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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — “Iron Man 3” is spending the day at the country club. The cast and crew were scheduled to shoot at Cape Fear Country Club in Wilmington for what a film permit said were “various dialogue scenes.”

A shoot next week likely won’t be as posh. A permit says the production will shoot July 17 and 18 in the Cape Fear River between Brunswick and Cowan Streets. That’s between the Convention Center and PPD. The shoot is slated to involve three cast members and 60 extras, according to the permit.

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  • 1981duke

    Iron Man can knock-it.

  • Guest22

    Who cares?

  • Guestavson

    It never ceases to amaze me how some folks will go out of their way to post “who cares?” in a comment section, where, if they didn’t really care, there was no need to pick a name, enter an email address, select a subject line, and then cester ndmpost anything at all. Just a little bit….STUPID.

  • Let’s be postive about SOMETHING in this city, okay?

  • Guestginger

    Some people are just miserable and want to complain about anything and everything. Do I care about “Iron Man 3” as a movie that I will pay money to go see? Not really. But it’s good to see hundreds of people working (in a sluggish economy) , small businesses benefiting (see the sign at lighting store on Oleander Drive) and a buzz of excitement around town for natives and tourists alike.

  • Guest Reply

    This is already a positive thingy. I thought from reading the headlines of this story that…Iron Man the 3rd shot a missile or something at the country club. That was a close call! Was Iron Man Sr.(1) (Ozzy Osbourne) his Grand Pappy?? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MII3ns2KTBc&feature=related
    Robert D.,Jr. was reported to be in a pharmacy over the weekend buying some iron tablets. Not sure if it’s true or not though…but he does swallow a lot of them daily :-)

  • guesty

    The short bus you ride on?

  • 1981duke

    That is more like your game,long gone

  • guesty

    Is not to use tax money for a baseball stadium. But since you don’t pay any taxes, it is easy to see why you don’t care how that money is spent.


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