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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Resident complaints will lead to change on Mallard Drive in Wilmington.

The city has about $50,000 for improvements to roads, including more than $40,000 to help enforce low speed limits.

The city will likely add an inch to the current height of speed humps on Mallard, while adding what are known as “chokers” on Hooker Road to help slow traffic in the 25 mile per hour zone.

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  • Vog46

    Ox are in short supply so we’ll have to use donkeys.

    Oh wait all the jackasses are elected to city government already!
    That won’t work either…….back to the drawing board

    Best Regards

  • Old Man

    Why not just make the speed limit citywide 15 mph, with no tolerance enforcement (tickets for 16mph+)?

    Or, just outlaw automobiles altogether, and bring back ox-drawn carts.

    Then everybody will be happy….right?

  • Dean Godwin

    The residents of Andover road are in the same situation.We have asked the city for many years to do the same.Now that Hooker and Mallard are going to add new devices to slow traffic it is going to cause more traffic down Andover.Good engineering,right just to make more traffic down our road

    We have many people that like to walk in our neighborhood,many with small children.I myself had 2 cars accidents come through my front yard from excessive speed.One of these accidents resulted in a fatality.

    Wilmington Police do all they can to assist in slowing traffic.But they cannot always be there.When we do complain to the city they tell us we are on the list getting safety devices on our road but they always give out of money before they get to us.

    It is going to be a shame for one of these families walking get hit by a car. Because the city will not do what they say they will do.

  • Cynthia

    The city needs a comprehensive policy rather than taking care of the citizens that do the most complaining. I am happy that we are getting the calming devices on Hooker Road but sorry for the residents of Andover.

  • Old Man

    and hit the top of my head on the roof of my car when I hit the speed bumps.

    When somebody dies because emergency vehicles can’t respond in a timely manner, please remember who was behind these killers when lawsuit time comes.

  • no,no,no we need a baseball stadium !!! not all these pesky road projects ! sewer ? oh no, we don`t need no stinking sewers, we need a baseball stadium !!! get rid of illegals ? oh HELL no, we need those people to keep voting for the losers in office AND we need a baseball stadium !!!

  • Nancy Benson

    Dear WWAY TV 3: I heard the news this pm that you can vote for or against the ball park. I see nothing about the ball park vote on this website. Please help me cast my vote NO! for this.

  • Connie McCreery

    Boy if this doesn’t infuriate me. I have called the city and the city police on several occasions about the speeders on Andover Road to no avail. The city police have shown up at the oddest times, like early morning, say 7am, but never when classes are about to start or let out at UNCW. The city complains about being out of money yet they don’t care to send police to Andover to easily write 25-30 speeding tickets each day, maybe more. Andover residents signed petitions several years ago for speed bumps and later were told that “no more speed bumps would be installed in the city”. As Mr. Godwin stated in his post, one person has been killed on Andover due to speed and there have been several other accidents on the street. The last accident went thru Mr. Godwin’s yard and we had SEVEN, YES SEVEN, police show up. I would venture to guess that most of the speeders are UNCW students but some are residents on Andover Road. I’ve asked for extra speed limits signs to be installed on Andover, since the two, one at each end of the street, are too close to the end of the street and no one probably notices them and was told that extra signs would not make any difference to the speeders. Really!!

    I guess the folks on Mallard have more pull than the ones on Andover. They were lucky enough (HAHAHA) to have the great city bicycle trail on their street, also got sidewalks and are now getting their speed bumps increased and a choker on Hooker Road. WOW. Talking about a waste of money, why not ticket the folks riding their bikes on Mallard and Rose instead of the bike trail. Let’s see, that totaled more than $3.4 million didn’t it?

    Why is all the money going to Mallard, let’s share some of it on Andover and make it a safer street. Maybe the residents of Mallard/Rose are getting the same song/dance as the residents of Andover, promises, promises and then nothing. Surely all the $90m mentioned above is not going to be spent on Mallard.

    As to the comment that the person traveled 25mph on Mallard today and hit his head on the roof of his car, that’s BS.

    I travel Rose/Mallard almost daily, driving 25mph and have had folks pass me. If someone tailgates me, then I’ll drop it down to 20mph. If you don’t like it, travel another way, say Wrightsville Avenue where you can go 35 to 45mph. The problem is there are no consequences for these speeders, no tickets, no increase in their insurance premiums for speeding tickets, etc.


    Enough said, I could go on for days on this subject. The folks that don’t agree are probably guilty of speeding on Rose/Mallard and Andover. Come sit on Andover and see for yourself.

  • Cynthia

    Your message sounds like the ones I have been sharing with the city staff and City Council for over 5 years. I am so confused about their lack of caring. I finally asked about their threshold – is it one person or a family? Seems that their threshold moves – someone died on Andover but that isn’t enough. I do have a trail of emails warning about the dangerous situation on Hooker Road especially since the trail is now open. I promised to share all of the warnings if even one person is injured. I am told that the city could be sued if the city installed “unwarranted” stop signs – the city would be liable for the accident if a driver runs such a stop sign. Wouldn’t they be more likely to be liable for a death if they have been warned in advance about unsafe conditions that they have approved? Keep asking.

  • Andover Pace Car

    I agree with Dean Godwin. As an instructor at UNCW, I drive down Andover Road every morning and every evening for work. Since my parents have lived on that road for over 30 years, I travel the road frequently. Every single time I drive on that road, at the posted speed limit of 25mph (I have my cruise control set), a car will speed up behind me and literally ride my bumper until I hit Rose Avenue or Wrightsville Avenue. It is at least as heavily traveled, if not more so, by UNCW students cutting through the neighborhood. They travel between 35-55mph on that road. Occasionally I see a cop on that road, but RARELY. If police patrolled the area between 9am-12pm, or 4pm-6pm, when most students are taking classes, they could generate enough money from speeding tickets to pay for the unnecessary baseball stadium that the city is pushing down our throats. So I don’t understand why the city would even CONSIDER increasing the size of speed bumps in a neighborhood that already has them instead of adding speed bumps that clearly needs them.

  • Andover Pace Car #2

    Hmmmmm…..I believe the residents on Andover Road were told that they could not get speed humps due to the fact that they would impede emergency vehicles…….so if that is indeed true, how can it be justified to ‘build up’ the speed humps on Mallard?????
    Andover Road should actually be the street to receive speed control mechanisms, as they currently have nothing.
    Even the fatality that was mentioned in an earlier comment didn’t seem to matter.
    You could post the 25mph speed limit signs every 12 feet….they aren’t seen because people are going too fast to see them.
    I suppose it’s going to take a city council family member fatality before something gets done about the Andover Speedway issue……if that would even get anything done.
    Another great idea would be to make Andover a dead end road by omitting the connection to either Rose Avenue or Wrightsville Avenue……
    Oh, but the baseball stadium is a necessity……..OK, right!!


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