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BOLIVIA, NC (WWAY) — It sounds like a crossover episode of two TV crime dramas: NCIS and cold case. But in Brunswick County this week, it’s a joint effort trying to solve some real life murder mysteries.

The Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office along with NCIS are holding a three-day cold case training seminar. Law enforcement will take a look at old cases to try and find new leads.

“We will invite the agencies represented here to share some of their cases with us and there will be a brainstorming, if you will, a sharing of ideas, not only between NCIS and local agencies but between the local agencies,” NCIS Director Mark Clookie said.

In 1995 NCIS developed the first cold case homicide unit. Now many local law enforcement agencies have followed suit.

This week detectives from across the region are working together on their cold cases. One case is the 1987 Brunswick County Murder of Jaye Potter Mintz.

“That’s something that we will go over as far as the seminar and look in more detail and hopefully we can apply some of the techniques that we learn to this case,” Brunswick County John Ingram said.

NCIS has solved cases even older than the Mintz murder. They have solved 62 cases overall, with their oldest going more than 35 years unsolved.

“It’s the hope that the diversity of the experience and the training in the room is going to come together coalesce and hopefully resolve some of these cases,” Clookie said.

Investigators from New Hanover, Columbus, Anson and Horry counties along with the SBI are also on hand for the training.

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2 Comments on "NCIS helps local law enforcement crack cold cases"

r. gordon hobbs jr.
2015 years 9 months ago

After 27 years this murder does qualify as a cold case but I can assure everyone out there that as far as this family is concerned it will never be cold. we think about it constantly day and night and will continue to do so until we pass away or until we get closure by catching and punishing the animal who did this horrible thing to our sister/daughter/niece/mother and friend.Jayes mother had one wish which was to see the killer brought to justice. She passed away without seeing that dream fulfilled.Now the rest of the family needs to carry on the struggle for her until we get some results that will give us closure or until we all join her in heaven. Om a more optimistic note thanks to sheriff john Ingram for realizing if you keep doing the same old things then you will keep getting the same old results.Even though the last 27 years have produced nothing I personally have renewed hope because John is willing to get out of the box and employ new tactics instead of sticking with the archaic methods that have failed us repeatedly over the past three decades.Kudos to you john and any way the family can help just let us know.Now lets get out there and catch this monster and bring him to justice! Gordon Hobbs Jaye’s uncle.

2015 years 9 months ago

I remember this ,I have been praying for this to come,I just hope and pray that the police back then done what they needed to do to collect and preserve the evidence.This have been along long time coming this lady’s children need closure,This was a sad sad time in Leland NC, God Bless these men and help them solve this murder.


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