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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — The Cape Fear Memorial Bridge will get more work done this fall. The NC Department of Transportation says it will need to close the bridge for two weekends to replace the cables on the lift span.

NCDOT resident engineer Wayne Currie tells WWAY the closings are tentatively set for the last weekend in September and the second weekend in October. He says the bridge will be closed those weekends from Friday evening to Monday morning.

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  • alison11710

    Dear Wilmington Officials,
    Thanks for the hour and a half drive home from work today! I know you enjoy your political peacocking and what not, but seriously, why the hell would you close the bridge on last weekend of warm weather, (which means tourism and money) of the year? I know you really want your fancy Skyway, and it is true that if it was available to me today I would’ve used it. The problem is that you have proven yourselves utterly incapable of managing the two bridges you already have.
    I will absolutely make it my personal goal to kill your plans for another bridge, and the other fantastic ways you want to spend MY money, like a baseball stadium…
    Oh, and if you want to know why we don’t have more television shows or movies coming to film here, take into account that I saw the crew and scenery for Revolution stuck in the traffic jam you created. Next time someone asks the writers, crew, actors or directors where they would like to work, they will still have the memories of our unacceptable infrastructure fresh in their minds.
    Great Job!
    One of the many who will be voting your asses out of office.

  • Jason

    Just wanted to educate you on a few things. First off the City of Wilmington has NOTHING to do with the traffic jam we all suffered through. The North Carolina Department of Transportation is fully responseable for both Bridges. They are the reason all of this happened and have taken full responsibility for what happened.

    second as far as the skyway…Until the Northern outer loop is completed unless a new connection is constructed south of Wal-Mart it doesnt matter how many bridges we have everyone still HAS TO USE THE CAUSEWAY /17/74/76/133 to access all bridges!!!!!!!The Skyway bridge and the outer loop are the only other option we have.

    Until the NC General Assembly passed the film incentives bill a few years back you are correct we were loosing business but you must realize since THE STATE passed the bill its been almost the best few years ever! Again a state issue not a local one.

    Please do your research a little bit better next time before you speak on things you clearly have no knowledge of.

  • jvanfire

    So this was the announcement to the public that Memorial Bridge would be closed this weekend (9/29) IT SAYS TENTATIVELY, was there ever any followup or confirmation from NCDOT that your agency learned of?


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