The dog has had a tough young life, survived getting hit by a car and now getting shot. Don’t know if the Lincoln will recover.

  • LLPresident

    I personally know this pet snooty. He has not only been hit once, by a motorist. I know of three times to be exact and now shot. The owner of snooty allows him to run loose without a leash. If this dog is NOT removed from his care provider, he will not be living to much longer.

  • Wind Snake

    Hiring only the finest employees! Glad my grandma isn’t staying there!


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